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March 15, 2006



(Thanks to Gavin Taylor)


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Alas, poor Edgar. We hardly knew ye.

"The character was so loved it's not even funny."

C'mon - we were all passionately ambivalent at best.

Edgar's been blurking?! Maybe even here?!!! Wow!

You always whack the ones you love.

Argh! CR beat me to the best line!

I was afraid to read the actor's comments - kinda wanna remember Edgar as Edgar, not some big whiny guy who doesn't get why somebody wanted him dead.

Sorry your bubble had to be burst, Annie. Yet Another Whiny Actor.

Show of hands: Who here has stopped watching the show because Edgar has stopped eating Cheetos?

Hey, it's his own fault. He was the one breathing, right?

C'mon. Edgar wasn't even close to the "most loved character on the show."

Let us review his comments, in his own words:

I got to be honest with you — as an actor and a person because it didn't make any sense.

...You're a moron. You're talking like an idiot.

Hook me up with whatever he's been smoking. We all know who the most beloved character is.

Kudos, Gavin.

They killed of the main character's wife in the first season for basically no reason either. It was an epilogue after all of the action. What on Earth makes him think he's immune?

agghhh...you have it all wrong. This is just a setup for a Dallas-style shower-stall dream sequence. Edgar's alive.....aliiive I tell youuuu...

Edgar was the most loved character on the show BY FAR?


I want some of whatever he's smoking to take with my Ambien tonight.

Anyway, everyone knows the most loved character BY FAR is our own dear Chloe.

I have so far not succumbed to the addictiveness that is 24, my family's conversion attempts notwithstanding, so I can't comment on how true Lombardi's statement is, that Edgar was the "most-loved" character on the show.

However, I think the producer's comment that "Edgar's vulnerability increased as his appeal grew" is nothing short of ridiculous. Is there a Stunningly Bad Logic school that all television executives must attend before being qualified to helm shows??

Scene: Network boardroom.
Executive 1: "Hm, I have an excellent show, original, lots of potential. What should I do with it?"
Executive 2: "Put it in a Timeslot of Death and give it NO advertising."
Exec. 1: "Great idea!"

Exec. 1: "Gee, I wonder why nobody's watching that show! I thought it was a winner!"
Exec. 2: "I guess people just prefer to see Scantily Clad Women Eating Bugs and Competing for Karaoke-Singing Men on a Desert Island After Having Extensive Plastic Surgery [which has been highly advertised and stuck in the best timeslot, despite being absolutely wretched]!!"
Exec. 1: "Well, what are we waiting for? Cancel that brilliant show and make way for the Scantily Clad etc. SEQUEL -- now with even MORE bodacious mangoes!"

If my conjectures made any sarcasm leak onto your screens or keyboards, I do apologise. :)

TQueen - Hand me a paper towel, wouldja?

Oh-oh-oh Edgar, oh-oh Edgar,
Oh-oh-oh Edgar, oh-oh Edgar.

There was a man,
Though we hardly knew him.
Had a big heart,
He grew throughout the season.
Edgar was a fat man.


Each time you took
A bite of your twinkie,
I knew the time would come,
When they'd shut off your star.
It was your time to-oo go.


He meant he was the most loved on the show by the pound....cake.

Thanks, MOTW!

*popular character, Edgar Stiles*

Uh, noticed maybe. Ridiculed, certainly. Loved...not by human...parts. Just sayin...

It occurs to me that Edgar was being a 'Big Girl's Blouse' stuffed into a 'Complete Handbag.'

*passes Mr. C a roll of paper towels, just in case one isn't enough*

There are websites out there for just about every fan base. Some of them make the series that much more interesting. For instance some people have created fan comics for there favorite videogame. Even though only a few thousand people have ever played the game.
So he may have just typed in his characters name and found those.

TriviaQueen...Ahh! You were in the room when they were discussing "Joan of Arcadia", then.

Betsy -- I remember Joan of Arcadia! My mum really liked that show and was very sad to see it go.

The discussion could apply to any number of brilliant shows cancelled in their prime. FOX is guilty of that with "Firefly", and a certain Canadian public broadcaster (CBC) has cancelled a whole whack of my favourite shows over the past few years.

To be fair, though, CBC doesn't replace the good shows with bodacious mangoes; they put on miniseries about various political figures. Sure it's educational, but come on, our actors need more steady employment...

Never seen the show. But I would assume the most popular character on the show is Jack Baur. He is probably the main character. They should tink about killing him off next. It would be hilarious. And after all, a character becomes more vulnerable as his appeal grow. It can be only a matter of time.

Ah, Trivia Queen, you stumbled onto their secret! Good for you. You must have overheard the discussions for "Joan" AND "Smallville." "Let's see, we have one character who is consistently good and loyal and unselfish. I know, let's kill him!"

(Bangs head repeatedly against wall)

(*checks tv listings for Bodacious Mangoes: The Sequel*)

who cares about Edgar? THEY KILLED TONY!!!

Renee -- Are you saying that "Smallville" was cancelled? When did that happen?? (My housemate will be quite disappointed to hear this...)

And *snork* @ Jeff. If that show's anywhere, it'll be on FOX. :P

Yes and they also cancelled Perfect Strangers. Oh that Balky. Will he ever learn American Ways.
And then of course there is Alf..... No reply

I didn't say it was canceled, Trivia Queen, I said they killed Jonathan. Which for me means they might as well have canceled it.


*may or may not have had a childhood crush on Balky*

*moment of silence for Arrested Development

TriviaQ, does your mother know that the reason Les Moonves cancelled "Joan" is that it was immensely popular with college-educated women over the age of, I dunno, 40 or something? God knows, we can't have THAT!!! Not when we can lock fifteen horny dimwits in an Polynesian elevator with a single blow-up doll, and see which one leaves the most DNA in the right general area.

OK....That was disgusting. I beg forgiveness for lowering the tone of the blog (although it IS quite an achievement:)

Betsy, I don't think you lowered it; I think you were right on. ;) And, *snork!*

I second Tamara's *snork* at Betsy! "See which one leaves the most DNA in the right general area." Ha ha, I'm going to be laughing about that all day...

Renee -- thanks for the clarification. Yeah, killing off the good characters on TV shows is dirty pool. I'm quite the CSI junkie, and the day they killed off Tim Speedle on the Miami one broke my heart. I know Rory Cochrane (the guy who played him) wanted out so he could do more film work, but they could have written him out in a different way!! When that episode aired, I was so distraught that I ended up crying myself to sleep that night.

I still like the show, because I'm a sucker for crime dramas, but I want him back. :(

I understand, Trivia Queen. Believe me, I understand. (Sends hugs and chocolate)

*sends Renee hugs as well, and borrows housemate's chocolate fountain to make fondue. Mm, fondue...*

Maybe they should take this "Kill off random characters every week" idea and apply it to American Idol?

Don't people realize that what Howard Gordon said makes absolute sense? One of the things that makes 24 great is its unpredictability. You average show WON'T kill off a popular character. 24 will kill 3 main characters in two weeks.

And Louis Lombardi needs to grow up.

And I miss Tony :-(

Why Tony??? That's even worse! They totally screwed up his storyline...I am okay with him dying but it's the way he died and how quickly they disposed of him that bothers me. He should have been there until the end of the season, helped catch the terrorists out of a desire to avenge Michelle's death, and then died a hero by agreeing to go on a suicide mission to save everyone.

I was just commenting on this show the other day. Unfortunately, the past episodes aren't available on iTunes [and I don't have a tv on my room on campus]... After the season premier, I haven't seen any episodes. I found that I was not alone, in blogging about 24 at the start of this season... It seems that a lot of people are blogging about the show, as the 'day' progresses.

I guess I now know what happens to Edgar. Is there a place to legally watch the past episodes, of this season [like I can with Law and Order & Monk, via iTunes]?? I think that A & E regularly shows the past episodes of this season... But unfortunately, I don't have a television on campus.

Perhaps I need to get one.

To paraphrase Crimson Tide:

It was Edgar's 500 pounds that killed him, not the nerve gas.

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