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March 31, 2006


The Girl Freshies

(Thanks to Bruce)


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Or The Cranky Koalas

Or The Cranky Koalas

Darn robot.

So here's the deal - you make a diversion by stealing the snake and force it to bite the wombat, then go and agitate the koala - meanwhile, I'll make off with the croc...

I love it when a plan comes together.

Maybe I'll switch names and snork at myself.

A cranky koala achieved what an angry croc couldn't - it beat off thieves.


Err.... *snork* at ASK, I guess. Although your paragraph on the diversion tactics also works to unlock the secret level in Halo 2.

What a coincidence. I am an angry crank with many personal achievements. IYCMD

That did sound like I was begging for a snork - I just meant to be asking where everyone was. Off not shooting puppies, I presume.

Not that I am above begging.

But thanks for the sympathy snork anyway LabSpecimen.

Oh, and 1st thru 5th!

Yessssss...finally, a submission accepted *snif*...it's ALMOST as good as a Pulitzer...

I can just imagine how this coversation is being played out down at your local crack house:

Thief: Well, mate. I stole a croc. That should be good for a trick or two.

Crack W*ore: Yeah, but the koala scratched the sh*t out of you. Do you have any idea what I could do to you? Wimp!

Thief: What about a used roach? Is it good for a used roach?

Crack W*ore: *Yawn*

A cranky koala achieved what an angry croc couldn't - it beat off thieves.

And not in a fun way!

We are talking about 40 kilograms and 1.2 metres of absolute fury.

And a possible CBS-TV movie?

"I don't know what makes someone go, 'Oh we tried to steal a koala and that didn't work so lets go and steal a croc.' "

I'm guessing a lot to drink and a shortage of brains.

Koala Sh!t - not AGNFARB, even in Oz.

And here I thought Girl Freshies was a feminine deoderant product.

New on Animal Planet.

Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin battle

Girl Freshies and the angry Koala WBAGNFARB.

I forgot something.
The sad thing is...
I cannot remember what it was.

"[But] apparently [the koala] scratched the shit out of them.''

Couldn't the cops just follow the sh!t trail?

"I don't know what makes someone go, 'Oh we tried to steal a koala and that didn't work so lets go and steal a croc.' "

That comment says it all. Clearly, these people didn't need any more drugs as they had to have been in an altered state in the first place.

... as previously stated by Jeff

*slinks off quietly and hopefully unobtrusively*

I love this paragraph:

"The people who did it must have been quite stupid. It's the last thing I wound have thought a member of the general public would try to steal for drugs."

Now what would lead him to believe the people who did this were stupid? Oh wait - that would be covered by the rest of the article, wouldn't it?

*high fives artist...tsk,tsk*


Random observation
Isn't it interesting how people who blog under a made up name come flying out of the closet when they get posted?

just sayin' :-)

"I'm worried and angered. I spent the last three years looking after it. I hope at least [the person who has it is] looking after it OK."

"Hello pet store? I stole a crocodile I plan on selling for drugs. Can you provide me with care and feeding instructions please?"

So where's the picture of the fighting Koala? They showed a picture of the former croc resident...

Kathy P - I found a picture for you of the fighting koala - reach out and touch someone.

*slinking back into the closet, suitably chastened*

Being relatively new, am still learning the blog etiquette...next submission, I'll either forward it using some variation of tsktsk, or undertake a suitably bizarre legal name change... :-)

So what's that zookeeper doing while the croc's "mate" is gone.... is he fulfilling some need left unmet in the stolen croc's absence?

artist...tsk, etc. If your remark about being chastened (or is it that you're "chaste"?, but I digress), I wasn't trying to do that.

It's interesting to know people's names and getting posted is certainly something to brag about. I did when I was posted.

So good for you! :)

... um ... they don't know who did the theft, but they know that the person(s) had the sh1t scratched out of them, and that the victim was traded for [specifically] marijuana and speed (but not for other drugs) ...

Whut part of CSI am I missing here?

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