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March 17, 2006


Ridley and I spoke today to 200 children at a London theater. This sign was posted outside.



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It's a hazy day everywhere.

And, may I add, I'm first as hell. (With the mild swearing...)

Sounds like most of the meetings when I was in grade school. But ours were Plumbing issues.


Dave! You guys hazed and swore in front of impressionable young Brits? For shame!

Were they "Purple Haze" effects?

Geese, I think that you are the second person to post although, technically, you have the third and fourth posting. So that would make me the third person to post although technically this is 5th posting

"haze effects?"

Okay, I'll go to work now...

did the kids take notes?

Perhaps Dave opened with ISIANMTU, hence the warning?

Dang! Renee and Raamona jumped right in there before me........

Maybe this sign explains the previous post about aging Boomers preferring TV to sex.

The thing is it was "posted outside" of the green room, so Dave & Ridley knew what to expect from the audience.

It's good to be warned before walking into a room full of foul-mouthed kids.

and crossgirl and pirateboy...the day is not going well so far, guess I'll go to work....

Of course, for an American in Britain its really easy to swear without realizing it. My uncle got a huge kick out of hearing me call the hair on my forehead "bangs"(which means sex in England) and calling those weird belt bags a "fanny pack" ( which is equivalent to saying "pussy pouch").

So I clubbed him with a haggis. (which as everyone knows, is an animal with two legs shorter than the other two legs, because it runs round and round the mountain).

So how many of the 200 rushed for your fraternity? How much peanut butter was used in the hazing? I hope you limited the alcohol consumption requirement to only a liter (litre?) or two per person so no one died... And of course, we want lots of Crap Cam photos of the toga party!

There's gotta be a GNFARB in there somewhere, but I'm not finding it... "Swearing Haze"? Uh uh...

My day is going ok so far. I have been at work two hours and so far I havent snorked or spit tea all over my monitor or keyboard.
It will be better when that happens, That means upgrades.

of course this was before I read Artchick and Mad soapboxer.

Hello, Help desk.

SPJG, glad to help with your upgrades.

I know what you mean, Geese. It's Friday - but my mind is already on Saturday.

To Be truthful Mad SoapBoxer. Thank you for that link. I am going to actually order one of them. We have one cat and are looking in to adopting another. I hate cleaning the cat hair out of the keyboard. Our current pet likes to lay on the keyboard while we surf, that way we have to pay attention to her.

spjg, i have a cat that needs adopting. want me to shave him, then fax him over?

Cool link, Mad Soap. I smell a windfall for that company if they buy some advertising space on the blog. Also, *snork* at their descriptive term "snack proof."

*Eyes sleepy - glasses - hazy - no cafe noir as yet* Was there some mild "sweating" involved here? Wwhat is meant by "haze" across the pond? Here, the audience sez:

To persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks.

The strumpet tour has really targeted the right demographic over there . . . . .but will it sell books?

If you'd stop smoking that stuff, the haze would clear. But then again, you were in a room of 200 children so whatever chemicals you need to get through that are understandable.

This program contains haze effects and mild swearing."

I just figured it out. Dave and Ridley will be taking the stage amid billowing clouds of dry ice, but as the obfuscation clears the kids begin shouting, "What The F*** is this?! That wanker is not Harry Potter!!"

I think the mild swearing comes in when Dave bumps into Ridley because of the haze effects.

It sounds like a good show. Do you dress up like pirates?

Hey, Mad, I saw one of those folding keyboards one time. They don't last very long, like some men I've known.

(Did I really say that out loud?)

Palladium? Picadilly? Criterion? Hammersmith?

Just trying to think of which theatre would have that put up right now. You can take the gal from the ushering job, but you can't take the usher out of the gal.

I'm familiar with haze effects. But not when relating to a room full o'kids.
WTD is haze effects?

"can't take the usher out of the gal"

You wish! ;-)
(NTTIA(at all)WWT

you're on coast.(top, this time) i'll get the pot holders and suspension cuffs ready.

*snork* at daisymae*

I hear you, girlfriend. :)

Is it okay that I want to read Peter and the Starcatchers, even though I'm--ah--not 10?

Recently I read Big Trouble and there were actually moments when I FORGOT that I was reading Dave Barry.

coast, my last post was supposed to be on the previous thread. you got me all flustered. i just love a man who moves furniture!

Big Trouble was a great book. I would compare it to some early Hiaasen. (am I allowed to mention him?) I picked up the next book Tricky Business and loved it too. I hope they get sonnenfeld to adapt and film Tricky.

I'll take a crossgirl cross-thread proposition any day!!

Lisa, you HAVE to read Peter and the Starcatchers! (HTML illiterate, so just pretend like I italicized that.) I'm 43 and I loved it! Can't wait for the next one.

coast, before we start moving stuff. i gotta tell you, i have a dish. no rabbit ears. will you still, umm , help?

Some and Angel - I'm going through them all one-by-one!

Anyone know if Peter and the Star catchers is available in E book format?

crossgirl - I'm picking up a trailer today to haul furniture from St. Louis to Atlanta. Doesn't have to be back until Monday...

Thanks, EL. Sorry I missed the party last night...had to work late.

fivver, i'm only 8 hours from atlanta!

sure cross... just tell me where you - ummmm - want it.

I just reread Big Trouble because the FIRST time I read it I was in a bad mood.

This time it was LOL hilarious.

Know the feeling El. When I first read it I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Stopped noticing the jokes.

I guess Dave Barry said Poop and Booger a lot.

daisymae said "They don't last very long, like some men I've known."

Hey, it only takes 8 seconds to be a winner!

KDF said "...descriptive term "snack proof."

Yeah, it makes sense to me! It should be declared "The Official Keyboard of the DBB".

SPJG said "Our current pet likes to lay on the keyboard while we surf, that way we have to pay attention to her."

I know the feeling! I have more than one cat who will either stand in front of the monitor so I can't see, or lay there with paws dangling over the keyboard so I have to move them to get to certain letters while I'm typing. I also had one some months ago that PEED on the desk and keyboard during a particularly stressful period for the cats (a VERY long story). Had to scrap the keyboard, but I had a spare, so I didn't go looking to buy a waterproof one.

PS, yes, the cat is still alive, but he's on his 9th life.

I just finshed reading "Curious George Finds the Man In The Yellow Hat's Canister"...some swearing and hazing, but still Okay for kids, I thought.

*haze effects and mild swearing*

Sounds like my sex life.

Throw in a trapeze and we have the trifecta.

I don't want to look stupid (any more than my usual quota), but I don't know what "haze effects" are.:(

El-I think it's like when you buy one of those machines at Halloween to make fog (spooky) effects. I imagine the sign was posted because kids with asthma are not supposed to inhale it.

As far as the warning about mild swearing, that was probably just to get the kids interested. ;-)

Either that or the previous speakers. Tom Cruise(Insert who ever you feel like is in a haze, and swears a lot). Was very honest. Poor kids. Scarred for life.

Thanks LisaBFF, but it sounds like an odd thing to have for a talk given by 2 writer fellows, eh?

El-You're right. It is odd. I guess I just assumed that maybe they were doing more of a show than a "talk."

Anyway, we'll have to ask Dave to 'splain when he recovers from jetlag.

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