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March 09, 2006



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britney who?

i'll say it...
jr. came out, had a look around and climbed back
into the last place he'd been that didn't
have as many cameras and celebrities around...

maybe britney is just waiting for the right moment
to release her next really big FART!

Yes! I didn't look!!!

maybe the new "tum" is an implant,
it's very trendy right now...


BRITNEY STILL BLOGLESS< but at least she can
get pregnant if she wants to...HA!

but not un-impregnantable

Whew! I'm glad she's not pregnant. During her last pregnancy the Blog was obsessed with her. All we heard was Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin, exploding toilet, Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin, Booger, Shoot em' in the thigh, Bulletin, yada yada yada. She needs a new white trash hubby before she breeds again.

Jessica - Wrong! She needs a tubal ligation before she breeds again.

i think 'britney not pregnant' stories are about as newsworthy as 'britney not talented' stories...

and it was ananova so there's about a 50-50 chance she'll have quintuplets any day now!

Thanks for the bulletin. I'm so relieved! Is it to early for sarcasm?

Aah, a cure for my insomnia. Thanks, Dave.

Whew - when that condom broke I was like... well nevermind.

maybe just work the rescue scene into the sequel
to broke back mountain,
well at leats the harness and the cave stuff,
o.k. but definitely the harness,
and lots of cowboys wearing only big hats,
and some tractors, and....

*snork* @ CR

But, can you guys stop changing your monikers now? It's hurting my wee little head!

PS I spoke to Le Canarde Federale on the phone last night! NEENER NEENER NEENER! :)

Sorry bout dat - I'm back to "normel" now

Well, thank God. Now I can sleep tonight.

In an effort to end the constant drain on bandwidth and productivity caused by paparazzi-driven starlet stories, we have written the definitive Bulletin on this subject. When you need your Britney Spears/Angelina Jolie/Paris Hilton/whoever fix, just take this out and choose one word from each selection. Trust me, every combination is true sometime. For a Hollywood value of "true" anyway.

Bulletin! Bulletin! Bulletin!
[Britney/Jennifer/Angelina/Paris] has been [photographed/sighted/abducted by aliens] at a [beach/boutique/club/hotel/laundromat] in [Beverly Hills/Manhattan/Paris/Cheboygan], accompanied by [new beau/old beau/hubbie/lover/home-wrecker] [K-Fed/Ben/Brad/George/Dubyah]. And guess what? [Britney/Jennifer/Angelina/Paris] is sporting a new look! Her [waistline/tummy/chest/butt/hairline] is looking a little [bigger/smaller/rounder/flatter/perkier/shaggier] than the last time we saw her! And we ALL know what this means...that's right! She's a shameless publicity whore and has a new [movie/album/tour/fragrance line/tell-all book] coming out!

Britney Spears: Not pregnant!

However, reports indicate that she's still not very bright.




Hey, Blue (Meanie, not Raven): You were in my dream last night. Your arms were sky-blue, and the "whites" of your eyes were sky-blue, and it wasn't very attractive, but I hugged you anyway. :D

I also had a dream about Federal Duck, but I can't really post that one here, so pretend I didn't say anything. *zips lips*

The Unbulletin.

Rose, sarcasm knows (not nose) no (not noe) schedule.

*tries not to be jealous of Tamara*

Ah, phew, that's better. Tamara, your dream report, ironically, jolted me into the real world.

I was dreaming of you too last night. I was reaching out to you through a storm of Rice Krispies and marshmallows and then a lightning bolt hit with a thunderclap that sounded like quacking. That's when I awoke with a craving for milk.......

*unzips tamara's lips*

Dearest Tamara,

While my brain still hasn't really awaken, it has informed me that if I don't weasel the contents of this dream out of you, that it will go on strike.

The last time it did this, I ended up standing in my apartment with a blank look on my face for 3 days before my roomie finally kick-started it again. Of course, if this happens at work, I don't think anyone will notice.

Hmm. I haven't checked lately, but I don't think I'm lactating anymore...

Hey, a simul! Just like in my 53-second dream! HA! ;)

Opps, make that too not to. LOL

So Tamara may be pregnant with Fed's baby via a somnolent dream insemination, but Brittany is not.

Phew. Glad I got that straight.

That's gonna be one well photographed duckling.

Awakened? awoke? awokened... woke the #%&* up, anyway.

And someone is going to have to stop this 53 second thing. C-bol, we've got to deprogram her.

Bravo to Wurm for his excellent bulletin!

And - when the fact that Brit is NOT pregnan is newsworthy, you know that we are at the edge of the abyss!

Now I'm scared.

So, when's Tamara's baby shower?

1) Hey, I've already got a baby! (New pics on my blog-thing, y'all!)

2) Isn't it a rule that you can't have a shower for your second baby?

3) Just to protect my squeaky-clean reputation as the Blog Virgin: Both dreams were actually fully-clothed. *pout*

"Fully clothed"? * not jealous anymore*

This just out (like her 'tum') - F-Ked has been sneaking around on her again, this time with Cow-139, who may (gasp!) be pregnant! Stay 'tude!

Shouldn't the baby-daddy be employed before he has his 4th kid in, like, 4 years??????

I say we drop Brit in that mine shaft along with all the papparazzi now that cow 139 is out. Can't say I'd feel sorry for ANY of them for being in that predicament together. Of course we'd need to put a lid on the shaft so we wouldn't have to listen to all the moooooing.

Mad - first you'd have to widen the shaft...

T RWC - so the dreams were fully clothed, but what did Meanie, the Blue look like? Was he still blue?

Annie - seems "the shaft" is wide enough! Kinda like throwin a hotdog down a hallway at this point!

*reads Coast's last comment, while eating a hotdog*

*all done with lunch, thanks*

Coast sed "...throwin a hotdog down a hallway..."

More like room for THIS if I get MY guess...

sorry s-girl, mebbe I shouldda sed tossin a bratwurst down the breezeway?

CoastR, er, ShoreCrow - don't go there....the echo alone will kill you.

Key sentence from Soap's link:

Sink your teeth into Weinermobile(tm) Wonder!


and lol @ Coast - yeah, that's much better!

Is that what they call it now?? "simulposting"....

angene15 - well, we just did - does that answer your question? ;)

So ... merely clarifyin' ... she thot she might be pregnant, but she is not ... um ... mebbe they don't know whut causes it? ... merely sayin' ...

Y'know, if y'all don't want me talkin' about my ex-wife, you wouldn't say things like "kinda like throwin a hotdog down a hallway", IYCMD.


Yes Mr C - I catch yer Drift rift ift-ift-ift. (Best I could do for an echo)

*high fives southerngirl*


Only Britney would have an unpregnancy announcement.

a very merry un-pregnancy to her... TO HER!

so what

So K-Fed is "riding the hump." Is that TMI?

How embarassing for most people. -"Me, pregnant? Why, no, I'm just FAT!"

Felicia has never had it in her ass hole. At first it was painful but then the pain gave her the most delicious orgasm she's ever had. This dude fucking her really knows what he's doing. His only request is that she licks his hot shaft after they finish. it tends to overheat.

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