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March 20, 2006


Here is where I believe the situation stands: Following last week's gas attack on CTU HQ, the Hobbit is dead. So is Tony, who is not to be confused with Tony Soprano, who is in a coma after getting shot by Uncle Junior. In addition, many nameless CTU staff extras are dead. Edgar also remains, tragically, dead. Audrey is still alive, prompting us to wonder where Uncle Junior is when we need him. Jack Bauer is also still alive and now holds the world indoor breath-holding record. The terrorists still have something like 18 Killer Kanisters, and evidently they will stop at nothing in their cruel and inhuman quest to make this particular plot thread last for the rest of this season. The president of the United States contunues to be a big girl's blouse and a complete handbag. Speaking of which, this item is still only $10.

Having missed the last two weeks, I'm depending on you keen observers out there to explain what is happening tonight. Since I have no idea what's going on, rather than put my clueless updates here in the main section, I'll put my comments down in the comments section, where they will mingle freely with yours. So I hope everybody is wearing protection.


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That is all. For now.

for some mysterious reason...i'm missing the cobain kid....


His Daveness will post among us! *tingle*

You know, if I stil had any desire to set off italics, this would be the perfect time.

Adonis...Feeling a little tired after the last, uh, two days of posting? I hear ya. I had to take a nap, and totally missed the fireworks when the Snorkometer rolled over. But I'm at least partially recovered, and looking forward to a grand reunion with the whole team, and The Coach.
Let's DO it!!!

*dons protective hoodie o'steel™*
Okay, I'm ready.

Shouldn't the phrase Killer Kanisters have a TM next to it? I'm thinking there's some money to be had in that somewhere. I'm just saying. *waits with bated breath for 15 minutes*

Dang ... desktop in the other room from either TV, first time ever with channel available on correct time ... workin' on a PC ... oh well ... here we go ...

Killer Kanisters could also describe the First Lady's assets.

Sorry you missed the party Betsy. I think three guys simul-ed just to show we have staying power, and Tennesee and El flirted. Very cool and fireworky.

Damn. I hate being on Pacific time.... I don't want to have to wait!

anyone figure out why everyone didn't hold their breath and get the heck out of CTU????

oatbagg ... that would've required logic, common sense and a plot line, none of which, obviously, are present amongst the writers ... only here on the blog ...

oatbag, they weren't wearing protective hoodies.

Another wolf on the blog? Cool!

*Snork* @ wolfie

They were all too busy laughing over the shock mouses.

Can't wait for the show!

Here is another synopsis for the events up to the end of last weeks episode.

Jeezely, the simuls and triples have started already, and it's still seven minutes to post time ... wowser ...

Somebody is getting lazy.....

Ooooo a simul with the police. I do hope handcuffs were involved.

yeah wolfie ... and mebbe a "nightstick" ... ?

snork @ wooster girl

Hey, wolfie!

let'd do this! LEEERRROOOOOOOOYYY JE....wait, no. sorry

snork at wolfie and UO

I can't wait! Mr Blog himself!

Hiya daisy *waves*
Did you know you were 24 on the 24 thread? That deserves some sort of award. If I hadn't been drinkin the last couple hours I'd find one. Remind me later I owe ya something shiny. Okay?

woot! From Prison Break to 24--can my heart take it?! welcome home to his Daveness!

So is Dave going to be wearing a disguise while he mingles among us or will he wearing a blue shirt?

I'm wondering if anyone else like maybe the Fire Department might be able to help CTU..or is Curtis the only one who can help?

He will be wearing a blue hoodie and the Sunglasses Of Disguise.

Oh....he's never faced anyone like HER!

like Audrey?



(HEY, was that Desmond from "Lost" in the preview?!? Saying that she was too valuable to give up?!?)

Herre weeee goooooo!

Fasten your seatbelts boys n girls

Which has more graphic violence--the dead electrocuted rat on Prison Break or dead gassed CTU people on 24? Huh?

Colette? Who the heck is Colette?


No, Brad, the new terrorist babe with the see-through lingerie!


Uh oh, there's Madame LeHaig

Dang, are we talking in foreign accents already?

Dave, Colette is a thong-wearing terrorist

thank you slyeyes and O.
the best writers are on this blog indeed

thank god dave is back. I don't think I can take another death of someone cool. TTOOOOONNNNNNYNYYYY! *cry*



Hey, is this a rerun, or just deja vu?

Tonys at peace now.

Boy, Jack doesn't even look pissed that his best boyfriend is dead!

Chloe can decrypt anything. Why isn't she running things?

ANDY! How dare you set off italics and blame it on me!

She's so sorry? No Tears? Who is that? It can't be Audrey!

how do y'all watch the show and blog simultaneously?
clever bunch!

Henderson got out, stole a car, got a block away, abandoned the car...in about 2 minutes...and CTU had the ability to determine all that??!?

Hey Wolfie! Us wolves will have to stick together.

Sigh. I'm going to leave for now though, so I can watch later and not know if Jack gives Tony the kiss... I mean, breath of life and brings him back.

No Q & A....that's a surprise!

Oh, Curtis FINALLY made it back...

Second thought? I never knew the president had first ones!

President Manilow has some kind of adenoid problem that necessitates First Ramparts to speak directly up into his nostrils.

Why is Prez Manilow so hot to declare martial law!

40% are dead or unable to work. Yeah...there's the new euphamism for death...I'm sorry, but my great-great-great-grandfather is "unable to work"...

He has first thoughts when someone tells him to have them

How can he be so clueless?

i guess we're setting ourselves up for a new asshole president

Exactly how many times was Prez Weasel dropped on his head by momma weasel?!

Duh...they WILL strike again.

the camera will take off a few punds of neck skin for prez weenie.

Except for the fraternities at UCLA

...or...am I watching the news?

No Q&A and no FL T&A :(

So good luck getting home if you're at work tonight. Hope you brought your toothbrush.

Madame Le Haig will...assume full control.

Oh oh, bye bye Buchanan. Time to figuratively die.

Look, Edgar's body is STILL on the floor...they apparently couldn't find a stretcher big enough...

I've been framed! By Andy!

Uh..oh..asshole in charge just said the wrong thing to Chloe.

Isn't "Homeland" the people who assessed New Orleans for us?

More protocols!

Ha ha, Yeah Miles, ask Chloe all about the network!! Hope you weren't using that bottom :P

Yeah, NOW Chloe's sad Edgar's dead. Sheesh.

Chloe has laser eyes of death!

Shoot him, Chloe!

Chloe is using her lazer vision

Reinstalling protocols? There goes the hour ...

Oh. Chloe is giving him the Evil Eye. You are so in trouble, new boy.


you know what happens when you lose your key card - just ask the hobbit

OK, whose key card did she give him??

Rut ro. Another keycard on the loose.

OK, let's guess, which one of the NEW GUYS is a mole?

Fresh air? In the Manilow administration?

the ghost of edgar will possess the homeland security jerk. edgar doesn't die.

Moving in force across city borders? They make this too easy.

It's Wayne Brady, B***H!

Aaron! Injured in the line of duty...and STILL on duty!

WAYNE PALMER! Awwwright!

I have a bad feeling about Palmer's brother seeing Aaron.

Ooooh boy love between Wayne and Aaron past curfew. Woot!

D'oh! The VP was in on the cannister double-cross!! It all adds up...I think

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