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March 20, 2006


(Thanks to Ben Coats)


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Well, okay...FIRST!

Okay, I'm all caught up; I don't need to see the movie now.


*Wow! A simul with LBFF!!*



*swoon* right back acha Mr. C. ;-)

PS I didn't see the movie either, so this was a good time-saver.

The sheep & moose @ the end (NTTAWWT -- after all, they are cousins ... ) is the funniest part ... IMHO ... merely sayin' ...

More bunnies short productions by Angry Alien. (swallow alert)

Genius - the bunnies represent the genetic urge within everyone to procreate, in perfect tension with the innate desire to hump everything that moves, or doesn't. Either that or they're just funny.

Would have won Best Pic if Ang Lee had thought of it. What a moron.

Interview with the bunny star.

is there something wrong with me for liking this one better than the original?

C'bol, you've got it wrong... in proper Bunny (Bugs) diction, it's "What a maroon!"


Bill Maher had the best damn joke two weekends ago about BBM's failure to win Best Picture: "There's nothing wrong with coming in number two."

MOTW: 'Jaws' has to be my favorite. Right behind 'It's a Wonderful Life'


*snork* at JW!

oops, sorry judi, you weren't there a moment ago!! :)

This has sound, right? I'll have to wait a few hours before I can view it. Ah, well. Anticipation is fine.

starring Heath Leaper and Jake Cottontail?

Jaws is great, and Titanic is pretty funny too.

Titanic is good. I also like Star Wars, complete with out-takes at the end.

Brokeback To The Future is equally as funny.

I lurrrve the "It's a Wonderful Life" parody!

I wish they'd do a parody on humor columnists

Ok, "Titanic" rocks, too. :D

Interactive bunny postcard. (mouse-over various parts)

Ya ask me, PB, it's funnier. I'm still laughing. Thanks for posting that.

I wish I had known Y'all would love that site, I would have mailed the link to the blog last year.
Back when I was a Blurker.

Dont forget "Pokeback Mountain." and "Brokeback Mountain, Never leave your friends behind."

Wasn't the theme song for Brokeback Mountain actually that old Beatles hit "I'll Get You In The End"?

Yeah, PB ... equally funny, but a tad more subtle ...

I still don't understand why those cowboys hit on each other when they had all those lovely sheep to choose from.

Mebbe 'cuz sheep are merely a b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d substitute for the real ... um ... thing ... ?

HEEE I love those bunnies.

...Not like that.

Yet ironically they can't breed like rabbits.

Yup. That about covered it.

Bumble - Rabbits (and sheep too, for that matter) are ALREADY covered. Fur, fleece... them being mammals and all...

"it" being the actual movie...

What would an Angry Alien production of Watership Down performed by their bunnies be like, I wonder?

hahhahahaha gays

Aaaaaack! Pigman! We're certain that you also meant to say NTTAWWT.


Canmore Alberta - Brokeback was filmed there.
The story below is from CBC website

Bunny glut poses puzzle in Alberta town
Last Updated Mon, 17 Apr 2006 10:08:10 EDT
CBC News

More than 1,000 rabbits are making life difficult for gardeners in the Alberta town of Canmore, as well as posing a puzzle over who's responsible for controlling them.

Sheer numbers have transformed what used to be pets into pests, says André Gareau, a town councillor in the community located 90 kilometres west of Calgary.

"About 20 years ago, someone in town released maybe a dozen rabbits, and surprisingly, they survived," he said.

"They survived the winters, even if it's 40 below. Now you can see them all over town."

The rabbits are particularly annoying in the spring, when gardeners are trying to establish new plots of flowers and vegetables.

Attacks on vegetation aren't the only reasons to worry about rabbits gone wild, though.

Biologist Gilbert Proulx said domestic rabbits could carry diseases into the wild rabbit population, and vice versa.

"It is best to separate – and keep separate – domestic and wild stocks so we don't end up with really ugly results," he said.

Town, province point fingers at each other

Just who is responsible for controlling the rabbits has become a major question.

"Our mandate is to deal with wildlife and these are not considered wildlife," said Jon Jorgenson of Alberta Fish and Wildlife.

"They are domestic animals that have gone wild in the town here and my understating is that domestic animals are [under] the jurisdiction of the Town of Canmore.

The town does not agree with that assessment, however.

Its position is that since the rabbits have been in the wild for two decades, the province should have to deal with them.

In the absence of any government action, some Canmore residents have begun to trap the rabbits and release them out of town.

It's not a permanent solution, though. Wildlife officials say most of them find their way back eventually, in search of easy pickings in local gardens.


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