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March 29, 2006


"Look, kids! We got you some stuffed animals! HEY! YOU KIDS COME BACK!"

(Thanks to Karl Weckstrom)


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The unicorn is the best.

It doesn't seem any worse than "Ring around the rosies" or "Rock-a-bye baby."

And to think when I was stabbing real bunnies as a child I could have gotten these and saved my mother so much trouble doing my laundry.

Wait, did I say that out loud? Oops.

Where's Chuckie when you need him?

"Now, NEXT time I tell you to pick up your room, you'll LISTEN, won't you."

that is one effin sickie. not funny sick, but morbid sick. feh!

"...and they all died horribly ever after."

I like 'the carrot of Damocles' though...

I have a promotional item I received a few years back from a haunted house that sits on my desk at work. It is a dismembered hand - complete with bones and tendons sticking out of the wrist. I have it placed just under my monitor so it is sticking out (the hand is holding a picture oif the most beautiful lady on the planet). When new salespeople come by for something it is great to see the look on their face when they first notice it. Some have just walked away, and others have actually screamed!

What on EARTH is with the S&M set?

I want one.

when voodoo picks up knitting needles, ain't nuthin' good gonna come of dat.

ok - legit *snork* at Insom.

I would try to explain the pink alternative lifestyle set but I cannot do it justice here at work. The firewall would block it and I would need to take another sensitivity class.

Plush toys for your conjoined twins.

Reminds of the time Andrew Dice Clay decided to do Nursery Rhymes..........

If it were in English...haha...French...hmmm....but German...oh crap

So where's the college student who was taking German? Bumble? Translations?

Looks like Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" took up stuffed-animal designing.

My first two thoughts:

1. Based on these oeuvres (not ovaries), I am almost certain that my cousin-the-art-professor will know who this woman is if I ask him.

2. I need new relatives.

Or Jason from "Foxtrot".

Yikes, she does this on purpose, and is well known for her art. hmmmm.... I would like the Accident:Cat to send to my dear dtr, as in hint hint, take back your cat (who looks a lot like old Avon-hater Lewis)

oh sure... *these* you love. but "astronaut jesus" isn't blog worthy? i want my money back.

Hmmm...nothing like a collection of stuffed toys to provide good, wholesome fun for the kiddies...

And the Space Couple, being more or less anatomically correct (at least in the extra-terrestrial sense) provides additional educational opportunities for the littlest tots...


O. the U.: OFFW???

What does the Ontario Family Fishing Weekend have to do with the stuffed toys?

O(h) F(or) F(ucking) W(eird) ... sorry about that ...

Kathy and anybody else who's wondering:

The German is fairly innocuous. It describes what materials each "work of art" is made of:

Wolle = wool
Fullwatte = cotton-wool stuffing
Kunststoff = plastic
Draht = wire
Hakelarbeit = crochet-work

...and the dimensions:

Lange = length
Hohe = height

Sorry, but I don't know how to use umlauts (the double dots over certain vowels) on a blog.

And here's another good word: widerwartig (repulsive).

I'm so glad my liberal-arts education wasn't for naught.

You can always spot a Lib-Arts grad up here; they can usually be found wearing a tee-shirt that says:

I have a Liberal Arts degree
Do you want fries with that?

*ducks for cover*

Go here. If you're going to go Soft Horror, get the beast -- er, BEST!

Here, that is:


That was just sick.


How do you pronounce Kunststoff?


With difficulty.

CR - how'd you get my photo? Have you been in Butchers Hill again?

I just love the unicorn stabbing the bear. I want one. And what's wrong with the moneky paddling the banana?

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