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March 13, 2006


You may get away with it, in Macedonia.

Key quote: He added that they were finding cockroaches in the printers, but the heat and the laser were killing them so there were no bigger defects. Yet, some of the judges said that cockroaches have eaten the toners of the printers on several occasions.

(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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Key quote:

"This is big shame for the country."

yea, when I've got killer roaches eating my technology I'm thinking about public relations too.

Call Truly Nolen!

daisymae, is that you "strumpeting" again?

Congrats MKJ!

The hardest part of any technology is always the debugging.

(The proceeding is a Hal Roach production)

So the cockroaches can out last toner as well... I wonder if they can get through buracracy?
Some one must create this as a game. As a cockroach taking on evil lazers and all of that.

I wonder if they life faxing there rear ends to each other?

Are these cockroaches even worse than the Floridian ones?

Insect Inside!



*rubs eyes*

*stares again*

JUDI GOT MKJ'S NAME RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a FIRST!!

(unless I've missed a prior posting, in which case, nevermind)

So, let me make sure I have this right. A website called Metamorphisis in Eastern Europe runs a story about cockroaches and doesn't mention Kafka anywhere in the article, not even once.

Alrighty, then. Carry on.

A cockroach ate my homework.

And my desk.

And my Buick.

Oh, and my technology is crushing down.

Damn Eastern European gravity.

And my cannon

And my (lazer)jet

Is it just me, or does this report read like a conversation between Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Also, I suspect these are actually German roaches, a breed with an affinity for electrical appliances and such. The night watchman should go from room to room throwing on light switches and observing the little boogers to see if they goosestep to the nearest hiding places.

jeez, I can't believe this is the only post with life

Deon. Can you imagine why they haven't thought to call the exterminator?

(shakes head)

Looks like we've got a new challenge for Fear Factor -- show the damage the cockroaches can do, then make people eat 'em alive.

Lairbo...OK, that's TWO of us.

and Daisymae:
Sh*t, girl they've scheduled a project with the European agency for reconstruction and development and other donors for building special court room for organized crime, and witness protection project; and they've provided 400.000 euros for the job; and announced the complete restoration of the Municipal Court; and submitted requests for restoration and superstructure of the court building, and expect positive reply as soon as possible; and they're even building an additional floor.

And now you want them to waste ten zlotys or euros or whatever on a can of RAID??????? Obviously, blogskis is livink in kepitalist soziety of provligacy andt vaste. You shouldt beink ashamedt.
*leaves in middle European huff to go hug busted tractor*

*double snork* @ Betsy. LOL, girl!

Betsy- If the Cockroaches can fight off lazers and copying machines. What makes you think that a can of RAID will help?

(The tractor hugs back)

This happened because they are only a Municipal Court.
If they had been a Superior Court the cockroaches wouldn't have dared to do this.

Checking out this
It seems that Macedonia is worth about 15.5 billion dollars and is near Greece. To the point that the Greeks objected to the name Macedonia.
But it was all taken care of when the Macedonians sent a giant metalic horse as a show of friendship.
A fourth of Macedonia is in the military. I guess they are near Kosovo and Ethnic Albanians object to it even existing. One of its major transports is Hashish.

The other day I had a theory that if I made a good enough movie I could rule a 3rd world country. I was wrong. A movie that makes about $20o million would be a tenth of what the lowest 3rd world countries gross income was. Kind of amazing huh.
Because of this I have had to scramble and figure out another finals paper to write. 15 pages in one day. Lets see what happens.

I think that in honor of Lairbo's post we should all just turn our heads and Kafka.

Sorry, but insect puns bug me.

*Eleanor hops around chanting "Neener neener...My court's superior to YOUR court"*

I think that in honor of Lairbo's post we should all just turn our heads and Kafka.

Sorry, but insect puns bug me.


Mentally picturing the printer's lasers zapping roaches.


OK, I'm seeing the link here: the "Canisters of Doom" are actually full of sleeping Macedonian cockroaches waiting to be unleashed on the US, which we all know, is just chockablock full of toner cartriges. Worse than that, those cockroaches will be far harder to stop than mere terrorists, since they have 3 times as many many thighs for Jack to shoot!!

In Florida the cockroaches just wheel the equipment out and then sell it on the black market.

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