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March 31, 2006


Do not try this at home.

(Thanks to ShadowKatmandu)


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um... ow? Wouldn't that make you walk a little funny?

"Hewitt said the incident won’t likely change jail policy."

Oh, great. Now EVERYBODY will be doing this.

Only a .25? Come on, ladies, you can do better than that!

*considers 'L' shape of gun*
*considers not so 'L' shape of that area*


Good thing it didn't go off BEFORE she took it out... would give a whole new meaning to "vaginal discharge".

And of course, I apologize to the female bloglits.

Gives new meaning to "feminine protection."

Her boyfriend told her it was a .25, but really it was only .19!

This female bloglit is snorking, Mr. C.

KDF - Maybe her daily exercise routine while in prison would include some Kegel exercises...

It’s crazy, but it’s made us a little more aware
Yeah, of just how crazy women can be!

Mr. C- any idiot knows you shouldn't do Kegels in that situation- you could unlock the safety on the gun!

er,....so I've heard.

Yes, tough lesson learned. "A kegel a day keeps the accidentally discharged bullets away."

Bob - Ssshh!! The natives are restless, and can hide guns in the most unexpected places...

...and you thought Annie Oakley was good! Pull! Pull harder!!!!
(sorry in advance)

Hmmm, was she a virgin ya think?

Ahhh, Stories from my hometown...gotta love that.

would Bond girls carry a Walther PMS?

Is that a gun in your errrrr, ummmm....or are you just happy to see me?

Actually, I read a story recently about another woman who did this with a .22. And it went off when she sat down. Before...um, being "removed." Now, that's a REAL ouchie!

Shoulda sent it in.

That's one way to get banged, I guess.

*Rimshot for Ford79*: Ba-da BISH!

*snork* @ Mr. C and *double snork* @ Ford79

That was my thought Mr. C...accidental discharge (which BTWWBAGNFARB).


" Not tonight dear, I have a Derringer."

a veritable snorkfest, topped off by martinishark. :) muchas gracias.

Maybe she should have kept the bullets in a separate orifice. Of course, she risks killing her cellmate whenever she farts...

"Consealed weapon, my a$$!"

I can't believe no one pointed out that Vaginal Cavity and the Crotch Area WBAGNFA Prison RB.

Maybe Courtney Love could sing lead.

I've never met a woman from Ohio who didnt surprise me in some ODD way.

Why did the guy have to say "vaginal cavity" instead of just "vagina"? It makes it sound like she needs to brush and floss more regularly.

I remember reading about this and my first thought was, wouldn't this gunk up the gun?



Everyone heard three shots ring out, but of course the last two were just the echo.

If the ricocheting round had flown far enough to strike a man walking alone in the woods, and that man had cried out, "Oh my goodness (or words to that effect)! I've been tw*t shot!" would the Blog Posse of Doom still track him down and verbally bludgeon him within an inch of his miserable life?

"You can’t do body-cavity searches without a search warrant."

Sounds like my dating years.

She's lucky she din't borrow a Model 29 Smith & Wesson from Harry Callahan ...

... or ...

It's not the size of the equipment ... it's whut one does with it ... merely sayin' ...

Smith AND Wesson? At the SAME time? Now, THAT'S kinky!

I wonder if her significant other ever got shot off?

*slips into the Stupendous Home Chemistry Laboratory and Handy Pregnancy Test Kit™ storage shed to begin work on a product for which he sees an impending need: the Cast Iron Condom™ (Motto: Put a Real Helmet on That Soldier!), available in two colors, Rust and Verdigris, and soon to be found in a truckstop mensroom near you!*


Rumor has it she was telling all the guys in the 'hood her coochie was "...Number One with a Bullet!"

Annie -

If you think that's kinky ... whut if she'd have hidden a Browning where the color would match the surroundings ... ?

or ...

She could've put a Colt in her secret hiding place ...

Stupe-dude - save yourself some time and just get the Kevlar Kondom - the ultimate in personal protection. All the cops use it. Although it only comes (har!) in blue.

OMG!! First I spewed diet Dr P on the monitor, then I had to read this to my husband who replied, "Sounds like a really killer piece of ass," and I had to go get my emergency inhaler.

Pity Paris Hilton wasn't around. They could've smuggled in a .45.

That's hot!

Happiness is a warm gun....

"coochie" is one of the nicest terms I have heard yet for that body-cavity. "There's a gun in my coochie," said the female prisoner to the arresting officer. Qute!

Eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh. You know how men instinctively protect their area any time they hear/see/read about someone getting hit in the crotch? That's what I did as soon as I read this. Pretty much the same reaction every girl in my human development class had after watching "The Miracle of Life" video. ::shudder::

Shoot- another blown opportunity for a woman to get a Darwin award. Yet another example of discrimination against women.

Why am I not surprised by the Vicodin? I imagine she'd need it.

"You can have my gun when you exctract it from my cold, dead..."

Oh never mind.

Could this be worked into a plot line for "24"??? Nah, too believable!

Annie W-b-h - Kevlar™ doesn't offer enough support, IYKWIM.

Gives a whole new meaning to The Sex Pistols...

London-born rapper Sway is to be honoured at the BET Hip-Hop awards in the US...

The first stage of a £150m investment in regional museums is praised for boosting visitor numbers...

Veteran actor William Franklyn, known for voicing the 1960s Schweppes TV adverts, dies aged 81...

Veteran actor William Franklyn, known for voicing the 1960s Schweppes TV adverts, dies aged 81...

Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

Hahaha... funny!

Da frage ich mich beim Durchlesen schon, ob man doof ist. Danke fur deine Erklarungen

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