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March 13, 2006


If you have time amidst your strumpeting, there is something you might want to see. If you can.

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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Science Fair on steroids...

sorry, it's been awhile, and I got excited.

(congrats, S'man!)

I always wondered about that.

80% Chuffed WBAGNFAB

What happned to the syrup after the event. Did anyone ask how long someone could swim through french toast and butter?

"The Effect of Country Music on Suicide"

There's a redundant study for ya.

I saw one show where a guy walked ON CUSTARD! Needless to say, it was awesome.

I actually SAW these guys at a presentation they gave at the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) conference in St. Louis last month. I went to a lot of talks that week-end, but that was the only one that was standing-room only. A few past winners were there and talked about their research. Some just sent samples, like the inventor of "Neuticles," prosthetic testicles for dogs. The speaker tried to pass them around the room, but no one would take them. I am not making this up. Really, it was a great time -- scientists trying to keep a straight face while talking about thier 'research' and people in the crowd shouting back one-liners at the stage. Also there was a portable mini-bar for some reason. This was not present at the global-warming talk, which I feel explains the difference in attendance. Go Dave! It is your destiny!

"There were some wry smiles in the pub"

Those Brits are out of control.

LOL, Punkin!

An Analysis of the Forces Required to Drag Sheep Over Various Surfaces?

Cheryl -- The sheep thing was from New Zealand scientists. In New Zealand sheep outnumber humans by about 20 to 1, so most research is sheep related. The goal of that study was to find the surfaces that it is easiest to drag sheep over so that shepherds could save time and effort. Me, I'd make the fuzzy little b@$%@&ds walk. For an even better IG-Nobel New Zealand-based paper, check out, "The Significance of Mr. Richard Buckley’s Exploding Trousers," at this link: http://caliber.ucpress.net/doi/abs/10.1525/ah.2004.78.3.346.

As a random afterthough: here is the website for 'Neuticles," http://www.neuticles.com/. I'm not sure if the Blog has viewed this before, but it is certainly worth a second look.
Significant Quotes:

"Neuticles allowing your pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids in the trauma associated with neutering."

"Neuticles are going to make a difference to some clients. Give your clients the choice and let them decide."

I liked this note from the bottom of the second link:

SPECIAL NOTE for members of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS): You are invited to attend any of these shows as an on-stage object of admiration, and take a public bow. If possible, inform us before that you are coming, but in any event (1) please do come — and (2) please print a copy of your LFHCfS web page entry, and bring it with you — it will serve as your admission credential as a participant in the show.

And, not only do I (casually) know the guy who did the Country Music / Suicide research, the Neuticles inventor lives near KC.

The SIK stands to attention?

*wathes to Asthk*

All right!

*grabs a hammock and a Moatarita and waits for the party to start*

I know you can tie the cherry stem with your tongue - but how do you remove a tongue-ring that way?

Want me to tell you, or show you?

hmmm...looks like it's just you and me so far, ASK. Wanna sing me a song? ;)

*and the perviness begins...*


So what are we gonna call this thread?

Um, the Syrupy Kilt?

I had found an easily named one about Justin Timberlake's penis, but Sarah was first.

I was thinkin' the tongue thread...

Justin Timberlake's Syrupy Penis Tongue Ring Thread?

Nope that doesn't sound right.

*snork* @ KDF!

Maybe the Great-Grand-SOK?

I have to sign off for a while, SIKkoes, but hope to see you all later!

Bye, KDF!


*zips in*


BWAAAHAHA - lets combine the best of what we have already called this and call it Son of Snakes In Kilts, then we could be SO SIK!

just a thought.

D@mn, she...

oh, I mean, ummm...we've been very productive lately, El.

Coast. Is. An evil genius.

I vote for SO SIK!

And in a simulpost! But now I'm really leaving. :(

*has a premonition that in some incarnation soon we will be calling this OOSIK*

Whoohooo! schools out!

Time to head home.


Luv it, Coast!

Bye ASK!

Try "Nearly unique in its perfection" ... merely suggestin' ...

(CoastR' ... check your email ... HAHAHAHAHA!!! ... merely kiddin' ...)

BTW ... 8,084 (combined)

Geez peoples. I get dragged back to work and yall upn move on me.
*flops into a hammock exhausted*

Another one goes, another one co...arrives. SOSIK. That makes us SOSIKoes, I guess.

Not unreasonable. Thank you KDF for a decision and good directions. You know I would not have asked along the way.

*Goes to grab stuff from the ixnayed thread*

*Unloads fridge, stereos, grill, lounge chairs, blender, icemaker, hammocks, library, MOATarita makin's, bugzapper, green M&Ms, trampoline, bicycles, ATM, jacuzzi,......*

Headin' home guys...I'll check in with y'all later.

*grabs a Moatarita for the road*

*....karaoke player (wait, do I own one-a those?), anagram generator, sunscreen supply, backup AC power supply, DVD player, Looney Tunes collection, giant screen TV, drinking glasses, catapult (for Adonis), laptops (multiple), gro-lights, cookware, jello fixins, pudding fixins, sheep (for Adonis),....*

Testing, testing....

Well, look at that....

Well, now that we're up and running, I've gotta go.


Down the hall, first on the left, Sly.

Seems to be working again.

Hey, you guys moved while I was out! Thanks for the directions, though, KDF.

*nictitates at ASK* I told you before...smooth talker. Must be the tongue ring.

Coast definitely gets the evil genius vote (or is that Syooper Gyeeenious?). I love the new name!

Its GOOD to be back!

All right!!

Pass the Moataritas and party on!!

Ain't that the truth, Sharon. I know everyone's been denied for a few hours tonight, luckily for me I was out anyway. The other night, though, when I was home and my internet access was giving me fits, I was Syooper Cranky. This whole deal is most addictive, and the withdrawal is real.

Hey Tharon, tongue ring'th mine now. I thtole it while he wath thleeping.


*thtickth out newly adorned tongue*

It's the blog-world equivalent of the Y2K thing that never happened.

"Lights are out! Help! What's going on? Where do we go? What do we do? I'm so scared!"

*blog addiction snork*

You guys are so right...no Dave, no Kilt...oh, the humanity!!!

*waves to O.the U, just in case he's here*

*hugs, smooches, and gropes to everyone else*

*Flickth tongue ring away from KDF as she thtickth it out*

*Realitheth tongue ring ith leatht of the matter*

Blue--No offense, but I think the tongue ring looked better on KDF...

But that's a heck of a sexy lithp you have there.

*smooches and gropes to all*

First, I leave and yall move. Then I leave again and you apparently crash the blog. I still can't even get into all the threads. *sighs* Apparently I won't be allowed to ever ever leave again. So much for sleep.

Lets see if I can post.


I'm leaving as a protest for the aggravation factor.

That's addressed to TypePad/Key/Whatever, not to any of the sweet people here. :)


Are we all still here? Is everyone alright? Why did the blog go down? Were the ThunderTechs™ having a party? Why am I speaking only in questions? Will I ever stop? Why have I kept the same name as last night? Do I have some type of rotting-disease that no one else knows about? All these questions answered/ignored tonight on:

♪As the Blog Turns♫


Whoa, it got through. Is anyone else worried that we might have been the ones to break the blog? Or should I not have said that out loud? Why have I fallen back into the question format? Can anyone help please?

Dude. Sweet. Peace. 'Night.

Isn't monosylabalics cool?

Night all who stumble on the blog back up again.

cake for Adonis, because chocolate fixes everything, even when nothing needs fixing

What, me worry?

Almost time for bed, but may I be the first to say...
You guys are SO SIK!!

Nighty night!

hmmmm - I hadn't posted from home this evening?

Looks like we've all been feeling a little teste tonight.

Oh, wait, that's not right.

Then again, maybe it is.

*peeks in*

Just checking in one last time, in case anyone is still hanging about.

*tucks SOSIKS into respective beds*

Nighty-night, all.


SSA - What, nobody was here?

Hey ASK!!!

I'm heeere!!!

talk to me baby...

Hi sg! Missed the excitement, I guess.

...and I really need my tongue ring back...

Oh, Blue had it?


Well, its not like we haven't shared a few other things around here.

is there an emoticon denoting one arched eyebrow?

there was excitement?? and I missed it??

*snork* @ sly!


No, looks like you were here. As much as anyone was, anyway.

I keep trying to post, and it keeps taking forever, then not showing up.

Ah...signs of life. You weren't here before when I refreshed, so I thought I was alone here.

I'm not sure you'll want that tongue ring back from Blue. Last I saw him he was...er...experimenting with more...um...exotic locales for it, IYCMD.

g'nite Sharon - RL interferes, and it ain't pretty...see y'all tomorrow.

I hope.

Thunder Thunder Thunder Techs

By the power of Grey Skull
I make a new Rock Band Name.....!

I rarely worry.

You worry us, though - ever so slightly- Alfred. (But that puts you in good company)

*Takes a hit from SSA* Ah, good to feel the heady intoxicant that is the blog coursing through my veins again. *Takes another from Sly* Good stuff. Just knowing it's back up is a soothing relief. *Passes proferred hit from ASK over to Alfred, since he's not exhaled the previous one yet* Calm, finally calm again. *Accepts next round from Adonis* Don't care anymore what went wrong, only that it's back. *One more, from S-Girl* Nice to be with friends. Yeah, Coast, I'll take that. Thanks. Pass the juice, please, Sarah.

What's this post-it with a drawing of an arched eyebrow doing on my left nut?

... um ... I hadda take a nap not long after my last post ... and ... I musta been perty tired out ... 'cuz ... I slept for most of 10-12 hours ... and ... the blog goes on the fritz ... for much of that same stretch of time ... and ...


I surely hope so ... (I know, don't call you Shirley ...)

If, however, there would prove to be some oddly strange and "nearly unique" correlation ... um ... then ... y'all better be nice to me ... merely dreamin' of total blog power ... BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Merely kiddin' ... I couldn't shoulder all that responsibility ... it's the blog and y'all that keep me goin' ... can't be t'other way around ...

What's this post-it with a drawing of an arched eyebrow doing on my left nut?

So that's where it went.

So that's where it came from! I can return it (the post-it), in fairly good condition, if you like.

But I won't tell you where I'd put it.

(The post-it).

WOW. So much for subtlety.

Was I being too indirect?

No, I think all indicators were pointing quite directly to your left... um... somethin'.

Well, I see my posts eventually made it - the blog disappeared in the storm here, and I never could get it to come back.

We had a power outage here, so maybe the whole thing was my fault.

Isn't everything?

Oh - wait, that was me.

Just thought I'd step up and own it. ;)

Why do I have a Billy Joel song on my personal soundtrack this morning?

It's KDF's fault.

The power outage or the Billy Joel song?

Everything. Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

What exactly is a bandwagon, anyway?

I give and I give and I give to you people...

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