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March 21, 2006


Click here and turn the sound on to hear about an exciting new product.

ADVISORY: This is probably not the best thing to listen to in your office.


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Bonus! If you listen to it over dialup, it's a bit choppy, and the first words come out:

Attention Fu$%ers!

Can you imagine a $1000 fine just for throwing your urine filled bottle on the highway? What has this country come to?

When urine-filled bottles are outlawed, only Truckers will have.... no, that's not right.

What's with the unis*x-urine stories today?

Of course, since I have to purchase this from a website it means I need to make a pit stop to place an order. So much for convenience!

Then again, if bus drivers can play with a Playstation on the job I guess I can use my mouse on the dashboard....

$59.95!!! (Plus tax, S&H and label of "SUCKER" tattooed on forehead)

I don't think so, Tim ...

(Confidentially, I prefer the orange juice bottle ... it's a little easier to manage than a milk jug, and the ... um ... "orifice" is larger ... which, for SOME PEOPLE, is of critical importantce ... merely sayin' ...)

Oooohhh. You can hang it right next to your bunk in the sleeper cab. So if you like sleeping with your face in a urinal you're all set. Of course that makes it kind of hard to use while driving...

My wife's cousin, when she travels (she goes to Rennaissance Fairs, etc. to sell her wares - leather floggers, if you must know), buys the large tubs of kitty litter and uses them as her toilets. This way, she says, she doesn't have to leave her booth.


p.s. Leather floggers available in three sizes and seven colors; drop me an email. You know who you are.

I prefer Naugahyde(tm) floggers, actually ...


I mean I know people who prefer ...

O.U - Yeah, but naugas are getting kinda rare.

Nah, we got plenty of 'em in Nodak ... of course it's a "residents only" license type of season ...

I can't believe no one has said this yet:


That is all.

I would want mine shipped by air....what happens when the truck driver decides to test it for me?

When did they outlaw peeing in a bottle and tossing it out the window? Sheesh!

Other than that, all I have to say is: "Dubba-ya, Dubba-ya, Dubba-ya!"

Has anyone ever driven the PA Turnpike? You see hundreds and hundreds of these "Trucker Bombs". Mike Rowe ("Dirty Jobs") needs to do a show on the poor souls who have to clean them up (especially in the summertime-- talk about a smell. Not to mention the containers don't degreade for 10,000 years or so).

Relax, Nauga fans! When I retire I'm startin' a Nauga ranch. That's why I been trainin' this here Border collie. There will be a plentiful supply of virgin Nauga Hide for years to come.

Mr C - Naugas arent any more rare than they ever have been. They are just getting better at concealing themselves. I mean really - have you ever SEEN a Nauga hide??

Any chance that these could be the "cannisters" about which CTI is concerned?

Emmmm...CTU, not CTI

Hmmmm...not till they pry the urine-filled tank from my cold dead hands....or something like that...

Duude! This is what I need on my next road trip.

"Mom, could you pass the Male and Female Friendly Receptacle? I gotta go!"

"Just a second, honey. The Transfer Hose is draining, then I'll check the Level Indicator!"

These truckers should revise that old ditty from Jr. High --


No matter how you shake and dance
The last two drops go in your pants

Now, it's:

Aim and splash and splash some more
Most of it goes on the floor.

"Odor resistant lid"

Fun driving game: guess when the lid will stop resisting the odor!

I really don't like this design. I think the self-sealing is good, but the quick disconnect makes me nervous.

So, if I understand this, it mounts on a wall.
And then what? You need a ladder to climb up and then figure out how to hover???
And who has walls in their vehicles anyway?

But the guy had the perfect voice for this!!


I can't see myself...ever...using something like this.

(daisy who's idea of camping is staying at a Holiday Inn)

Woo! El is back! Jugs of urine all around!


Um, President Manilow is on American Idol tonight. Inside joke for 24 bloggers.

I know what Polly's getting for her Birthday this year . . . no more ice cream buckets for her.

"Male and Female Friendly Receptacle!"

::jeopardy voice::
"What is the new slogan for the bi community?"

Now I finally know what that PSP thing was that bus driver Steve Allcock was using: "Pit Stop Pro".

I just hope the truckers pull off the road to use these.

♬ If I could save pee in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to save what I may
In this wonderful way
Until they invent one for poo . . . ♪

*sound of gong*

Multiple *snorks* for Herb!!!

*snork* @ herb

P.S. Novs: yes, and I watched every blessed minute of it, and would like to know only this: Whose idea was it to combine metallic blond Astrohair with all those neck wrinkles?

(Oh...and apparently it's true that the nose is the only part of the face that keeps growing as long as you live.)

snorks ♪ @ herb







Something tells me Sondra is a bot.

Something tells me to walk across the street for a shot of cuervo.

Something tells me I am gonna give in to that urge.


What's a bot?

I'm providing entertainment options.


OK - something tells me sondra gets $$ return for visits to the websites she is promoting... still think my shot was more entertaining

Aw shucks, you guys . . . thhhhhanx!
SNORKS & hugs back @ ya!

*smiles, leans head on shoulder, blushes, abashedly grinds right toe into carpet* .

Nope. I own a restaurant in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Sondra - You're a thread-hog. Stop it. If you have something to contribute, send it to Dave or Judi to post. It's THEIR blog.

Ok we got off the subject, people. Just to refresh, the subject is ........EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....
I used to look forward to receiving packages in the mail, now I'm going to be suspicious of anything that looks like a wet spot.(HeHE, she said wet spot)

oh yeah, I'm with Adonis (in my dreams) it has quick disconnect?? WHFBBQ? I do NOT want to know why this is a major selling feature. And who drives the truck if this is a device that eliminates unplanned stops?And why would you want a liquid collection device right next to your bed? I can picture men sort of rolling over and...well, you get the picture....but how do women utilize this thing while blasting down the highway? I need a new subject here folks, I'm stuck on PP and getting a migraine.

Gratuitous trucker peeing information:

The "time lost" issue has to do with pulling off the interstate into local traffic and into some place with a parking lot big enough to park the beast, climbing out, going in, doing business, climbing back in, back into local traffic and re-entering the interstate. Minimum time to execute is probably 20 minutes and more like 30.

Alternative is to pull to the shoulder, do it, get rolling again. Maybe 5 minutes.

It's a matter of dollars earned per mile driven and getting off the road for the day and home sooner.

Does this thing come with directions (not that I ever read them). I'm just wondering...what it would say?

daisymae - No instructions; however, it does have a cautionary sticker that reads:

"We won't swim in your Pit Stop® if you don't pee in our pool."

P.S. Has anyone ruled out the distinct possibility that the voice in the subject ad belongs to none other than Don Imus?

So, I can't use my cell phone while driving but I (theoretically) I could use this device while zooming along at 65MPH and still be considered a safe driver?!?

...I apologize... I haven't been myself lately...

Sometimes I'm a d!ck, and sometimes I just act like one.

Mrs. Blog should have brought this to Torino!

Seriously, I don't see how this is much of an improvement over any other container (for a guy anyway--I can see where the "female friendly" interface might be people of the lady persuasion).

They make a big deal about fines for emptying out urine containers by the roadside--wouldn't they fine you just the same for emptying this thing out there too? Can't you just as easily carry any other container into the truck stop bathroom for proper disposal? Nothing about this product, that I can see, makes you more likely to not dump it out on the side of the road. And, if you had some other container in, say, a non-descript paper bag, wouldn't that be more discreet to carry into the truck stop than a huge container that says "PIT STOP" on the side?
In other words, I see some flaws in the marketing strategy here.

Sorry. Once I saw this was a male-friendly recepticle, I stopped reading.

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