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March 20, 2006


Here is where I believe the situation stands: Following last week's gas attack on CTU HQ, the Hobbit is dead. So is Tony, who is not to be confused with Tony Soprano, who is in a coma after getting shot by Uncle Junior. In addition, many nameless CTU staff extras are dead. Edgar also remains, tragically, dead. Audrey is still alive, prompting us to wonder where Uncle Junior is when we need him. Jack Bauer is also still alive and now holds the world indoor breath-holding record. The terrorists still have something like 18 Killer Kanisters, and evidently they will stop at nothing in their cruel and inhuman quest to make this particular plot thread last for the rest of this season. The president of the United States contunues to be a big girl's blouse and a complete handbag. Speaking of which, this item is still only $10.

Having missed the last two weeks, I'm depending on you keen observers out there to explain what is happening tonight. Since I have no idea what's going on, rather than put my clueless updates here in the main section, I'll put my comments down in the comments section, where they will mingle freely with yours. So I hope everybody is wearing protection.


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Is there anyone not working for the Russians?

...as other cities "take note"...

Hey...those dudes in LA are doin' martial law.
Yeah...I noticed.

I love BOB's smile, don't you? Walk on Fire, Manilow, walk on fire....

Oh geez. I hope Aaron's been following the government stats regarding its employees casualty rates for the day....

the VP used to work for the President of Belarus

So it took them, what, five minutes to get troops all over Los Angeles?

The VP is not bad. They are trying to hard to make him seem like a bad guy.

Whatever the President says is legal, right? Right?

...lunesta is non- narcotic...

Um, yeah, I enjoy watching her get dressed too O_O

The lovely Colette with the spike heel boots. Who do you think she's going to walk all over?

I always wear stilletto boots when I transport canisters myself.

Another totally inscrutable accent


Who's the hippie guy with Colette? I am SO confused.

Colette the coquette

When Collette bites it, can I have her boots?

Dave. she scammed him for info of some kind for the bad dudes.

200,000. That's almost as many as posted on our nuclear kilt blog.


*sigh* No more thong, and no one was shot yet. C'mon Jack, stir something up!


Dave ~ hippy guy is the reason we got to see her inna thong. I don't think he has a point beyond that.

Awww, we don't get to see any more of Colette's secret for another 45 mins.

And where is Jack?

Yeah, who is the hippie guy? Was that the Hobbits sister's boyfriend who stole the Hobbit's key card?

CIllette has schematics? Are the setting up a perimeter?

Hal to president: Are you having second thoughts?

Please. Did he have any first ones?

Hiding under his stealth hoodie.

Jack spends this episode in the bathroom.

THEY, They, they!!! (not the)... : (

Moohaha! Poor Adonis...thinking that she had nothing to do with italics.


No wonder my cell phone died tonight. She repositioned my satellite.

You can't handle the truth.

PLEASE, who is the homeland defense lady?

CTU absorbed into Homeland Security...that's scary!

Oh yeah, wait till Jack hears about this, b*****! Your thigh's in danger!

Please, Bill, keep me infiltrating you between you and me...

Geez Bill, nothing like being usurped twice in one day!

Which after having held my breath because of noxious fumes I would too.

SHE? Hey Andy, I don't wanna hear it! Don't make me get my cow!

Everyone takes over CTU from Bill. He ought to take the hint. His career is over. If he wants to run something he should become a close aid of the President

I think the Homeland lady has a point about CTU. I mean, after an anti-terrorist organization has been infiltrated, what, 127 times by terrorists, you have to ask yourself if maybe it's time to absorb it.

Is Edgar STILL on the floor at New Guy's feet?

Looks like some action...or not. Is boyfriend gone?

I think it's good that Edgar's dead. He wouldn't have liked being absorbed by Homeland.

I hope the President's doing the right thing , too.

Of COURSE she went for the roof!

I swear if they kill of Curtis...

Homeland isn't big enough to absorbed Edgar (RIP)

Into the stairwell! Let's all run together in a pack!!!

I did't see her go for the roof? WTF?

wait guys, I've got it! A perimeter! Yes, that's it, let's set up a perimeter!

Nah, the boyfriend isn't gone. If he was, there'd be no thong. No Thong = Lower Ratings

ONly 200,000? They must've moved the canisters out to Palmdale ...

Absorbing Edgar would have been the end of Homeland

Holy Crap! It's Baltar!!

Shoot him in the thigh!!!!

thigh shooting scene, coming up

c'mon Jack, you know that never works..

shoot him in the thigh!


Oh man, I wear a badge like that all the time too. And have a bad accent.

So...I'm just now peeking in on the blog...in Phoenix, Arizona, at 7:18 p.m. And apparently, I don't even have to WATCH the show. I can just read the blog. I wish I'd have known that before I wasted the first 12 hours.

He's with the German whomajawhat?!?!


whaddya doin' here in dis country???

Holy Cow...German Federal Intelligence!! The PLOT thickens...if it gets any thicker it's gonna clog the toilet!

HOLY CRAP! It is Baltar! hahaha

I don't think that's the actor who plays Baltar.

oops... heh heh. wow, Jack didn't want to check the cell.

They've got cell phone numbers for German operatives?

Chloe can check anything instantly.

It's David Bowie with hair and a tan.

Ho, hum, we don't care about your stinkin' operation!!

(he is definitely scruffy)

his "agenda" should be a good shave

Don't listen to him, Jack. He's in it with the Cylons...

He obviously knows NOTHING about the cannisters.

Heh. Jack's just thinking...boy...his thigh looks like it's missing a bullet or stab wound or two...

"you can't touch me" as jack holds his arm

They made him a German agent who had also trained in England because he couldn't keep a grip on his frickin' accent for more than 2 seconds.

Both of them are gonna get nailed for breaking curfew if they stay out in plain view like that.
And really that line 'You can't touch me' really deserved at least a flesh wound in the thigh. Jack must not be feeling well.

hey wasn't he one of the x-men?

Oooohhhh, a Nissan NOW Event!

SNork @ Betsy

Jack can touch you, you silly Englishman, anywhere and anytime he feels like it.

Oh yeah, Jack won't touch him...

So the German guy demands an ID and they show him ... then he says who he is and Jack doesn't even ask for ID?

Intelligence? HAH!

Come on folks - who is the HomeLand Defense Lady? Please

He knows about colette's cannisters!! ; )

Was the German actually stupid enough to tell Jack "You can't touch me?"

...And how is it that Chloe can just call up a list of other countries' undercover intelligence assets inside the US? I thought they were, you know, undercover.

Uh Oh! Der Komissar's in in town uh oh oooh-oh!

Why doesn't Chloe stay at CTU and keep track of the terrorists for Jack and Jack do the running around collecting the terrorists and cannisters. We don't need no stinkin homeland security!

Nice cannisters, eh?

Everyone who has seen them knows about collettes canisters.

I'm sorry, am I confusing you with Madonis?!

Are you a he or a she? I'm sooooo confused...

I think they pressed the button on the Random Plot Generator, and it said: Germans.

Chloe just downloades the internet into her brain every morning. pervert.

Now we see what would happen if Jack Bauer got to take on Jack Bauer.... Does anybody else think the German sort of looks like a Jack with hair?

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