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March 15, 2006


Dustin the turkey isn't the only famous celebrity we have met in Ireland.



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sleeping? passed out? or was there a terrible brawl with no clear winner?

AAAWWWWWW! Isn't it nice to be loved? Pleasant dreams.

ummmm - it REALLY looks like The Big Purple Dinosaur (I dont know if copyright laws allow me to call him Barney) is staring at Daves crotch!

Third! I've never been this early to post on the blog!!!!!!!!

actually 4th...I can't count this early in the morning.....

Ridley doesn't look like himself in that shot. Is he OK?

Psst... Dave...

There is a giant purple dinosaur on your face.

grrr - damn robot thinks I am a "comment spammer"

I was gonna go with that angle Meanie, but thought the juvenile quasi-p0rn reference was better for a Wednesday Morning.

Dustin, Barney, Ridley.....it's like a peek into the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Is there a celebrity that Dave doesn't know?

"Put your big-silly-giant-purple-lookin'-head on my shouuuulllllderrrrr. Hold me in your arms, Barney."

"..in this corner, representing ..something..
and at a combined weight of... god only knows,
looks like Dave's view of the world and his waist--line are both expanding... is the dynamic duo
of Barney & Barry... currently undefeated...
scheduled for a bout later today with U.K's Dustin & Duncan
(Duncan Oakley is known for being very naughty and really quite rude, at least on stage; but this cheerfully childish behaviour beleies his credentials as a seasoned professional show off. Plus he's older than he looks: Duncan has been a musician, composer and performer for twenty years, the last five of which as a full time stand up...)

we're taking bets now

Dave...you really need to either stop drinking heavily...or pick better drinking partners...

Looks to grammaw marina like you need to come home, Dave Barry...

Hmmmmmm, my original post seems to have fallen into a black hole. I suspect everyone, especially that complete handbag from 24 Hopefully I won't simulpost with myself and cause a space time rift in the universe.

It used to be pink elephants -- just what the hell was Dave drinking???

dave-dreaming of what it would be like to be barney for a day,
barney dreaming of what it would be like to have a real job...

Exhibit 218 of why you should never bring someone home with you at last call. In the morning without the beer goggles they look like a dinosaur.

So I showed the picture to my 11-year old (who is home from school, sick) and she said, "You don't see a grownup sleeping with a stuffed animal everyday, do you? That's funny!"

For an 11-year old, she gets the humor concept really well.

Wait a minute -- Barney is STUFFED??

Hi Dave!-I think "stuffed" might be a euphemism for the after-happy-hour condition.

All together now: I love you, you love me...

Wait a minute - Dave is STUFFED??

Dave, if you want us to believe you're really sleeping, ya gotta let your mouth hang open a little.

...and, of course, drool

OK, I know about bringing home coyotes and wolverines from bars,


wolfie - isn't that the truth?!?!?!

AN - sounds like your daughter is well on her way to becoming a blogit - good parenting job. :)

yep, Barney is definitely 'dinosaur ugly'...




POOR EDGAR...er...I mean BARNEY!!!!!!!

My 8-yr old just brought home the street (aka playground) version of the Barney stay in your head forever song. It made for lovely dinner music.

I hate you, you hate me. Let's hang Barney from a tree.

I was gonna tell him to hush, but I didn't.

El - yeah, she's a chip off the ol' block (most of the time). I showed her that Dave responded to our post and she got so excited that she had to go sit back down.

Well Dave, you have probably improved your cool parental status in Sophie's eyes. Here you are hanging out with her hero. Unless her hero is Dora the Explorer.

AN --

Sounds as if you've got her well on the way to a mature and informed life ... she already has a strong grasp of the whole "humor" thing ...

(You may have noted, I did NOT say "Intelligent" ... that goes with the "humor" part ... merely sayin' ...)

Dave, that's just Blarney.

'Dinosaur Ugly' is when they eat YOUR arm off!

Is Barney still hot with the preschool set? I remember when Ninja Turtles came out. My kids were just old enough to not get swept up in the craze. I knew an era had passed. What a relief!

Of course the next era was the teenage years.

One of my friends used to sing the Barney theme as:

I love you, you love me. That's called bestiality....

ah, the ninja turtles - I really miss the ninja turtles

*Cuddles and smiles amorously at Dave's feigned narcoleptic affectation*

Barney thinks:

"Was it good for you too, Dave darling? Damn! You American men ALWAYS fall asleep after strumpeting!"

*can't decide if he should post a ref to Barney Underoos or TMNT Underoos... are there Dave Barry Underoos???*


Coast - ask Barney.


"iloveyou@nttawwt.com" - *SNORK!*

*snork* @ Tamara

With a 12-gauge shotgun,
Barney's on the floor,
No more purple dinosaur.

Thank you, Mr. C. I've wanted to do that many times!!

*tip of the ole' hat to Daisymae*

Dave, The BLARNEY STONE, not "the Barney, stoned".

Seeing as I finally have a break from College. I will be posting some very weird yet happy things.


So if the dinasaur is about 8 feet tall and Dave is 3 times the size of Barney. Wouldn't that make Dave some kind of radioactive monster? If so, why has he not attacked a local village. THe pub at least. And tried to tell people how to drive in Miami. Don't demonstrate, they might get angry.

Speaking of college, has anyone seen Bumble recently?

Bumble was seen on yesterday's Attention, Guys thread.

Brad - *o'snork!*

I love the
turtles. They were just the coolest!

TMNT were hot when I was babysitting kids some 20 years ago, and are back again (did they ever leave?) for my 8 year old son to be enthralled by.

El, I thought you meant these Turtles.

*Snork* @ southergirl

s'girl, I thought YOU were talking about
these Turtles which are also good.

BUT them too, s'girl (she said in her best grammar), they did sing a song about me, which was cool, but I couldn't get the video to load - hmmmph!

I can't believe none of you have noticed that Dave is not wearing his patented blue shirt! (TM thingy)

Nice sweater, Dave. :) Seriously.

El, this worked for me - want to try again?

Thanks s'girl, but it came up (so to speak) with your link the same way it did with mine - empty boxes with the dreaded little box with the "x" in the corner.:(

BTW, did you get my earlier e-mail? It's too late now, though *sigh*.

Ahhh! the Barneystone?

Thats ok. As it turned out the the original Blarney stone was difficult to get to. So they changed it to another easier to kiss one.

The Barney stone is fun dun diddly pun.

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