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March 28, 2006


Finally, somebody feels our pain.

(Thanks to Eddie Roberts)


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Wow, two for two!!

I guess the label says it all: "Nude no more."

& Big Ed gets a Dave Barry Guide to Guys ref in the comments section!!

So, umm, what's the consensus here for best color in a t-shirt showing two guys p**ing on your torso?

This looks like a job for . . .

You can test your knowledge of urinal etiquette here.

*snork* @ MKJ

MOTW: that's why he's yellow!

i don't know how you guys walk around with those things.

love, elaine

Oh for cryin' out loud! I had my kids in a teaching hospital and had 11 interns stick their fists up inside me while everyone watched.

A guy pees to close to you?

No sympathy here.

Punkin poo, as any man knows, a life can be changed in the men's room-- please humor us on this one!Beware the talkative pee-er.

This is what an all-women design firm did with a men's room


Schadeboy...I would like to endorse the reliabiility of the test at your urinal etiquette link. I scored 50%. The highly sophisticated analysis revealed that I am very likely to be either a woman or a clueless man.

Now if only our foreign intelligence was that accurate...


Boy I have had my share of those nights where I drank so much I was seeing a double of myself...

Punkin - first, yuck!!! Second, my husband was using the facilities in the mall and some guy poked his head under the stall to check him out. My hubby chased him all the way through the mall and called the cops...dude was married with kids and a repeat offender. So, needless to say, we do not allow our son alone in any public bathroom and tell him to never look at or talk to anyone in the pot!

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