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March 23, 2006


It's all about diversity.

(Thanks to Claire Martin, a Denver resident)


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Whoo-hoo! A black person??

I've met several brown-ish people, but none who were actually black. Only a couple who were actually white, for that matter.

Okay, I may have to toss back my First because I didn't realize that there was a video.

*hangs head in shame*

You can keep it - I didn't watch the video either - I was afraid there might be sound (not a good thing in most blog cases).

Finally, Aspen can differentiate itself from Vail.

Good on ya, bro'!

Video is great. The sound is not bad, carries no warnings for the office.

My good friend Sid brought up this point:

Perhaps people of pigment feel no need to pay good money to strap a couple of boards to their feet and fall down a mountain.

Waited and waited for video to load, but to no avail. I'll try L8R.
In the meantime...

What CoastRaven said.

ASK--In another hundred years, I suspect we're all going to be a uniform shade of "coffee with cream."

Either that or we'll be like that Frank Gorshin planet on Star Trek...

I love the FULLY GROWN man who yells "Hey, Mom! There's a black guy down here!"

*zips in*

*hands on hips*

Well, I for one, watched the video FIRST, and I have to say that I'm a tiny bit miffed at all the posters who are ahead of me only because they didn't.

I coulda been a contender.

I can't see the video, I wanna see the video but I can't. Where is this video? Is there a link to it on the page, WHAT AM I GONNA DO! AAAHHHG.....

more coffee...yeah that's it, more coFFEE!!

I had the chance to interview Frank Gorshin when he performed here several years ago and as a fan of the original Star Trek series I naturally asked him about that episode and he said, "A paycheck's a paycheck. I don't remember much about it."

Ouch. Talk about disillusioning, but he did wax fondly about Batman which apparently made a greater impression on him (and his bank account).

He was a really nice guy, though. Even paid for my lunch...

*sneaks off to surreptitiously google Frank Gorshin*

*returns briefly to head off any comments from El about surreptitious googling*

"We had a blackout in Aspen the other day...but the police made him get back in his car and move along. Try the veal!"

Bill - in a hundred years we'll all be a fairly uniform shade of decomposed bodies.

Ah - how could I have forgotten Dr. Fletcher from 12 Monkeys and the voice of Yosemite Sam?

Somehow I missed Twilight of the Ice Nymphs.

ICK for C-bol's correct but yukky analysis.

HUH? for ASK's comment.

I'm glad I don't live in (or near) a$$-pen.

/not spam!

Eleanor: I plead stupidity and throw myself at your mercy! As I said up there, I didn't know there WAS a video at first. But I did go back and watch it.

SQ = AOK! :)

"Excuse me. Is this the way to Snowmass?"

"Yeah, you just keep going on 82 and when you see a...hello there!"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you, by any chance, black?"

*looks at self*

"I'm from Brazil."

"Great! That's pretty black, I guess. Would you mind leading our Diversity Parade this afternoon? Last week Councilman Blanche did it wearing a mask, and the kids were pretty disappointed."

"I'm afraid I can't, but thanks. Perhaps instead you could go fu$% yourself?"

"Well THAT's not very nice! I hope you get a very bad blister in Snowmass!"

I gotta point out that there's a lot of space out there and there are places where [your favorite minority here] folks just haven't spread to yet.

If I were a Blue Person, I'd prefer to hang where my Blue buds hang. Any place with one ethnic group overwhelmingly in the majority is usually perceived as unfriendly to others, which may or may not be the reality.

"Perhaps instead you could go fu$% yourself?"


I don't wan't nuthin to do with that there DIVERSITY!!

The good lord intended that once you get married you stay married for life, and thats the end of THAT story - there won't be any diverse in this family! Now Stifle!

But pogo, what if the Orange people had all the best spots; i.e., ocean view, best mountains, beaches, etc.

Wouldn't you want to be able to be in those places too?

I've been reading the blog for a long time, but never felt the need to post... til now.

If you want to read more about this, visit the Improv Everywhere site. They have a description of what they were doing. You need to scroll down a little.

Take a look at some of their other missions too; there's some funny stuff. I personally like the 'cell phone symphony' where they sychronized the ringing of phones in checked bags in a book store.

I live in New Hampshire. We had a darkish shade of human here once. Made the papers, I believe.
Good times. Then he left. Now we just sit around waiting for our feet to thaw.

*snork* at Coast!

Eleanor - I AM orange, and all I got is this steeenking desk down here in this steeenking office. You must be thinking of the amber people.

But whoever has got the ocean view and the best moutains and beaches will usually take my money so I can go there too.

For those unclear on my "Frank Gorshin on Star Trek" comment:

Eleanor, yes. :)

Have to admit, Frank Gorshin on Star Trek...not one of their better episodes.

Oh GORSHIN! I was thinking Gorsky as in Neal Armstrong's "Good luck Mr. Gorsky!"

" Yes, well hello, but no thank you on the handshake. I have to use mine to hold my child in a short while.

Never been to Aspen or Vail, but went to Boulder 25 years ago, looked around the main square, and said to my kids, "...and you complain that I never take you to a theme park!"


Ten hours later, I still maintain that I have never seen a purely black or white person (but a couple closer to white). Now having watched the video (I'm at home, where sound is safe), I can only say, Welcome Tate - tell us what you think more often!

*waves* Hi, Tate!
ASK, you're correct in that there are varying shades of pigment, not a true glut or lack thereof. Yet, the terms "white" or "black" are the common vernacular. We often see "white" (rarely "Caucasian") as an ethnic choice on forms, but "African-American" (not "black").

I remember George Carlin (in the 70's) mentioning this.
"Caucasian" - sounds like a mountain range, doesn't it? (falsetto female) "Oh, yes, we're going to the Caucasians this summer."
Or a man's shoe. Guy to shoe salesman: "Yes, I'd like the Caucasion in a 9D, please."
Used to be that we'd call black people black, but then they wanted to be called Negro. (imitates a black guy getting ready to fight) "Who you callin' Black?!" Now they want to be called black again, "Who you callin' Negro?!!"

/ geezer memory

Those silly folk in Aspen! Don't they know they can just Rent-A-Negro?


I wasn't trying to be correctly stating the obvious - just saying that it might be worth the trip to Aspen to meet a genuinely black person.

On another note, when I was at a conference once in high school, the delegates from Aspen handed out buttons that said "Hi! How's your Aspen?"

Wait, that guy is *black*? No f**cking way. I'm from Brooklyn. I've seen Black. That ain't it.

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