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March 20, 2006


Here is where I believe the situation stands: Following last week's gas attack on CTU HQ, the Hobbit is dead. So is Tony, who is not to be confused with Tony Soprano, who is in a coma after getting shot by Uncle Junior. In addition, many nameless CTU staff extras are dead. Edgar also remains, tragically, dead. Audrey is still alive, prompting us to wonder where Uncle Junior is when we need him. Jack Bauer is also still alive and now holds the world indoor breath-holding record. The terrorists still have something like 18 Killer Kanisters, and evidently they will stop at nothing in their cruel and inhuman quest to make this particular plot thread last for the rest of this season. The president of the United States contunues to be a big girl's blouse and a complete handbag. Speaking of which, this item is still only $10.

Having missed the last two weeks, I'm depending on you keen observers out there to explain what is happening tonight. Since I have no idea what's going on, rather than put my clueless updates here in the main section, I'll put my comments down in the comments section, where they will mingle freely with yours. So I hope everybody is wearing protection.


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Blah blah the Wet List blah.

O the U, RIGHT!

That's a Jack-fact!!

Now you know how Buchanan feel like, Miss Hayes.

repercussions! kinky :)

This is great dialogue, isn't it?

Repercussions!!! No!!! Not repercussions!!!

What repercussions? Like pretending I'm dead again?


Is Jack shining a flashlight on his own face for dramatic effect?

Ha! Jack wins round 1

You all realize Palmer's Bro was on "Buffy". He can SO kick ass. I'm just sayin'...

I think she's gonna send him to his room when he gets back.

I don't like the connotation of this Wet List.

Jack got to pat down Colette.

Everyone's gonna fight to frisk her...

Jack check her holster...slowly

You have my permission. But be careful the tests have not been finalized yet.

Chloe just needs to give her boss the German stare.

he didn't get to shoot anyone! damn.

no shootin' yet - how about torture time

Jack took a little extra time searching her leg....

YEAH!, now THATS a professional frisking



*mushroom cloud emerges*

heh heh. Take that Andy, atomic chicken.

the staging area?????

That's for sleeping with weird accented scruffy looking guys, you French named, wrong accented terrorist helperess!

awesome music

Der Sucker!!!

Har! The old exploding memory chip trick!


jack you sneaky devil! heh.

Dave, aren't most of the roads in Los Angeles shut down by traffic jams almost every day anyway? I've never been there, but the rumor is that driving in LA is nearly impossible on a good day.

He who sparks last laughs last.

that jack. he's such a tricksy trickster!

now we're gonna get a very chinese like german subplot. damn it

Moohaha! Great going, Jack! Feeling Colette's thigh, and blowing Desmond's mind...er...memory stick.

so the chinese and the germans are now after Jack?


Ya can't put an xD card into an SD slot and then pretend to be surprised when it burns up ...

That explains what happened to my last pda. Faulty JackChip.

Was that sparkler chip from his secret knapsack too?

Jack should have rigged the PDA to shoot him in the thigh

that was some BADASS music in the background during that whole sexy colette exchange.

Also? Jack Bauer can kill you with his brain.

the german dude is maaaaaaaaaaaad and dead

i really think jack was just inspecting her thigh to see where he was going to shoot first

OK, we are nearing the end of this episode facing a very real possibility of no violence. You read about this kind of thing, but you never think it's going to happen to you.

good thing jack always carries an exploding SD card with him

Wait til he gets Colette back to CTU...you reckon he'll...torture...her?

I'm going to make an exploding version of everything I own.

notice how anything important on this show dies/blows up?

who isn't after jack - including Canada and points north

Was that really Desmond?

I was wondering where he went when he ran off into the jungle.

Yeah, torture ... like his yelling at her, pretending he's really REALLY mad ...

I vote that Chloe gets to shoot the home security wench in the thigh. Her lazer vison can't seem to get through the forcefield...

Dave...violence is like sex, when you aren't having any, you talk about it.

Volvo, if you are reading this blog (and you know you are): Your current ad campaign bites.

Don't give up hope yet. It's never too late for a thigh shot or an attempted razor-blade eye-ectomy.

I am right, after all, the dead electrocuted rat in Prison Break was a more violent episode than Jack and the exploding PDA chip...so far. Of course, 24 can still kill somebody like Curtis off for fun.

Adonis...remember who you're dealing with...the "Jack Bauer of the Blog"™!

Moohaha!!! I bet you'd love to be chained up like Colette in front of Jack!

shoot her in the thigh

Jack and Colette, sittin' in a cell....

Colette wants to talk about...feelings. Jack wants to talk about Bierko. Typical Venus/Mars delemma

Jack knows what he WANTS her to want!

GO Bucket! Right there with ya!

everyone wants immunity signed by ze pres.

HEY! I AM for sale , lady!

My she has a very firm policy.

a schematic!!! What kind of schematic??? who cares!!!

Uh oh, not schematics!

Why is Jack believing her at face value?? Shoot her wife in the thigh Jack!!

So, I have been reading the comments for the past 20 minutes...sound like BLAH BLAH BLAH canisters, BLAH BLAH Wet List...BLAH BLAH...no stabbing no shooting no show ... glad I missed it. Now I will go watch 2 1/2 men on the DVR and have a few chuckles.

Off Topic: Anyone here homeschooling? email me.

Wow, Jack has lots of seconds from Curtis.

Independent contracter? Yeah, you can always believe them!

This is the worst episode in like, weeks.

Commercial breaks account for so much yappin'. If I could hear the TV from the computer room...

Home lans security lady gets all the good likes today. *yawn*

HLS doesn't like surprises, Jack.

I'd love to be tied up with Collete...

And just admit fault already!

I think Jack should torture Colette.

homeland security are a little mean

Sumpin' gonna happen to Brother Palmer

Finally! Some violence!

LINES, lines, lines and Land land land!!!!


Race car noises. That'll liven things up.

Ooh a crash!

It certainly is taking Wayne a LONG time to drive into the compound...

Why didn't he just slam on the brakes?

Was that the A-Team in that van?

There goes the Prez Palmer's bro.

Oh yeah, good thing for Brother Palmer that the VP ain't up to no good...

Damn, his car is beaten out by a van?!

So he's going to take her word about not knowing what the diagram was for without even raising his voice? And he shot JoBeth Williams just to make a point? Weak, Jack, very weak.

the only shooting was a tire? dang!

Everyone looks confused, including us here

AWWWWWDRAYYY!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!






Cool! Jack's going to shoot Audrey!!!!!!

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