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March 28, 2006


Ear Agony


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What's this 'ear?

♫ No one fights like Gaston, douses lights like Gaston, in a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston! ♪

Where's Mike Tyson when we need him?

signed, Vincent Van Gogh.

He gets the Mike Tyson Restroom Ettiquette Seal of Approval award.

Seems to me "Toilet Brawl" WBA(almost as good)NFARB, too. Two in the same headline.

Ear Agony is no joke - today's kids are losing their hearing like never before. What kind of music are they going to be listening to in 30 years, when they're deaf as posts? Eh? "Classic hip-hop" at 120 dB? With any luck, I'll be dead by then.

Key quote: "The missing piece of his ear has not been found."

This raises all types of disturbing images...most importantly CANNIBALISM.

Just when we thought it was safe to return .....

*performing morning constitutional*

Hmmm, I wonder where the missing peice of ear could be?


Cannibalism is rife in Manchester. The local delicacy is tripe and if you usually eat that, a bit of lovely earhole would be a positive treat.

That story is just too gross for this EARly in the morning!

*snork* @ CoastRaven

*walks in with Ear-on-a-Stick*

Did y'all know it was Something on a Stick Day?

......... I heard it from a reliable source.

Kibby F5™ - Barbecue sauce?

To do such a thing during a fight is a lobe low.

BBQ sauce? Hum ... it might be an interesting dipping sauce.

good puns. quite an earful.

And don't miss the article there on the CockleMaster!

was the victim named Jenkins?

"a Manchester toilet brawl"="minor last ear chew battle"

There is no cannibalism in Manchester, absolutely none, and when I say there is none, I mean there is a certain amount. We have the problem relatively under control, and it is well known that Leeds now suffers the greatest casualties in the area.

Bumble, my favorite Gaston line is "♫He's especially good at expectorating.♪"

Friends, Roamers, and Barflies of Fallowfield:
Lend me your shears . . . or beers . . . whilst I cut off your ears . . . oh damn -- they don't work . . . oh well . . . CHOMPS AND SMILES . . . "hmm. . . tastes like chicken." *Flush*

Spit that out aural call the Bobbies!

I would like to second Wally Ballou: my first thought was that "Ear Agony" should be the first CD issued by the exciting new RB Toilet Brawl.

I wanted to read the article, but the Manchester Airport add kept freaking me out!

Scott~ Ptooey! Ten points for Gaston!

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