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March 24, 2006


 We'll take his word for it.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Suuure.....and I've got a freckle on my backside that's a work of art, too.

Oh, and "FOIST!"

and a simul with my own bad self

The beauty of collecting these works is that they don't take up that much space. You'd go broke before you buy enough to fill an abode with the stuff. The downside being that sneezing inadvertently can cost you a lot of money when next you vacuum...

Chill, Annie, chill.

So did this guy wake up one morning and say, "I know! I'll paint a panda on a human air! It'll be art!"

it's cooool, it's cooool.....*makes note to curb caffeine intake*

hair, dammit, hair.

How do we know he painted it? I didn't see his signature in the corner...

Chill, pogo, chill.

pogo have beer in hand. pogo chilling now. better soon.

so, claire, what does one do to get dave's attention. i have the perfect silly name to post, but my emails get deleted w/o being read.

this is just too silly to be true, signed,
jack mehoff.

occam's lady - I clicked you link and didn't find that name but one just as good, "Ben Dover". I tried it again and got a request to register.

Hey guys, look at me...I just painted the entire globe, complete with country names, selected demographic information and names of all citizens on this microscopic portion of a toenail...geez, you can't quite see it all? Trust me...I'm an artist...

No offense, Annie, but you could be lying... We need to see the freckle!

A panda bear painted on a human hair with a strand of rabbit fur? There is either something illegal or an Eddie Murphy joke in there, but I am not sure I know which.

"His biggest work to date is his 2003 picture of the Titanic, on a 2mm-long mineral sliver."

Big deal. I can paint a bigger one on a 2cm-long mineral sliver.

Sure you can see it Clark, but it's pretty tiny - you're going to have to get verrrry close to see it.

Is it any wonder you need a microscope to see an artist's annual income?

*gets in line behind Clark to inspect Annie's freckle*

Clark, don't drop your magnifying glass...pogo's right behind you.

Clark, you're right! It reads, "To boldly go where no man has gone before." I don't care that it's a split infinitive, dammit!

pogo - if you mention the stardate, I'll never forgive you!

My stardate is older than your stardate! Care for a ride in my buggy, my dear?

pogo signs off - must listen to objectionable music and cook dinner. More beer.

Yes, Sargasticynic, its true! (sobs and goes to sit in the corner, then remembers that the alternative is to get a real job.)

Plans are to take the exhibit on the road. First stop, Whoville.

*Ahhh, Horton sees a panda.*

I'll pay to see that exhibit with itty bitty coins.

Why does the phrase someone with waaaaay too much time on their teeny, tiny hands come to mind?

That's nothing!!!I have little white animals ALL OVER MY hair!!

(What? They're WHAT? Ahhhh, crap.)

*enters and sees a line has formed behind Annie*

*joins line*

Is this the line for the U2 concert tickets?

i spit on those registration links. they toy with you by letting you see their goodies, but then they PUUULLL you back in by demanding all your personal bits.

the whole point of it was, the consumer reporter's name was ben dover.

dave works for a fairly reputable paper, can't he let us in on how to get past the cursed 'registration page?'

there is a website out there that gives out login names and passwords so you don't have to go thru the rig-a-ma-role of filling out the consarn application. i tried to send it to dave, but guess what? it got 'read w/o being opened.'

i meant deleted w/o being read. which really doesn't matter cuz no one reads my stuff anyway.

lady...I like 'read w/o being opened' better. It fits in nicely with the mysterious power of the blog:)

occam's lady schick - maybe it was read in preview mode? I don't know. Try submitting something from Claire Martin. That should get someone's attention.
p.s.- I submit stuff lots of times that never gets posted...no biggie.

**Wonders how one sharpens a hair**

Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston on a pinhead???

insom: no. but the fact that this person seems at least similarly (to me) infatuated with the sweet science has prevented me from being my normal ascerbic self.

Some of us just want to avoid panda hair . . .

(rushing to be #29 I posted this on the wrong thread)

snork @ insom

Insom...you may need to go to the next thread and post so there's something snorkworthy, since I just snorked @ you over there.

...and then there's the whole thing about Mike Tyson BEING a pinhead.

If you paint on a pin head, do you display it at a gallery in Needles?

(Snoopy's brother Spike was from Needles. I've been there. They feature a 'bug of the month', and that's a highlight of the place)

So the big thing in contemporary art is,
um, small?

Is it just me or has this whole cost cutting of arts funding thing seem to have gone a wee bit (*snork*) too far?


Me too.

*joins Sunday morning Annie love-fest*

Me three.

*joins Sunday morning Annie love-fest*

Why does someone paint a picture of Lennox Lewis fighting Evander Holyfield? Of ANY size? It makes no sense.

um....luv ya right back, ladies....

Occam's LS - yes, there is a website that gives you log-ins and passwords so you don't have to register - it's called BugMeNot.

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