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March 21, 2006


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, always staying abreast on top of informed about discrimination)   


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First..and a newbie! Wow

Pictures! We need before and after pictures! You report WE decide.

Have we entered some alternative universe where a bigger busom is a hindrance? I'm so confused....

She has every right to sue. Tit for tat, I always say.

Size 0 and D sized breasts! She might have barbi beat on that one. Which my breasts would just randomly start growing.. maybe I'll jump off a 6 foot ledge of some sort...

Dave when it comes to breaking news you are the breast.

Just my luck--they fire her right after I'm able to get balcony seats.

I can forward some of my emails to her. They offer lots of solutions she could use. Oh wait. She wants them smaller.

As requested, here are the pictures:

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Where is that Brain Bleach.

Chianca - Tell the truth. The 'after' picture really came from an exploding whale story.

After reading the first thought was that a topless dancer got fired for having breasts too big. I should have known better.

She must be the only woman in the universe who gains weight in her chest and not in her ass like everyone else.

they grew???? um, like with implants??? something doesnt make sense here. she fell, and they grew? there will be lots of women who in desperation may try that...???? i just never heard of such a thing. or things.

I'm with queensbee here - her breasts grew because she fell? I don't think so - duh!

I've fallen lots of times and my boobies are - OH, wait a minute.

Never mind.

Hmmm...I just happen to have a six foot ladder. I wonder what would happen if I pushed my wife off it?

...after suffering two injuries during the course of the production, her breasts grew.


Also, why am I not surprised that Ted Hava-Nagila found this?

How's the mullet, Ted? :)

There are several things that don't make sense here:

1) She fell and they grew?
2) They fired a dancer because her breasts were too big?
3) They filed a wrongful termination and sexual harrassment suit. Wrongful Term, yeah, but how is this sexual harrassment?

...if they grew because of 'swelling' from the injury wouldn't they return to normal later?

"don't keep poking your breasts, Alice, or they'll stay that way..."

I'm wonderin' that if the gal (in Chianca's BEFORE photo) had used some of that protective stuff from her elbows in a different place, she wouldn't have been injured ... as much ...

nah, I've heard it said that judicious use of Velcro (TM) makes boobs grow bigger ...

Pogo - I can see the harassment angle - she was harassed because of her breast size. Admittedly, I know no man who would complain, much less fire, a woman who all of a sudden exploded out of her top!

That would be an interesting court case..."Your Honor, I'll be presenting exhibits A and B simultaneously..."

She sounds pretty angry for someone who goes around with a big girl's blouse...

pogo -

I am confused as swell. Are they saying that her breasts grew as a result of the fall? If this is correct, there will be millions of women jumping the deep six everywhere. Conversely, if they are saying that the size "zero" costume squished the aforementioned miniscule cup size of a "C" to an gargantuan "D," this may just well be an entirely new future sizing methodology for the Wonder Bra™ folks. Contrarily, are they saying that the allegedly tumescent mammillae are the result of Twyla's (not Tyla's) brilliant choreography? If so, this will introduce a whole new genre to the already stimulating Arthur Murray™ Dance Studios' curriculum syllabus.

*walks away envisioning lucrative commercial applications*

costume designer #1: well, it's Spring, and Alice is busting out all over.

costume designer #2: me-ow! and i happen to know there's no money in the budget for a new costume

cd#1: let's just fire her size-0 ass, instead.

cd#2: or we could just try to cram her into the old costume...

cd#1: i thought you were gay...

cd#2: Moi??

Size 0 with a C-cup? I'm guessing her implants travelled south and she's blaming it on the 'bouncy' production numbers.
Whenever one of us took a hard shot to a rampart, our field hockey coach would tell us that it 'makes them grow.' And if we got hit on just on them, does it make us list hard to port and run in circles?

*snork* at Annie!

I'll only believe it if I can see it.

I think I'm eminently qualified as an expert witness for the Defense. Or the prosecution, whichever... .

I don't think the argument is that they grew because she fell, but that they grew (for whatever bizarre reason) while she was recovering from the injuries sustained in said fall.
Oh, and if the stage manager thinks that D cups are huge, then he obviously needs to spend a little time in L.A. Or any college campus, for that matter.

And I'm really not sure about that link for Tarzan the Musical.
How many ways can you sing "Me Tarzan, You not"?
And didn't they just make a movie showing what a bad idea it is to bring apes to New York shows?

It's the pop 'n fresh dough principle. You know, you hit it, and then pppuuuuffff.

It figures that Ted Hottie-Grabber would have found this article...

JOhn -

Yeah, there don't seem to be a lot of lyrical variations on Kreeeagh! Bundolo! out there ... unless it's mebbe a Rap musical ... or would that be an oxymoron?

Re: Injuries - She's been injured twice - she didn't sue - she recovered and came back to work - she's pointing out her loyalty to her employer and his lack

(six weeks without internet and I've lost my funny bone)

Well, Even if she's not pointing something out, something is certainly pointing out of her!

Sort'a gives new meaning to "Uptown Girl," does it not?

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