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March 24, 2006


Relax. Have a beer, for heaven's sake.

(Thanks first to Kendall Avery)


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I think they should arrest them before they even go IN to the bar . . .

Isn't that like saying "You don't go to theaters to see movies, you go to have fun"?
(and I don't even drink)

"There are a lot of dangerous and stupid things people do when they're intoxicated, other than get behind the wheel of a car," Beck said. "People walk out into traffic and get run over, people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss."

This from the state who's motto is "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!!"

I personally am fully capable of doing stupid things while fully sober.

Wait, when have I been fully sober?

Ah yes - Ron White sed it best (I NEVER thought I would put THAT phrase together) when he sed -
"I wasn't drunk innnpub-LICK - I was drunk in a BAR ... THEY threw me innnpub-LCIK!"
Tatar Salad Rides Again!!

And Tater is from Texas.
Now I think I will go home and watch his dvd or maybe Blue Collar Comedy tour. He is relatively clean in that one.

ah yea, from the land o' texas, police who raid bars looking for drunks. yep, makes them look good. or dumb. i'm just thinking on what else this country has gotten from texas.

a friend in Oklahoma, where they have little else to do but worry about what might spread from Texas, says the buzz there is that the Texas cops have gone so far as to go to hotel bars and bust the patrons. People who had rooms in the hotel where the bars were located.

now that is wrong on so many levels.

Thirty people in 36 bars?? I want to know what kind of bars Texas cops frequent where six of them had no drunk people in them.

*shuffles around th "C" & the "I" up there ^ so they are in the right order*

Give those folks from Texas the credit they deserve though. They wanted drunks, so they went to a bar & got themselves some drunks (not sayin I agree with the plan mind you) - and THEN told people their plan. Others from Texas would announce they wanted drunks multiple times, tell the drunks when & where they were going to arrive, and then be SHOCKED when they got there and there were no drunks! But they would SWEAR that they had the right plan to go looking for drunks - even if they were never there in the first place.

HEY! Texas law-enforcement pig-dogs! And you bloglits!

Don't mess with Texas.

But if you're not allowed to get drunk, how are you supposed to get up the nerve to get on the mechanical bull?

Got that right T! My momma was from Texas. Unfortunately, a month ago, we kids took her home for the last time.

**messes with Texas just a little bit just to make Tamara mad***

I lived in Texas for many years, and this "sting" operation reminds me of the time when the cops went under cover and found out that - prepare to be shocked - the "Bikini Maid" service was really a front for prostitution!

I was completely stunned, to be sure...

*snork* @ MKJ

{{Fivver}} - I'm sorry for your loss.

Next: Cops stakeout bathrooms, arrest people for exposing themselves.

Sarcasticynic - the ones that were closed...I know...oxymoron.

It is so un-Texas to strike at the very heart of country music.

If you will recall the heart of country songs is Trains, Trucks, Mama, and Getting Drunk.

Lyrics from the perfect Country Western Song:

Well, I was drunk the day my Mom got out of prison,
And I went to pick her up in the rain,
But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck,
She got runned over by a damned old train.
- bt Steve Goodman, as performed by David Allen Coe

by Steve Goodman

and I left out prison...

"There are a lot of dangerous and stupid things people do when they're intoxicated, other than get behind the wheel of a car," Beck said. "People walk out into traffic and get run over, people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss."

Hello I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

*Snork* at KOW - my thinkin' too, but you got there first:)

and {Fivver} I'm so sorry.

Sarcastic & Annie-Or The kind that paid off the cops.

*snork* @ KOW

What was the name of that girl DB tried to impress by jumping from a balcony into a pool? Maybe she works at the Texas alcohol beverage commision.

Dave tried to impress a girl by jumping from a balcony into a pool???!!! I haven't gotten to THAT book yet!

*crosses Texas vacation off to-do list*

My entire family was born in Texas. I left when I was 17 and so did my siblings. The only time I go back now is to care for the sick and bury the dead. Other than that I won't set foot in that god-forsaken place. Love that Mahatma K. Jeeves.

BTW, in Dallas you must carry a separate ID, issued by the TABC, in order to buy a drink in a bar or restaurant. They already know where the drinkers live. Why not pick 'em up at home?

Wait, what's this about a seperate ID to buy a drink in Dallas? I have lived in the city all my life and have personally bought many drinks in Dallas bars and restaurants, but have never heard of such a thing.

Hi, fivver. Sorry about your Mom.

I went to Texas March 2 for the same reason.

Not to add some sanity into this thread (if anybody's still reading), but:

1. They have public drunkenness laws for, as they say, a lot of reasons other than drunk driving. Bar fights, for example. These happen even in hotel bars.
2. Personally, I would trust the undercover cop in the bar a lot more than the drunk at the next table.
3. They go to bars for the same reason that you go to a zoo to see animals. That's where they are.
4. They're not going to arrest the tipsy guy walking up to his room. They have a lot better things to do than that.

Relax, folks. The rest of us have nothing to worry about. It's only the lunacy that is begat in California that metastasizes to the rest of the country.

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