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March 27, 2006


Preschoolers make cylindrical objects out of Play-Doh!

(Thanks to Jon Webb)


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judi, to make a walrus d!ck, simply wad the dough into a ball, then roll it out into a slender shaft with the palm of your hand.

Lawsuit!?! This is preschool. The kids don't have a clue what they were making. Me thinks these parents need a couple of Valium with their chardonnay.

School District response: Instead of Play-D*h fun, the kids will now be read selections from Shakespeare.

Lawsuit? These people have got to be kidding. Just because they see it 'evil' doesn't mean their children are adversely affected. I'm willing to bet their children were none the wiser. These are the same people who went on a rampage against Sesame Street saying Bert and Ernie were gay. Don't get me started.

Bert and Ernie were gay?????

I always thought something was up with those two ...

Micky Mouses dog was GAY?!?! (Sorry for the unsolicited Soap ref there)

OK - am I the first to say that they were making "Play-Dil-dohs"?

coastraven: i just watched that episode a couple of weeks ago! tgf netflix :)

Why are we surprised? Ads, movies, even cartoons feature S*X as a means to some end. And teenagers just love to push adult buttons, whilst pointing judgemental fingers.

The proper response would have been "Oh, I see you made a penis. Now, how about making something a little more original."

One wonders if Christine is smiling that way because she was impressed with work... .

Forgive me but I just don't get. So the kids were making "cylindrical objects"...so what's wrong with a playschooler making a japanese radish out of playdough?

judi - that line (and scene) is one of the BEST in sitcom history! It never fails to cause a giant *SNORK*

Now, if they had been modelling female genitalia with their Play-Doh™, I would have to call it art, IYKMD.

If the teens were making penises out of Play-Doh while with the preschoolers, then of course that is wholly inappropriate behavior and the teens should be punished.

I'm not sure if the punishment should take the form of a lawsuit, but punishment should happen in some way. If the teachers were negligent in overseeing the work of the teens, then THAT could be the basis of a lawsuit, rather than the teens' behavior itself.

And contrary to what BillyJoeJimBob claims, most preschoolers definitely know what a penis is. But to them, it's just another body part, like any other. However, that still doesn't mean it's OK to teach or encourage kids how to make penises out of Play-Doh. That's just inappropriate.

It's when they put their new Play-d*h creations through that little cranky gizmo that I would start to worry a bit.

ok. so a mistake was made. which is going to have more of an adverse affect on the kids...an afternoon of playdoh penis'..(which by the way you could argue about art being in the eye of the beholder) that's what THEY saw...does that make them right? or a long drawn out lawsuit where the kids are asked repeatedly over and over what they saw and seeing their parents make fools of themselves over a mistake. to me that's what's gonna put the kids in therapy...

it's getting to the point where mistakes just aren't allowed without a huge life changing cost attached to it and that's scary. what's worse, is you know some lawyer will put the blame on the the playdoh comapny for the dough being capable of being molded into such an obscenity. then what? toys will start being taken from the shelves for sparking children's imaginations! how dare they!

Do you think it was an accident that the reporter said that many parents had "pulled their kids out" of the program?

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