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March 27, 2006


Get your felonious butts over to Norway.

(Thanks to Alex)


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*Scans enemy list for anyone living in Norway*

How large a bribe?

I think I'll take a rain check, given the other occupants of the "resort."

...time to reflect, think...enjoy the horse riding?!

Who do I have to kill to get in there?

"Felonious Butts"....didn't he invent the locomotive or something?

Would be a great name for a Rapper.

I've always said that people are all born good. It's the lack of cross-country skiing, tennis and horse-riding that turns them into serial killers.

Chianca ~ Amen to that.

OK - who stole the hyperlink from the "y"? I want it put back this instant or it is off to Bostoy with you!!

Norway ?

Why not Norway ?

You know, guys, Norwa. It's just west of Swede and Finlan.

WOW Coast! You're PSYCHIC!

This character has been spotted in the environs . . .

Although I dont know that robbing the Y is enough to get you into Bostoy - you may have to pee in the pool too.

I wonder if Martha Stewart is Norwegian.

FINALLY! Something for those who aren't in a position to commit Kenneth Lay-size white collar crime.

ahhh...so now the Norwegians are differentiating between "the NICE criminals" and err, ummm, well, the other kind...

See? If Hitler's mother had only hugged him more often...

Of course, she probably also should have stopped nursing him once he turned 21. His dad too, for that matter.

Damned Norwegians!First they took over Minnesota, and now they're stealing all the GOOD felons, too!

This sucks because to get in there you would probably have to commit your crime in Norway and I don't even know any Norwegians... All the people I want to maim and kill are over here....

it's not fair....

I started a song parody and got tired.....

I once was in jail
Or should I say it was a spa
I was shown to my room
Isn’t it good Norwegian isle?

Ok, next?

They told me to stay and they told me to camp anywhere,
So I looked around and I noticed the electric chair.


I'm a reformed serial killer,
But my jail cell left me bored,
The warden transferred me to Bastoy,
Where I've a view of a fjord.


And the answer is: "Oyvind."

Question: What did my sweet Jewish grandmother break most in the kitchen?

My friends came to take me one morning
I started to laugh
Go with them I didn't and rode off to soak in the bath

I have my own room, cable tv, big library
I have time to think, ride on a roan
This jailbird's at home


I wanted to try flying the birds to Orlando, but there wasn't a rhyme.

They told me we worked in the morning and started to laugh.
I told them I couldn't cause I'm a deranged psychopath.


Looks like you got the finale word

Made a mistake when I robbed a small bank
Got sentenced to spend a long time in the tank

But do not distress
For I must confess

Want to stay here forever in this swanky clank

Oh, and LAST!!!!

Good job, guys!!

Hehe, I'm Norwegian. Actually I can see Bostoy (Bastøya) from my office window. And in the summer we take the boat out and lay on the beach there. Yes, WITH the inmates. YES, the serial killers too.

Man, when I see stuff about my own country in foreign media I always get the feeling that we norwegians must be the most soft hearted and naive people on earth! Maximum penalty is 21 years, and you get out after 1/3 of the penalty if you behave. Oh, by the way - the fines for driving to fast are higher than for dealing drugs and in some cases even rape.

Go Norway (hrm...)

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