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March 21, 2006


...or this blog will have to shoot you in the thigh.


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My sips are lealed. Er.. lips are sealed

Wow. There are even permieters in news stories about Jack Bauer. I knew I should keep a shot glass in my desk at work...

The people who leaked this are soooooooooo dead.

As I write this to you now, I'm not more than 20 minutes away from the Ontario airport. I can happily report that there appears to be nothing amiss with the air qua.....


You know this is really irresponsible of this journalist. By reporting these details at a Canadian airport he is assisting the terrorists who are wreaking havok in Los Angeles. Doesn't he get that?!

I hope it's a plane like the one in the movie "Flightplan". That thing was bigger than most airports. My favorite part was when Jodie Foster had to search thru the onboard mall for her daughter, then forgot where she parked and stole that guy's hummer.

Jack could detonate a few squirrels on a plane that size and no one would even notice.

Canadians....why did it hafta be Canadians!?

I gut nuthin'....

... um ... PB ... I could believe "20 minutes away" if I wuz sure you'd take the 60 ... on the 10, however ... not at this time of the day ... unless ... OH, you were already on the Haven off-ramp ... nevermind ...

Perimeters! Why does it always have to be about perimeters? ACK!!!

In a 10 degrees of separation news item...

CBC Television here in Canada recently ran a mini-series on politician Tommy Douglas, who was the father of the Canadian publicly funded health system and was also Keifer Sutherland's grandfather. Keifer was asked to play the role, but had to refuse due to the 24 filming schedule. Another actor was chosen, the series was shot and shown on TV at the beginning of the month. The actor who played Tommy Douglas in the mini-series is now playing Gollum in the new muscial of the Lord of the Rings which just opened in Toronto. Was it just a coincidence that Samwise the Hobbit showed up on 24, or are the two items linked somehow in the twisted 24 screen writers' minds?

No, they're just linked in our twisted minds. If the actual 24 writers ever wandered into one of our 24 threads, they'd lose their minds and go on a thigh-shooting rampage.

Or they would if they had guns. It's more likely they'd end up stabbing people in the neck with their freshly sharpened n°2 pencils.

Pish, everybody knows he shoots them in the thigh, not the knees. More fact checking, please.

Ummmmm, just curious, since I continue to miss the show, have the terrorists stolen and moved the airport? ONT WAS over there on the USofA left coast, Ontario, Californy, last time I checked. Has anyone noticed that the airport is gone? Or is this just another one of those "outsourcing" things? Inquiring (but not very smart) minds want to know!

If security is soooo tight around President Logan's Compound that Wayne Palmer gets detained by a grim soldier, where is the blazes did that Panel Truck With Bad Guys come from? Were they a "sleeper truck" waiting there for 18 months for Wayne Palmer? And why are these elite soldiers such bad shots? More to ponder.

HOwever they got there, they apparently wanted kidnap him, since they shot out a tire ... if they'd wanted him dead, an Uzi blast thru the window would've done the job ... more points to ponder ... why kidnap him?

Since we're revealing things in this section, I'd thought I'd point this link (http://apnews.myway.com/article/20060321/D8GG71LO0.html) out to all you Chloe fans out there.


Ha! I bet you this guy's WET LIST burst into fire after he leaked out that piece of information.

Yahoo article about Chloe:


I'm going to have to start watching this show! I had no idea that my local airport (Ontario International, a mere 25 minutes from Chino Hills) was featured - Inland Empire _represent_!

(Yes I know that ONT is officially part of the LAXative (ugh), but it's in the 909!)

When Wayne D-Wayne finally was allowed through the blockade into the Presidential Power Palace, did anyone notice the fabulous security? Oh, sure there was a hummer blocking the road, but anyone could ram through that. Luckily infront of the Mini Tank was a single orange cone. It is a good thing GI Joe moved that cone for Wayne D-Wayne, or he could have been in serious trouble.

If only he had a cone when the van of bad men came for him...

Off the topic but... Who thinks the German spy guy could be the 'new Jack' for the 2007 season?

I'm not even sure there will be a next season. I mean, at the rate they're killing off major characters (compared to the rate of bringing new ones in for more than 3 episodes), and with them assimilating CTU into Homeland Security (doesn't have the ring of CTU, does it?), there's not going to be anything left at the end of the season to build another one off of. Where's Marwan when you need him?

Here is what I want to know: When they want info out of someone they will do anything. Shoot your wife in the thigh, use the lamp cord electric shock treatment, knife in the eye, chemical torture and many other lovely forms of physical persuasion. But the hot spy lady gets full immunity, an all expenses paid trip to beautiful Barbados and an Amana refrigerator.

So why does she get such wonderful treatment? So maybe I don't really need to ask. It is just one more example of how the beautiful people get everything while the rest of us get tortured.

Stephen J-

I suspect it has something to do with the whole 'willingness' concept. The aforementioned shockees, gunshot-wound-ees, etc, were unwilling to spill for a meager piece of paper and refrigerator. Of course, the reason why she was willing was probably because she's a beautiful person and we all know you can't trust them, right?

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