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March 12, 2006


I swear Ridley and I had nothing to do with this.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"A courier was due to drive it to Heathrow next day, so its cargo could be loaded on a plane to Czech capital Prague."

I didn't think they played Monopoly over there - aren't they limited to Czechers?

Okay, so, hey, has anyone heard from Tamara RWC or Fed after their date yesterday? Maybe one or the other - or both? - are "tied up" and can't get to the blog....

The dark recesses of my brain are wondering the same thing Mr C!

OK...you can call this a publicity stunt if you want; but I know an attempt to destabilize Czech currency when I see it. (Sheesh! Some people have, like, totally forgotten how the Cold War worked.)

*SNORK* at CR - "czechers" LOL

OMG...I totally forgot about the Camera/Duck rendezvous. Can we send out a, what?, a booger alert or something?

Betsy - I think a booger alert is appropriate at this point.

The second half of the two-man team was apprehended when a local bank reported a suspicious customer, wearing a clown costume and trying to make an exchange.

BOOGer - BOOGer - BOOGer

This is an ABB (All Blog Booger) alert...
An alert has been issued by the Dave Barry Blog Authority for the whereabouts of two of the bloggers who were last known to be "hooking up" (as it were). If anyone knows the whereabouts of TRWC & FD you are advised to alert the Blog immediately. (Gory details of the event whether real or made up would be appreciated as well)
This concludes this ABB alert...

BOOGer - BOOGer - BOOGer

Coast... Thank you! I wasn't sure of the official format for a Booger Alert, but I knew that someone here would have the procedure manual.

Now all we can do is wait and pray...

Funny money gone?

That's funny ... (ha-ha type, not "strange" or "odd" or "weird" or "nutso" ... merely sayin' ...)

Hey, kids! I'm here!

But I got in reeeally late, and I am reeally tired, so, more later. ;) HA!

TAMARA! You are not leaving until you spill everything!

OK - we know that TRWC is OK - now what did she do with FedDuck?

I think Fed will be checking in tomorrow.

KDF: He smells really good. ;)

They've done so much with that institutional soap.

I think there's something rather sweet about the gang in the cyberdorm waiting up to hear about the blogdate. *wipes sentimental virtual tear from eye with lace hanky*

And Federal Duck rhymes with....... um...ah....alright, never (one track) mind.

MEANIE - I am shocked (that I didnt think of it first)!!

Down, boys.

I'm with Betsy... I remember when Tamara was just a little flashcube!


CR - not so much first, but why not simultaneously? I guess the firm of Doppelgänger & Doppelgänger, LLC is closed for business on Sundays.

KDF & Betsy - just looking out for the welfare of our young and flowering but impressionable waif as she emerges from her sheltered, analog existence into the digital realm, is (as O.the U might say) all.

KDF & Betsy - They grow up so fast, don't they? And then they meet a blogger and run off for a hedonistic weekend, and then don't immediately tell us all about it... the ungratefulness of it all....


I understand. That Fed is not an innocent duckling anymore.

MtheB - Not closed, just distracted by actual work (for once).

More fun anagrams:
"Tamara and Fed" = "Dan made a fart."

And could this be a short synopsis of how the date turned out?
"Tamara RWC and Federal Duck" = "Carded, f*ck, maternal award."

OK, sorry for that last one. :)

Coast - Genuine, bill-paying work? Hard to argue with that.

(Caught before hitting Post: "ill-paying work". Hope that is not the case for my psycho-blogical counterpart.)



I don't know what it means, but I doubt it's a coincidence.

*SNORK* @ KDF for "institutional soap"!

To inject a small, serious note: I wonder if you kiddies will be surprised to know that, nowadays, in real life, I am actually a bit of a prude. I think Fed was surprised. He really is a wild and crazy guy, but I am pensive and quiet--and still coping with the pain of divorce.

Fed's cool, though. Same as he is on the blog.

I've met several bloglits now, and this was the most surreal meeting by far. Or maybe I'm not caught up on my sleep yet.

Best things about Fed:

- His drawl
- His smell
- His huuuuge...talent! :)

Platonic {{{{Tamara}}}}. *Smacks self for impure thoughts and prodding nature*

*High fives Fed*

*Realizes Fed is not present, applies duct tape bandage to hand*

Good for you, Tamara. Let's hear us for us prudes. And I hope this bad time will pass and things will start looking up for you. (Sends virtual hugs and ice cream to Tamara)


SNORK at CR's "czechers"!

Monopoly money? (Back on topic here) I smell the doings of the Czech Government at work here.

Seems someone wants to pay off his mortage and ran out of gov't money to do it and is now resorting to funny money - which is actually quite close to the real stuff here so the banks will probably accept it and I'll be getting it, in the near future, in automated bank machines.

Dave! I know alot of "places" that will accept that money ... IF you have it - just saying.

It's not too late to catch that discount flight!

Photos will be provided when the currency turns up.

Yes, methinks His Daveness dost protest too much!

Oh, CR, supposedly they also play hockey. But according to Jagar, they're not too good at it.


Thanks, y'all. Time heals; I'll be fine.

Djy'all know Kibby's met me, too?

Kibby, tell them how boring I am! ;)

I'm more than merely a little bit bothered by the apparent prurient and self-gratificatory nature of the questioning and commentary offered by some of y'all ... after all, we should remember that this has been a truly ... um ... moving encounter for each of these bloglits, our friends and compadres/compadrettes ... merely sayin' ...

I'd be much more comfortable if the postings had been somewhat more subdued and gentle in nature ...

P'haps, not unlike a trusted and gentle avuncular figure, asking solely for the therapeutic benefits thereof ...

Somethin' like:

Soooooo ... would you like to tell me aaaallllllllll about it?

Soon to be a major motion picture.

Oh, yea! Tamara (Rhymes With Something) is as dull as letting loose a jar of hornets at a Square Dance#.

... Although she may have had a "coming out" recently.

Tamara Honey? How's the medication coming?

#not that he knows anything about those sort of things...

*hugs Tamara and runs out to buy her chocolate and assorted prudish hobby items*

*kisses Blue's boo boo*

Was that too prurient?

{Kibby} :)

That Tara from Birminham has nice ramparts.

*swoons over Tamara*


Soon to be a major motion picture.

Ken, to which scenario are you referring? The heist of the funny money or the Fed/TRWC meeting.

Although, one could be the subplot of the other. And I bet Fed could offer up a great treatment for the screenplay.

I'll have my people call his people. Which reminds me, I need to go get some people.

*offers kibby F5 as "one of sly's people" only if he gets a camio*

I'm in.

... which side KDF?

Czechoslovakia jokes? A new low. I am asahmed of you guys.

These two fellows, one from Czechoslovakia and one from Germany wanted to go on safari in Africa. So they arrived on the African plains and set out. A couple of lions, a male and a female, snuck up behind them, killed and ate them. The local tribe set up a hunting party to track them down. They found the lions and killed them. They cut open the female and found the German. So you know what that means?

The Czech is in the male.

KDF - what are we in? Never mind, I'm in too. Ya know, Sister Solidarity and all that.

slyeyes - Which reminds me, I need to go get some people.


*zips in and takes off her mittens*

Me too!!!

*zips out*

Kibby, you play the part of an investigator working on solving the case of the stolen funny money..however you are REALLY a double naught spy working under cover because you the heist has links to terrorist organization who has been laundering money in the Czech Republic.

KDF, you could be part of a Tamara/Fed/KDF love triangle

You're right Tramp, a new low.

A GOOD low, but low none-the-less.

Pssst, southerngirl. We're in. We're the people.

You need coffee, hon? :)

El and S'Girl one of you can be the Dominatrix head of the money-laundering ring, and the other can be the Dominatrix head of Interpol.

I hope Fed can work all of this into the screenplay.


I never!

*ponders getting caught between a camera and a duck*

Good thought sly!

Good thing there's a Laundry King just up the street. AND my washer broke down last week making it IMPARITIVE that I do a load soon - REAL SOON! And a Czech Airlines Stewardess I know has her mother working there - THAT'S HOW THEY PLAN TO MOVE THE GOODS!

... too bad that's all REALY true ...

KDF, do you want to play the part of the Czech Airlines Stewardess instead? If so, then we'll have an open casting call for the Fed/Tamara/Unnamed Bloglit love triangle.

Oh, by the way, the Unnamed Bloglit gets to die a dramatic, pyrotechnic screen death. I'm thinking a potato gun will have to be involved.

oh, KDF? You'd have to date kibby's room mate.

*he's NOT going to touch THAT one*

sly? Can Jack shoot her in the thigh FIRTS!?

*jumps up, raises hand, nods head enthusiastically*

Airline stewardess! Airline stewardess.

Kibby - I'm spoken for.

KDF and Blue, sittin' in a tree...

and KDF, thanx for the coffee offer, but with Kahlua added or otherwise, I think I'll just stick with my beer!

(I hadn't read (not read) all the previous comments yet - at least not thoroughly)

so sorry.

Understood. Beer works for me too, as long it's an amber ale or darker.

*clinks southerngirl's beer bottle and drinks to Sister Solidarity Day*

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... beer

Tramp - here ya go! Cheers!

sly - I found this on the floor in my closet. Does it work for any of the parts you have in mind? :)

so El, is that for the Interpol dominatrix, or for the money laundering one?

just wonderin'...


OMG! She was on the floor in your closet?!? Was she breathing?

s'girl: Whichever one sly thinks it would work the best for.

I also have this one, but I think it's a little over the top, don't you? :)

Ken, I gave her CPR and she's just fine now.

Decisions, decisions. I think I'm going to have to consult with wolfie on that.

Thanks El, I wondered where I put her. Hey! Can I be in the Fed/TRWC movie? I'll be the tech guy that provides all the cool gadgets. I may look a little geeky, but underneath I totally rock.

"Geek Rocker" ... or ... "Rockin' Geeks" ... wbagnfa ... um ... Nerd Band?

Be careful OU, we may be geeky but we can cause mass italicized panic.

"mass italicized panic" wbagnf somethin'...

Panicked Italian Mass?

Massively Picnicked Italian?

Italian Mass Pickles?

Panicked Massive Italian?

Massively Picnicked Italian?

Italian Mass Pickles?

Panicked Massive Italian?

Posted by: Adonis | 07:53 PM on March 12, 2006

Adonis, major *snorks* as usual...

psst...O. the U - check your em

*goes off to write aforementioned email*

Man, for a minute I thought you had been attacked by RRT, then I realized that was me.

Adonis - you give new meaning (meanie?) to "hold the pickle."

Guess this grab was garnered by "Gesse Games and the Games Gang." (Trying to get back on thread before the severely over-medicated blog members degenerate into Massive Pickle Hysteria)

Please keep talking to me Annie, but be quiet. El just sent me to my room.

Stupe, I think you mean under medicated. :)

wow, that was too quiet...even I couldn't hear it.

psst - sorry, adonis - i'm not crossing el... /whisper

Well, thanks for the moral support at least. I think I need to lay low.


There we go.

sg -

got it


We still haven't heard from Fed, huh?

Sorry Tam for our snooping, mind-in-gutter ways. Obviously none of us have enough going on in our lives. We need a good story. Make one up, for gawwd's sake.

*after laser toilet injury suffered on last thread, puts off plans to begin undercover investigation of the suspicious disappearance of Federal Duck, even though he has purchased a can of Fed Duck's favorite aftershave for the assignment.*

*late to the party*

Me, too. I'm in.

Is Laundry King any relation to Larry King?

(wanders of to check the other threads)

Excuse me!!! Hello??? Isn't anyone else concerned that the camera(rhymes with Tamara)shots of Mike are getting even more up face??? This is definitely a sign of impending character change--the more the shot is from the floor up at the face, the greater danger!! Pay attention, folks. Don't forget he wasn't exactly Palmer's best friend.

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