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March 13, 2006


Just wanted to send you this exact quote from our local TV reviewer, Elissa Bass of "The Day" (see her column online at theday.com):


9 p.m., Fox

My sources tell me they killed the fat guy last week, and everyone's really sad about it. There's your update.

Some people just don't care the way we do!

Helen Lancaster


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I hate it when people speak in html

Ah, much better!

I love my Dead Fat Guy!

Pandemonium on the flensing deck.

ohhh - a Heathers reference! Nicely done afDFDASASFD! (Whatever that means)

I'm not dead!

Some people will never understand the pain this is causing Krispy Kreme's bottom line. Actually I really miss the big lug.

Topic Diversion Alert******

Who watched the Sopranos last night and is everyone as shocked as I am???

Yes you are.

addict: Oooh, they're back!!! Those wacky, whackin' Soprano's just can't stop hurting the ones they love

Given that the blog is away, is it a safe assumption that the honourable Saint Judy will be chairing our weekly meeting of the 24 addicted horde tonight?

Hi, I'm Al and I'm addicted to 24.

Not to be confused with the real I'm addicted to 24. Mine is an illness, his is a persona.

I was shocked too, Addicted - at both things.

*crosses hanging off how to commit suicide list*

I dunno.... Jack was able to revive a lilthe tween girl at the mall with an injection... how do we know portly Edgar won't be revived??

Fat Edgar Lives!

I'm betting the Hobbit goes down for the count tonight.

Since someone dies tonight (as they said in the ad last week for this week so no complaining about spoilers) I am betting that Audrey at long last will go off and anoy the lord.

I'm hoping for Audrey but Samwise makes much more sense. You know, "I got us into this and it's my duty to get us out of it!"

"*gack* Chloe! *gack* plop."

Can I just say, I hope it's Kim?

I think it's going to be Samwise, too. Audrey at least appears competent...Sam lost it. He must pay.

I don't think it'll be Audrey. It wouldn't make sense right now to kill her off. She just hasn't been lovable or hatable enough this season to waste a death scene on her.

Lynn does look most likely, but I bet they won't make a semi-hero out of him. He wasn't a good leader when he was head of CTU, and I don't see him stepping up to the plate now. I could, however, see Jack forcing him to help out.

Also, something's bound to happen in the infirmary, where both Tony and Henderson (isn't that his name?)are!

I say again, I fear for Tony. I'm afraid that actor has gotten the itch to go elsewhere and the writers are only too happy to oblige him.

daisymae sed "Audrey at least appears competent..."

That's a sure sign she's a goner. She's making everyone else look bad by being competent, so she's a goner. At least that's the way it is around my office.......... wait a sec -- I've been here HOW long? Uh oh...

24 seems to have a following overseas. I came across the following "Quote of the Day" at Banana Oil's blog:

不过反正 Jack Bauer 不会死的,世界也不会灭亡的−this much I'm sure of 。
Translated by Google as:

But anyway Jack Bauer will not die, the world will not perish — this much I 'm sure of.

I'm sure it will be Jack's mentor Harry and the Hendersons who dies tonite.

HatH is heading to the infirmary where Tony is recharging. Tony has had about 5 hours so he should be 100% recovered from the explosion and had plentu of time to properly morun his late wife. Tony will use his CTU IT clerk cunning skills to distrcat CatH, possibly by noting that his shoes are untied, and then crush his head with his Chicago Cubs coffee mug - I'm sure of it.

I'm also 100% sure there's 0% chance that either Tony or Kim will be taken as a hostage - again.

Yeah, but if Henderson dies, what happens to the big ole Pandora's box o' secrets to which he referred in the last episode? I think Jack will do anything and shoot anyone he has to, to make sure Henderson lives. Plus, I'm thinking they're setting H. up to be Jack's uber-nemesis for the rest of the season, at which point we'll probably find out he was really secretly a good guy. Well, relatively a good guy.

What do y'all think is up with the new Veep?

Good points Tallulah.

Does anyone else think that Henderson looks like the Riddler? Frank Gorshen, may he RIP.

Also think that Kim's boyfriend/therapist was also a setup by Henederson - I'm sure that will play out later too.

He does kinda look like the Riddler!

Something is definitely up with Landes, but at this point I'm kind of annoyed with the writers for even bringing in the Landes character. Did we really need Kim to have an boyfriend/appendage when she shows back up at CTU that could possibly be...oh, gosh!...a mole!

The CTU intrigue has been fun this year, but I'm finding that I'm liking the Logan drama at the Frank Lloyd Wright Ranch better.

I think Kim's boyfriend, the therapist, is suspicious, too. A set-up by Henderson...hmmmm.

Did we really need Kim to have an boyfriend/appendage when she shows back up at CTU that could possibly be...oh, gosh!...a mole!

Good points, Tallulah, especially when he's played by C. Tommy Howell.

But I still think Hobbit Boy will redeem himself by throwing himself on the grenade, so to speak. And I'm hoping Tony gets a chance to take a circular saw to Robocop.

so tonights episode, we learn that nerve gas does nothing to Jack Bauer

You've gotta hand it to Elissa Bass. She has a way of cutting through all the bullsh*t and getting to the heart of the matter.

C. Thomas Howell (psychiatrist/ boyfriend), Ray Wise (Scary Vice President), Mark Sheppard (Yellow Tie Terrorist), and Gregory Itzen (President Manilow WeeniePants.)

All members of the cast of "24."

Also, all guest stars on the Pamela Anderson series "VIP." (Season one available on DVD tomorrow.)

Each, in their (not there) own time, the best bad show on television!

Coincidence? I think so!

(Sorry about the shameless plug. I have no actual monetary stake in the success of the DVD sales of "VIP." But I worked on the show and would like to see season one sell well enough to justifiy the release of seasons 2-4.)

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