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March 23, 2006


The San Francisco public-health community loses a beloved member.


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First? What's the big deal? I won't miss him, he was a d*ck...

He looks quite gay, that penis. Doesn't he?

Isn't that just the Old West tradition? You ride into town and fight syphillis by dressing up as a foam rubber penis, then when the job's done you kiss the school marm goodbye (even if the school marm is also dressed as a foam rubber penis, NTTAWWT), get in your limousine, and ride into the sunset.

"People came to love the penis. It grew on them," said Pappas.

Need I even comment? *SNORK*fest

The "healthy penis' father" said he was prepared for it?! How do you prepare yourself for something like that?!

I won't eat hot dogs for weeks now!!!!!!

"... featuring the healthy penis and his nemesis, Phil the red-faced syphilis sore..."


"Les wanted it to be like the Richie Cunningham of penises. He was not to be that square but a happy-go-lucky character," said Metzger."

I have nothing to add here. Those two quotes have made my day complete.

And *snork* @ Dave for "beloved member."

People! People!!! Wake up!!! Two hours, and no one has yet suggested that he should obviously be traveling in the Weinermobile????

*makes more coffee*

*snork* @ KDF;)

Baltimore currently has a giant colon sitting by the harbor. I find the giant penis more um, appealing, than the giant colon.

"He is just a silly little character I wanted to be goofy and likeable."

describes most members that i've known.

SNL writers are desperately trying to figure out how to work this character into every skit.

*snork* @ Dave

"its kind of sad its coming to an end..."

nah, i got nothin'

I wonder if the guy inside the costume feels like a putz.

The article should have been entitled "The Shlong Goodbye".

Hey-O! I'm here all week, try the Rocky Mountain Oysters! Drive Safely!

He gave up the gig because he "Just couldn't keep it up, anymore".

All this time I'm trying to get people to say hello to mine.

What is next for this character who has stood so tall. Is to go on tour to the various "Mountain Oyster Festivals" across this land? Maybe become a spokesman for Lipton tea bags? He could . . .

(Gets caught in huge net and is dragged off by authorities)

So the people of San Fran are finally going to leave a penis behind. I hope they at least give him a big hand as he heads of to find his next job.

too funny.
coffee on screen.
Not on keyboard though.

Hello. Help desk.

And then there's that whole penis thing ...

crossgirl, me too, but don't tell the guys that sometimes their "members" are pretty funny - looking! :)

It is going to be like Cher where he will have one tour after another. If you can turn back time, you can bring back the healthy penis," joked Dufty.

yep, just like Cher.

Eleanor - If by "funny-looking" you mean "awesome, breathtaking to behold, and slightly intimidating," then your comments are fine. If, on the other hand, you mean that penises are, by nature, silly in appearance, well, I gotta agree with you there, too.

"I am prepared for it, though it is going to be a bummer."

Way too many potential jokes...must resist...

"I am having one more night with the healthy p*n*s. I don't want Phil though," said Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

I'm not touching that line with my "ten-foot pole".

can't beat this ...

"People came to love the penis. It grew on them," said Pappas.

oops, sorry kow

Doesn't this character come with two side-kicks?

"hand-sized P*n*s stress grips"

so much more socially acceptable than 'holding your own'

he's not a square character... so would you say he's well-rounded?

Here in lovely Baltimore, we've been trying to arrange a H-P national tour for some time now - Phil got to go to Philly, but H-P has been stuck in SanFran. I visualize a sort of Easy Rider approach, with H-P and Phil on bikes, roaming across the country looking for America. I think it would be a great thing!
Oh, and Kat - you just noticed the giant colon? Given the historical state of the semi-liquid contents of the harbor, I've got to figure that thing's been there at least since the late 1700s...

Frankly, I'm speechless. Here in Oklahoma, that guy would be burned at the stake.....

Okie - you mean on a stake?


(snork at motw)

The moral of the story: As a public health advocate, the healthy penis can't be beat.

Oh "come" on, you can't be serious!

Blog Leader, are you absolutely sure that THIS topic, as well as the previous one, wasn't surfaced by Sue Cocking ?

The disease I got in Paris
Hasn't cleared up, sad to say
The gonorrhea strain from Rome
is resistant, come what may!

Something's I caught on my bone
Hover-peeing in Manhattan
I'm going back to that city by the bay...

I left my d*ck in San Francisco...

Mr. Toad - I try not to look at other peoples colons...I was raised to avert my eyes at such things.

I guess he's on his way to Baltimore, where the motto should be, "Baltimore, We've got Crabs, and Crabs!"

Well, well Dr. Doug! *snork* @ you!

And Lairbo-always classic!

YES: "It is going to be like Cher where he will have one tour after another. If you can turn back time, you can bring back the healthy penis," joked Dufty.
NOOOOOOOO: "It is going to be like the healthy penis where she will have one tour after another. If you can turn back time, you can bring back Cher," joked Dufty.

"What's it supposed to be, Daddy?"

"Uhhh ... it's a great big thumb. Now let's catch up to your mother."

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