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March 24, 2006


Stay indoors.


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I would love to comment on the article but the link seems to be broken.

Reminds me of that line from the Elvis movie:


You see BM?

Oh, I forgot. First.

a poosicle?

Oh, I forgot. First.

Gorram doubble post, Sowwy People.

"They said there had been a loud bang. The only way they could describe it was it was like a water balloon falling and exploding on the ground."

What kind of water balloons do they use over in the UK???

Great. Excretorysicles™ and great big snakes. This day is not starting out well.


I see the British (? - or is it?) talent for subtle understatement is still alive a well, as in some of their phraseology:

... plummeted at a tremendous pace ... from several thousand feet up? Sha-ZAM! (And, whut ever happended to metric?)

... very low outside temperature ... well, yeah, temps @ "several thousand feet up" get pretty cold, but I s'pose since they lost their metrics, they din't wanna say how cold ...

... and ... why is it that when this happens, they blame the plane?

Also, why is it that the usual examples we hear of always involve ice hitting cars or roofs? Couldn't we ask these pilots to take better aim, at, for example: squirrels ... or ... K-Federslime & BritTwit ... or ... another sort of BM (I won't link that, to preserve y'alls' eyebones ...)

The ice hit the bonnet of her "SMART car" huh? well if it was so damn SMART, why the hell didnt it get out of the way? And why didnt it call her to tell her it got hurt?

Don't Eskimos have ICBM's?

Have you been to Harborough Fair?
Peesleigh, poo, excreta and ice
Remember to duck if a plane's in the air..

Or, on second thought, have you looked into on-line shopping?

Imagine the trouble they are going to have with their insurance. They weave a tale about large chunks breaking things, the evidence melts, and the adjuster shows up to see damage and the place reeks of urine.

"Your policy doesn't cover damages caused by a wild party, ma'am."

Forget about the property damage, what about the EEEEW factor? Were it me and the adjuster didn't consider the car a write-off, I would have that sucker towed and buy a new car. I reiterate: EEEEW.

it's a good thing Chicken Little wasn't there....."The sky is falling.....and it's crapping on us"

KOW -- Regarding EEEEWWWW factor.

Not to worry. Most auto insurance ompanies indeed cover this type of occurrance. It's catagorized as a "Those Where iI Melted Smelt it, Rider."

Leaks from toilet systems can occur if there is a fault on the seal at the point where the hose from the collection vehicle connects with the aircraft.

A small leak at high altitude will form ice because of the very low outside temperature. As the aircraft descends at the end of its journey, the temperature rises and the ice can detach and fall to the ground.

I've been reading about these incidents for years, and this is the clearest explanation of how it happens that I have ever read.

But that's not gonna help the poor lady with the smashed car.

Add "blue ice" to the list of things you shouldn't let your kids lick. I believe yellow snow is also on that list. Hope they never fall on one of those NY "two bit" toilets.

dang it


I give up

| |

| |



why isn't it working?!?!?!?!?!?

I did it!

blog maid ROCKS!!

(now do you remember what you did for future reference?)

I did all of the things I usually do to fix it, but none of them worked, so I did them in combinations and finally fixed it. I do three end italics tags in a row, and there are four ways to do them, so I tried everything, and all of a sudden something worked, but I don't remember which combo it was. hopefully I'll do better next time :)

And now back to the show.

"trainee driving instructor" Does this mean there are driving instructor instructors? And trainee driving instructor instructors? And driving instructor instructor instructors? And...

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