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March 29, 2006


A lobster-pot attack is blamed on the Lobster Liberation Front.


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Just proves the evils of pot . . .

Of course Lobster Liberation Front WBAGNFARB.

"In addition to the damage to the pots, nearby outhouses at the harbour were spray painted with slogans."

So they vandalized the pots and the port-a-pots.

I was against the destruction of property and all that - until I saw the way-cool pirate motif on the second link.

I'm gonna go smash some lobster pots.

Um...any lobster pots near Dallas?

dont look at me - i'm kosher

"PLEASE NOTE - SARC is not the Lobster Liberation Front, nor do we know them or have any contact with them" ... Nor do we think they are not tasty in drawn butter. We also do not believe that they look downright scary with those big claw thingies (which we also think are tasty in drawn butter and cocktail sauce). We do however believe that we would like to speak to the first person who actually was so hungry as they had to find a way to cook this sea spider, and break it open for its tasty meat. How hungry do you have to be to say "hmmm the best thing in the area is this bottom feeding scavanger that will kill me if I dont cook it properly". Was it a dare? Was it a drunken mistake? Was it famine? Was the person stranded on an island in the bay? Or possibly it was an ancient Native American hazing ritual where they had run out of things for a young male to do to progress into manhood, so the chief of the tribe said - "Here, Breaks-With-the-Wind - eat this and you will become a man!"

That being said - we (SARC - remember us) are NOT the Lobster Liberation Front.

Do I still get credit for smashing the pots if I go ahead and eat the lobsters?

Animal rights activists can be SO shellfish.

From the disclaimer:
"PLEASE NOTE: SARC is not the Lobster Liberation Front, nor do we know them, or have any contact with them..."

* Lobsters, like humans, have long childhoods, and an awkward adolescence. Teen lobsters are usually quite shy - it does take them a while to come out of their shells.

* It is believed that lobsters can be either left or right handed.

BRIAN: Are you the Lobster Liberation Front?
REG: F*ck off!
BRIAN: What?
REG: "Lobster Liberation Front"? Huh! We're the Lobster's Front-end Liberation! "Lobster Liberation Front..." Cuh!
FRANCIS: Wankers!
BRIAN: Can I... join your group?
REG: No. Piss off.

Holy pseudo-simulpost, Batman!

Darn it Peoples front, You beat me to it.

Suicide Squad Leader: We are the Judean People's Front crack suicide squad! Suicide squad, attack!
[they all stab themselves]
Suicide Squad Leader: That showed 'em, huh?

Time to pull out the Life of Brian DVD.

This means war . . .

Wow, they must have been really steamed.

Why do all the really nutty stories come out of the UK?

Please, before you condemn my way of life please try the lobster bisque. 14 ounces raw lobster tail
1/3 cup butter, softened
7 green onions, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
4 cups fish stock
4 sprigs fresh parsley
1 bay leaf
4 whole black peppercorns
2 1/2 cups water
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 3/4 cups tomato puree
1 tablespoon sherry
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 pinch ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons chopped fresh tarragon

The animal rights folks just need to cool it. As I recall, blogging from earlier this year indicated that lobsters were smart enough to get out of the traps if they so desired. Maybe our seafood dinners are just committing suicide. Maybe animal rights folks should concentrate on finding some deep-sea psychologists. Hmm.

How do you work out the Prozac dose for a crustacean?

Police tracked the attackers by following a trail of drawn butter.

Members of the Lobster Liberation Front are just in it for the tail....

*lemon buttery snork* @ Bill

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