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March 17, 2006


(Thanks to Mr. Completely)


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Thats why God gave us two minute commercial breaks!

Semantics. Prefer, or capable of...?

I think if people could go 5 hours at sex the ratio might trend closer. Unless American Idle was on.

I mean, who could have sex with Simon on the television.

I like prunes.

I don't know. I spent 2 hours last night watching American Inventor, and I felt fairly screwed.

Because I am a lady, I'm not touching this with a 10-foot oosik, but please note the New York Times "If you love eating out" ad near the top of the article and make up your own jokes. Thank you.

How about sex on the TV?!

P.S.: I like watching mini-blinds...

Why was I just asked to "verify my comment"?

I had sex on the TV once - got an antenna up my butt.

coast, was it good for you?

Coast, were they rabbit ears?

Two minute commercial break? Who's got that kind of stamina?

I prefer the 10 second "station ID".

cstrvn: That's why I got cable.

What about Tivo?

Two minutes allows for time to get dressed again so David Letterman doesnt see you nekkid.

And YES it was the best I ever had.

If you have sex on the TV and you have TiVo, can you rewind and replay your favorite moments over and over?

Ramona- I object to all this sex on the television. I mean, I keep falling off!

Or pause indefinitely at any point?

*tries to appear casual and unruffled*

Get a Larger Screen. didn't Dave or Judi show us a 100 inch plasma screen a week ago. It would be hard to fall off of that one.

SPJG - I thought size doesn't matter.

starts making plans to pull tv out of entertainment system so she can get more enjoyment out of it....

Seriously, people. This is not a question with right or wrong answer. It's really a question of quality and casting.

i'm guessin' *this* guy will *not* be movin' to canada anytime soon....


aieeee! and... ouch.

My apologies for the second sentence in my last post, which was translated from Japanese.

crossgirl - I'll volunteer to help as long as I get to enjoy it too!

If you have sex instead of watching television you will miss the Viagra commercials.

If your favorite program lasts longer than 4 hours, contact your cable company.

Canadians lie alot. I wouldn't really trust any survey they fill out. I intentionally make up answers just to throw off the bell curve.

Besides, if I feel like s*x good. If I feel like sleeping good! Either way, I'm happy.

regarding the tv- it's not the size that matters, it's how you oosik.

I had sex on the TV once - got an antenna up my butt.

Posted by: CoastRaven | 08:58 AM on March 17, 2006

Coast -- that could only happen if you were on the bottom and not too careful about where you 'put' your butt.

If your favorite program lasts longer than 4 hours, contact your cable company.

*Snork* @ KDF

Good morning, Annie! Please see Mad Soap's link on the Book-Strumpeting Update thread for more information about coffee-proofing your keyboard.

daisy - I never said "I ACCIDENTLY got an antenna up my butt"

Hello, Help desk.

(trying to imagine sex on a 100 inch plasma screen)

He says, "I'll put my hand...here. You place your hand...there."


(fade to snow)


Couple, startled, looks up. "Who are you?"

Woman at desk, "The Help Desk. You're (not your) in the wrong position."

Couple look at each other, then look at the woman, "How did you know?"

Woman, "The TV told us."

Couple, disbelieving, "The TV TOLD YOU!" Look at each other, "Maybe we should have a threesome with the TV."

QMB (computer company made up name)- Solutions for Any Life Situation

"When it comes to sex and romance, aging Canadian baby boomers spend a lot more time watching television or surfing the net." Nice to see that Kanuk boomers are finally catching-up with US boomers. But no mention of how much time they actually spend BLOGGING!

Best 20 seconds of my life, baby.

Congratulations Mr. C for the posting.

And *snork* at everyone, especially KDF.

See, the thing is, if I fall asleep during a five-hour TV show, nobody's feelings get hurt. Whereas...

"They're buying the products to maybe help them engage in a more intimate or longer sex act because of something they've seen on TV."

What are they watching? And why can't I get it on my TV?

(sound of my imagination blowing out)

What kind of stupid question is that??? Ohhh... it's from Canada. Ok then.

Yay artchick - and get out of my head.

Canadians! Why does it have to be Canadians?????

Speaking of Canadaians (and I was) are any Canadains here in Toronto?

"Wright said another yet-to-be released study found that 37 percent of Canadians over 55 prefer a good night of sex to a good night of sleep, indicating that sex is still important to that age group.

When all computer-savvy 55 year olds have turned to internet surfing (*cough*porn*cough*), then I imagine they ARE looking for that one good night a quarter, when all of their fantasies are dash...er, fulfilled.

snork also at KDF, and frankly this is not a question that would concern women - for the males of the species, this is a conundrum. i cant help ya. now give me that remote.

You know its a slow news day in Toronto when.... And Eleanor, although I am originally a Blue Noser, I reside now in TO but to date, I've only encountered Canadians not Canadains - are they another Aboriginal group that just discovered its distinct (and therefore tax exempt) status?

Isn't s*x on the TV how we ended up with the Family Channel?

I had always heard that Canadians had perfected a position that rhymes with stoggie-dyle so that both partners could watch Hockey Night In Canada. Somewhere North, do I have bad intel on this?

the real riddle is posed by the 55-year-olds who can't decide if they want to do the horizontal bop, or watch Canadian hero Alex Trebeck on the evening edition of Jeopardy? where does maple syrup factor into all of this?

Meanie the green- no it is how you end up with "A baby story" on TLC

*offers an "I had to read it twice before I got it, but then it made me laugh out loud" **SNORK** (also known as a *"thinker" SNORK*) to the festively Green Meanie*

Crabby, I do believe you are the victim of a Canadian lie. Either that or my husband's wishful thinking.

And the maple syrup just makes things interesting...

Maple syrup's fine and all, but I prefer Wesson oil and rubber sheets. Crisco can be substituted in case of emergency.

SN - In my second post re you-know-where (afraid to spell it again!) I was using an arcane British spelling circa 1597, OK????? :-)

KDF - Where's Meanie festively Green?

Aw... does that mean I can't claim aboriginal ancestery?

MC - Maple syrup tastes much better than Wessen's oil although it is quite a bit stickier. You also run the risk of having random Canadians and/or moose join the festivities mistaking it for a pancake breakfast. Makes for weird relations with your neighbors.

S'North - My point exactly.

Daisymae, I'm afraid our friend formerly known as: "Blue Meanie, The Blue Meanie, Meanie, the Blue (with comma), and Meanie the Blue" (without comma) continues to suffer from his terrible, sad identity crisis, and has remonikered himself for today as "Meanie the Green."

However, I interpreted this as a special, one-day only, holiday-themed change, and therefore, referred to him as "festive." So, to answer your question, I guess he's green everywhere. ♣ ;)

KDF, I join in your concern about Meanie, the who(m)ever. It's becoming noticeable that he may be sssshh, beoming unhinged.

Perhaps if we invited him to the Tuesday night POSSE SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT night, he could get straight, so to speak?
What think you?

Oooo, excellent idea, El. Count my vote as a "yes." ;)

Although, I'm kinda likin' him "unhinged"!


TV or sex? Why do we have to choose?

Is it too late to take up that offer?

*Sends out full-strength "No!!!! vibes*

No. ;)

It's Tuesday night now somewhere, isn't it?

See, it's urgent!

Selling something, are ye, John Baur? We have our own supplies, tyvm.

Memo to Meanie, the Identity Challenged:

It doesn't look good to appear too eager. :)
just sayin'

OK, El. But I'm not responsible for what happens next.....

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