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March 22, 2006



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When the Donald looks down on you, you know things are bad. You also know his toupee is going to fall off.


Who cares what any of them think?

Because Donald knows SO MUCH about keep a marriage together.

To quote Ivana from "The First Wives Club"

"Don't get mad, get everything."

Thank you Willy for such a fine example of what "Comment Spam" actually is. That has been confusing a lot of us in the recent past.

Scientists have recently discovered an alternate dimension where Donald Trump's hair doesnt look bad.


Test Quiz.

A show of hands.

Who gives a damn what Donald Trump thinks ?

Really, if you can't trust Donald Trump for marriage advice, whom CAN you trust?

Now really y'all - The Donald never gave marriage adivice, just said tha the jerk is not good enough for the strumpet (no offense, Dave) - a topic on which he should actually be considered an authority.

No other website gives this much value-to-time ratio, as we can get the latest on the two most interesting newsmakers AND try to digest the permutations of Mr. Trump's generosity in worrying about the Spears fortune.

PLUS try to rack my old brain for clever comments. I can hear it trying to creak into gear.

imn wuz gong fer the recerd on typois in once massage

Trump to Spears:

You're fired, b*&ch, for having a bad husband !!

ASK - ya mighta gotten it if you didnt spell "once" correctly. Ya do get points for improper usage though.

How touching - One schlock celebrity expresses concern for another.

Carl in FTL - are you really here in Lauderdale? I was beginning to think I was the only Dave blog constituent between Orlando & Miami!

"Donald became a father for the fifth time this week when wife Melania gave birth to Barron William Trump."

--Five kids in one week? WOW! :p

Wahhh Wahhh, Twitney is down to a measly 70 million dollars. I hope she can afford to buy formula and diapers and maybe a handful of rice for herself! What is he doing about the REAL suffering in the world? *sorry - going to different blog to blow steam now; I know we try to keep it happy in here*

*snork* at jun

I think they should've named the kid Barron William Von Trump for more emphasis.

well, even tho it's none of his beezwax, he's right. but who would hire that zhlub. britney's a twitney allright.

"Gold Rush, Synergy, your task this week: find gainful employment for K-Fed. The team that keeps him from getting fired the longest wins."

Does Trump's wife have a job? Does she not spend a lot of his money? Seems like Mr. Trump holds a double standard when it comes to Federline's role as a leech!

gadget - it's not really a double standard; Mrs. Trump is good-looking...

did you hear KFed's starting a delivery service?

FederlineExpress- when it absolutely, positively doesn't have to be anywhere at all!

Snork at insom.......
see the little ad below the Trumpster's picture? I so read that as "enema tickets" and I won't tell you what I thought the little hand was holding.

Methinks Donny is thinking ahead, and lining up his next ex-wife. "He's no good for you. You can do so much better. Talk to me in a year, we'll work something out."

"""Carl in FTL - are you really here in Lauderdale? I was beginning to think I was the only Dave blog constituent between Orlando & Miami!""""

I'm the one in Orlando.

well don't that trump all.

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