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March 18, 2006


We recommend the package builder.


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*high five's judi*

Good one!

I'll take a 5-yard, a Manley Richardson, and a package builder, please.

*snork* @ Judi

This blog's getting out of kilter.

*Should I regret having said that?*

Blue, you're too punny.

YAY, judi!

major *snorks* @ judi!!

*winks at judi*

*snorks at Blue*

BTW judi - check your e-mail. I sent you an interesting (to me, anyway) tidbit about Counting Crows. The other day.

and now my day is complete

YAY Judi!! I trust The Blog will be wearing one when he gets back to the office.

(Off topic, unless one of us is wearing a kilt right now ...) Mr. Blog, I take it Mrs. Blog is out somewhere in the hinterlands suffering from March Madness. That's where my better (well, sportier) half is.

Just as well. He does play-by-play for UConn, I am a Tennessee grad. Could get ugly!!

Travel safe, Mr. (and maybe Mrs.) Blog ....

geez - man skirts are expensive - think I'll stick with levis

Tickles, you could always take the do-it-yourself approach with a blanket and a coupla' safety pins.

Tybalt~ Wise choice.

KDF~ Nah; if he did it, it might fall off. And nobody wants to be around for that show.

and basketball - it probably went unnoticed by most of you, but the University of Montana Grizzlies managed to hold on to their lead and defeat Nevada on Thursday -the annoying thing, to me anyway, is that CNN covered this by noting that "some team from Montana shocked the world in an upset against Nevada"

how rude

'course, the Grizzlies have to play Boston College today, so they're probably done for

See? This is why I've been away. Every time I post, I simulpost. It's a compulsion. I need help.

note to self:

do not invite bumble over for pantless saturday at the TCK hacienda

dang - we were THIS close to a double

bumble, you didn't do it that time! :)

but of course I will - cuz those last two comments weren't there before.

bumble, we can go into therapy together.


see? a compulsion.

Guy in my office building wears a kilt. He fell down the steps in the lobby the other day - all I can say is thank heavens he wears tighty whites....just a word to the wise....don't leave home without them.

Errrrr...I'm a little confused about the purpose of the "package builder". Is this in any manner intended to produce a...ummmm...more "robust" projectile to be aimed at police persons??

Just asking.

*douses brain with industrial strength cleaning solvent to remove image of Tootie dropping his homemade kilt*

note to self:

do not invite KDF over for pantless saturday at the TCK hacienda

Ay, laddie, is that a kilt hanger in yer sporran or are ye just happy to see me?

Kat, maybe someone (attention bloglits with piles of money that could be making me rich instead of gathering dust in your Swiss bank accounts) should manufacture and sell kilt underwear; that is, boxers and briefs in matching tartan patterns. They could be called "Safety Kilts" or "Off Kilters" and marketed to the dozens of men who routinely wear kilts as a way to avoid embarrasment in falls and sudden winds.

I'll bet this product already exists. Or maybe kilt-wearers are secretly hoping for such an "unintentional airing" of what lies beneath.

If it ain't brogue, don't fix it.

*Snork* @ Lair AYGFTH bo

Is it called 'complete package' because it includes the model?

"....don't fix it."


"If it ain't brogue.."


KDF~ Nah; if he did it, it might fall off. And nobody wants to be around for that show.

Posted by: Bumble

You can say that again, Bumble - eeewwww!

AND - I FIRST thought of the wow, they're expensive waaaay before Toker posted it. Stop taking my thoughts!!!

Toker? hmmmmmm - points for accuracy

but seriously darlin' - if you can't come up with your own original thoughts, at least have the decency to not try and steal credit for mine after they've already been posted - I mean, that's just sad


Uh-oh. TCK and Eleanor aren't going to have a shouting match now,are they?

*runs away, just in case*

OK, I ain't buyin' the sad face either - I know you're way tougher than that

Scotweb is one of the few places, though, to find Welsh tartans.
As to the price, they're well worth it. As the owner of a couple of kilts, traditional as well as Utilikilt, you just don't know what you're missing.
The girls love kilts even more than they love puppies! Ahh, if only I'd had one when I was single!

I can't quite figure out a way to put this one in so here

Anyway, As once pointed out before. Many people don't realize that kilts are worn internationally as well.

And here
And a bunch of other places. I just couldn't find the proper photos.

el - isn't thought theft some kind of crime?

** hands el one of el's business cards **

** sits back..... WAAAAYYYY back .... to watch the fun **

more than puppies, huh?




"Puppies in Kilts" Might BAGNFA Boy Band. Or maybe it should just be a calendar featuring pictures of puppies in kilts.

john, won't your wife let you have a puppy?

Hmm that sounds like stuff on my cat.com

As a person who had to spend 3 weeks straight with the new untrained beagle-of-the-house, I would say she should fear it.

Alfred, why would you post totally irrelevant pictures that do not in any way help to convey your thoughts?
Go. To. Your. Room.

Toker temporarily dodges a bullet.

The Following is a Headline of an Article in the New York Post This Morning.

Fun With Tick & Jane

Hey Tick, the posse wants to know, Who the hell is Jane???

*owes Alfred one for takin' my bullet*

El - Jane is short for MaryJane, with whom I have spent many enjoyable hours

El~ I thought it, too. It doesn't matter that Temeritous posted it first; we girls think better than he does, as he well knows. We just don't state the obvious. After all, we're not Counselor Troi. ;-)

And Temeritous, make a note not to invite anyone to pant-less Friday at your house. I doubt they'd come anyway. :-)

southerngirl~ Do you know a good shrink? The bottomless guy under your bed doesn't count.

damn snuggle bug - are you majoring in male emasculation this semester?

WTF is Toker?

Once you make it out of a non-tartan material, it's just a man in a skirt. Mr Camo being the prime example.

it's a word Steve Miller used in a song once, because the only other word he could find to rhyme with Joker was stroker.

daisymae - that would be me

and BTW, Steve Miller ROCKS

Kaf, that may be true, but there was and is an additional meaning to "Toker" as well. Something to do with parfaits. :)

El clearly does not listen to Steve Miller Band, given that the line from the above-referenced song (the Joker)is:

"I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a miiiidnight toker..."

I'm thinkin' ol' Steve's meaning may have had something to do with parfait



Teton, you better back off, or El's gonna wrap you in a kilt and take your smokes.

sorry KDF, I checked my schedule, and it says for today, in red:

"pick on El"

so, as I'm sure you understand, it's really out of my hands at this point

besides, I know for a fact that El will always either forgive me, or she'll have me killed - so, on the one hand, there's no sense worryin' when I'm gonna be forgiven, and, on the other hand, we're all gonna die sometime, right?

You need to worry about the gray area, Timmy. The part where she tortures you and takes your smokes. But I give you credit for being a man who is committed to crossing things off his list of things to do.

yeah, I've thought about the gray area, but i'm pretty sure I can outrun her if I really have to - if necessary, I can always throw Adonis at her to slow her down

*zips in in a huff*

I am so p!ssed at "T" (not worth any more letters) quoting me!!! and then saying that I didn't say it that I'm not even going to comment.

psssst, posse, please take over here Thx.

psst...El...got your back, girlfriend...

In a show of solidarity, I am not commenting.

not commenting? *snork*

that'd be a first

but since El's gone, I guess I got nuthin' to worry about - you're not as scarey as she is, and, for some reason, being tortured by southerngirl doesn't sound all that bad - in fact, I'm kinda lookin' forward to it

Sorry for the bad post of Tibetan monks. REally couldn't find a good picture. But they are wearing Tibetan kilts -Tartan is orange apparently.-
The polynesians can be just as strong willed at the lavalava clothing. I have seen pictures of very dignified Samoans wearing dress lavalavas. Very interesting.

Sorry the sock puppet was just to funny not to cher.

Anyway, can I not be shot today. I went to my room. And I have a fairly busy schedule for my vacation day.

*takes over for El*

Twhatever~ What about being tortured by me?

*grins wickedly*

As for my major, no, that's not it. That's a talent I've cultivated on the side, and it's mostly just directed at you. ;-)

southerngirl!!!! :-)

yes, I've noticed - it's a talent you've cultivated well - hell, I remember when you used to always be nice to me :)

anyway, glad I could help out with that

now, before I answer your question, define "torture"

No beer, no parfait. Lessons in decency, decorum, and the proper treatment of the posse's gender. Pants required.

But if you pass, the rewards are sweet. Just like me. ;-)

TCK, darlin' - let me explain "torture". ;)

*winks at "Bumble!!!"*

ok, Bumble, I didn't see ya there a minute ago... but I have to say...

"But if you pass, the rewards are sweet. Just like me. ;-) "

...priceless. :)

Torture: Excruciating physical or mental pain; agony

So, yeah, losing beer and parfait would probably qualify as torture for T-man.

Oh, there's a price all right. *winks at s-girl*

oh and Bumble, did I prove my "we'll share therapy" point?

see? compulsion...

sorry - gonna have ta pass on the whole torture thing - I might be able to do the excrutiating pain part, but the no beer and parfait is just outa the question - not even worth serious consideration - you'll just hafta deal with me as is

psssst, posse, you're doing a great job! Keep up the good work. Don't let Thackeray slide.

Tybalt- We always do. :-)

southerngirl- Yup. :-)

Ooh! Thackeray! I like it. The girl who's not here wins.

TerminalCK...aaaaand when we see you looking injured, or in any way less than fully your fine robust self, we'll f*ckin' shoot you down, like a cow that fell off a truck.

And when they're taking our statements, each and every member of the posse kin say, "..and Ah Hayulpt!!!"

P.S. John....you're right about ScotWeb and the Welsh. I just ordered my dad a Gwynn tartan tie, thanks to the blog.

[this has been number 766 in a series of 'I Owe It All To The Blog' Moments]

Betsy - not laughin' anymore - just sayin'

The model for the
Kilt Package Builder
Designer Kilts
Is not sitting very lady-like!

Continuing to ignore Tiptoe, because Bumble, Southerngirl and Betsy are working together very effectively, and are also apparently preparing fried chicken. Way to go with the multi-tasking, ladies! Chicks rock.

Psst... KDF...If you were not ignoring Tantamount, I would ask you for guidance. I don't have a complete set of blog policies here, and I'm not sure what we do when someone who is being tortured mercilessly states that he has stopped laughing.

However, since you ARE ignoring Thucydides, I'll await legal counsel from the Left Coast. (But I'm keeping the Shike'n'Bike handy, just in case.)

Pssst! T-boy! Better make your way under someone's bed. Sounds like you've ticked off Betsy more than the rest of us. Stay behind me.

And behave yourself back there, or I'll rescind my protection.

Bumble...not MORE than the rest of you; but when you arrive late to the party, the rules state that you have to have five or six drinks in rapid succession, and then make up for lost time.

*looks around for horse, neckerchief, and noose*

Well, we don't wanna kill him. Then we wouldn't be able to mess with him anymore. Where's the fun in that? ;-)

And if you're shotgunning 5 or 6 drinks, maybe you'd better switch to my drink. :-)

Oh. OK, then. Perhaps I misunderestimated the intensity of the group animosity. I prolly mistook the twinkling sparkle in your eyes for fire. I'll have a refreshing quaff of the sparkling beverage you so kindly offered to share, and I'll stand down until further notice. (So will the horse, I think)
(Is this where we declare 'mission accomplished', or is Eleanor the only one who can legally do that? Stupid constitution....)

pssst, Betsy, I think you just need to lay off on the death threats. If I'm not mistaken, blog policy states that while torture and deeee-licious crispy chicken are both fine, murder and threats to that effect are strictly prohibited. So leave the noose at home, and you should be just fine. Also, maybe the mention of the Gwynn tartan tie unguffawed our little Tater-Tot.

Refreshed? Carry on, then.

OK...I think there's been a miscommunication here. I did not at any time indicate what I intended to DO with the horse, the neckerchief and the noose. As it happens, there's an old Welsh folk custom, brought over during the French invasion, which historically took place after the banns were read, when the moon was full and the mead was flowing, and the village virgins...well, no point in discussing it now.
OK...I'll rescind the death threat (please note that it was NOT a direct death threat, but merely a conditional one, requiring Tarquin's pre-existing serious injury).
But you'll have to explain to Eleanor.
P.S. It's good to have our Bumble back.

Carry on™. It's what Bloglits do.


Aww, shucks. You're so sweet.

Yeah, I've missed you guys, too. This was my spring break, and I started back to work this week. By the time I got home, I was too dead to do anything but eat and crash. Besides, by the time I got on the computer, most of the threads were 50-100 comments long, and I was too beat to read them all and find something to say, witty or otherwise. :-)

ok, I had something to say, but I think I forgot what it was...(stupid slow dial-up - not parfait-related)...so I'll just try to remember...*snork*

ahem. sorry.


#1 - KDF - fried chicken? I think I must've missed something...(nttawwt, I'm sure)

#2 "I'm not sure what we do when someone who is being tortured mercilessly states that he has stopped laughing"

um, Betsy, maybe stop torturing so endlessly? :)

just sayin'

(OR, give him a "capital "T", like we did for Adonis with the "A") :D

hey, it worked before...


Pssst! T-boy! Better make your way under someone's bed. Sounds like you've ticked off Betsy more than the rest of us. Stay behind me.

Posted by: Bumble | 05:21 PM on March 18, 2006

and Bumble, he knows he's always welcome. ;)

Whew, there you are. I thought I was gonna have to put some light jazz on the blog while technical problems were being repaired or something.

*Hides can of Bumble-Magnet™*

See? That's exactly the problem! You (or, er, I)stumble in; there are way too many comments; and you end up taking the easy way out and making inappropriate death threats, or invading a foreign country, or something. Sometimes social discourse is just SO complicated.
If Tanglewood is still behind or under or in or on or around your bed (NTTAWWT), please convey my apologies to him and explain that I did not intend to threaten his life; and if he'll just come out and let me EXPLAIN ... oh wait! That's what they say on "24" right before they shoot them in the thigh.
Never mind.

Ol' Tennesse? Hello? Ya know, you can throw me at Betsy to slow her down also. I got some fine imported beer here for ya, also some Cuervo.

I would like to note that the punfest devolved to random hysteria last night. Funny what happens when Meanie and KDF drink too much green beer.

[Hmmmm...somehow things have evolved to where there's a good chance that I'll have someone named "Adonis" thrown at me. *ponders the vagaries of fortune, shrugs, sets out the Good Parfait on the coffee table and dims the lights*]

Uh oh. I don't know whether to be happy or scared. But if it's the GOOD parfait, then maybe it'll be okay. Be cautious Betsy, when I get excited things tend to get slanted.

Please define "too much".

Well, define how much you had last night Meanie and you'll have your (not you're) answer. Whatever the answer is, I have an interesting fact for you. I'm not sure if you live in Iowa, but interesting none the less.

southerngirl~ Here, too. But he doesn't know where I live, so that might be a problem.

Blue~ "Bumble-Magnet™?" Do you mean you have a cute, sweet, intelligent single guy my age? Or a Dave's clone? Trot him out already!

*deletes "a" from next-to-last sentence*

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