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March 14, 2006


Here we are strumpeting for our book on a popular Irish TV show hosted by a turkey named Dustin. That's Dustin on the left. No, wait, that's Ridley.



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*gasp* FITDY?

I see you've elevated the level of sophistication of interviews while across the pond Dave.

Wait a minute, who's the little girl? Did Sophie's class take a cross-pond field trip?

the little girl isn't really there - she's just a ghost that showed up when the picture was downloaded.

and a *wink* for KDF - we seem to be makin a habit of this.

"A popular Irish TV show hosted by a turkey named Dustin..."

So, exactly what's it take to get a pilot rejected in Ireland?

I don't understand the format of this show... after the interview do they go into the recipe and cooking portion of the program(me)? At the end of the show do the interviewees get to chow down on roast interviewer? Is stuffing provided? What about side dishes? Dessert? What kind of wine is best served with TV hosts? Inquiring (but not very smart) minds want to know!


But I surrender the official "FITDY" since you actually had something funny to say.

*curtsies and passes FITDY to Coast*

aww KDF - there's nuthin I wouldnt share with you! (Just don't tell my Funny Little Honey)

Basically, the show consists of Dustin the turkey farting, burping and insulting the guests. That's pretty much the format. Dustin is very good at all three things.

So, what you're saying is that Dustin is Ireland's equivalent of Howard Stern? Amazing!

I'm pretty sure that little girl isn't little...just bent over.

*rolls eyes* They rejected a Hungarian show that had singing holographic opera women and a talking loaf of bread, Christobol. So there.

Steve, I was thinking more along the lines of The O'Reilly Factor.


They tried the format of Dustin burping and farting and praising the guests, but it lost its edge, and kids starting going outside instead of watching the tv. It was a national crisis.

They rejected that show, Wisconsin?

It got picked up by UPN though, right?

That wee bit of irish crumpet
for questions found herself stump-ed
For without a word
Dave stroked the bird
and Ridley said "Arr, Dave, let's strumpet!"

Dave - Basically, the show consists of Dustin the turkey farting, burping and insulting the guests. That's pretty much the format - so needless to say, you and Ridley had a GREAT time being interviewed by a peer?

Dave sed "...farting, burping and insulting the guests." ... "Dustin is very good at all three things."

Hey, so am *I*!! I could be a TV host and be a thousandaire in no time!! (I try not to set my sights TOO high).

The girl is obviously the turkey's agent!

Dustin ran for President a number of years ago and actually beat one of the main candidates in a number of constituencies.

First Dave Blog Comment!

*waves and rolls out the welcome mat for Ronan*

So..a couple of true Irish turkeys.
Love the flag guys.

It's every guy's fantasy to be a pirate,

you know, rape, pillage, drink rum...ho,ho,ho.
The closest most of them get is the ride in the Majic Kingdom. So glad to see a few good men are going for the dream.

Welcome Ronan! Some people say a turkey ran for President over here to--AND WON!

To Ronan:

Tell us more, tell us more, do you drive a fast car..

Grease reference, if you're in Ireland and they don't love John Travolta there. :)

Lisa - good one! There's no beating around the Bush with you.

Don't you just love Ronan's accent?

I think I do, Annie, but I'm wating for a response to my question so I can hear it again - just to be sure. :)

Annie-That Irish brogue. Colin Farell. Bono. *sigh*

El - ask him if he likes road rallies. I'd ask him myself, but I don't speak Gaelic.

Will he understand me Annie, if I ask in Yiddish??

BTW Annie-Please help me out and throw another "o" up there. I think you're a little closer. Thanks.

Ooooh, yeah. *she said to no one in particular*

...and here's an 'i' for an El.

Annie -
For the second time today,


"I think I do, Annie, but I'm wating for a response to my question so I can hear it again - just to be sure. :)

Posted by: Eleanor | 03:37 PM on March 14, 2006"

the 'i' was to put in 'wating' to make 'waiting.' I just liked the 'i' for an 'El' part.

Ah! The sophisticated humor (I mean humour) of the British Isles!

"'e's and Irish Interviewer! BEAUTIFUL PLUMAGE!"

(I don't know if that's actually funny. But it seemed like it was about time for a Python reference.)

I would like to ask you about the character of Peter in "Peter and the Starcatchers". What is your opinion about the heroism values of him? Why are you interested to write this kind of book?

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