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March 13, 2006


Here is the situation as we begin tonight's episode: I have no idea. I missed last week. All I know is that Edgar went to that big Krispy Kreme store in the sky.  Also Jack finally shot somebody in the thigh. Apparently she was an innocent woman, but sometimes Jack just gets to a point in his life where he has to shoot somebody in the thigh, and there she was. Also of course the Lethal Fatal Deadly Death Canisters of Doom are still loose in Southern California, where they have been seen shopping on Rodeo Drive as well as in the audience of the Jay Leno show.

That's all I know. I'm counting on you to keep this blog posted on tonight's developments. I'll be reading your comments from Ireland, where Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book Tuesday.  Of course if, God forbid, anything happens to Chloe tonight, we will cancel everything and go straight home.


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cooked is right!

awww hell naw!

OMG-Robocop was just pretending to be in a coma!


Nooo! Not Tony! And Robocop has a gun! NOOOOO!


omg, tony

...groggily..wait, I'll tell you everything...Tony's down now, but maybe he'll be a little more truthful

Frack! Frack! Frack! How?!?! What?! But but but

Wow! He's moves fast for a guy whose nervous system shut down.

Robocop has a Harry Potter wound on his cheek

oh my GOD, shoot him in the thigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or is this a stressfull episode?

Noooo! Don't cry, Jack!

Nooooo! Jack really really loves Tony, man. Come on!

Wow, they're just killing EVERYONE this season.

How many would die if this were called "365"?

so who was he with, that is gone now, so he doesn't have the will to live in spite of jack hugging and begging him?

Wow so sad!

did hamlet just die?

These last two episodes were mean, mean, mean!

judi-I can't remember her name.

damn - I was hopin we could pi$$ off an executive - just a video game - I KNEW it was too good to be true

At this rate, the season's 24th episode will be nothing more than an hour of soft organ music because there won't be any characters left alive.

Tony's down AGAIN! He's cheated death so many times now, he'll do it again.

Unless he dies from an badly infected face.

LBFF...No, it's not just you. I had to watch the first 40 minutes without sound because I was debriefing my mother on the phone, but the last 20 were enough to wear me out. And even Jack seems to be feeling a tad overwhelmed (or at least whelmed) with all the carnage.

Edgar gets a silent clock and Tony doesn't? WTF! TONY!!! NOOOOOOO

The bleeps told me that tony is not going to die.

judi, his wife, MIchelle, was killed at the beginning of the season; which was earlier in the day.

I bet Jack dies this season.

Why does a Chinese computer company have a Russian-sounding name? And in the middle of 24? Do they really think that makes me feel better?

*snork* at Varjak

curtis gonna bite it next week?

Tony will be okay tomorrow. Keep breathing, Tony!

Okay, can we just go watch something LESS depressing, like, I don't know, small puppies slowly being suffocated or something.

Well, now we know where Jack leanred to survive against all odds. That Henderson guy was something.

And favourite line: Chloe: I treated him like crap all day (every day).

I bet Jack dies this season.

Didn't one of those bad guys in the previews look like the guy in bed with the thong-wearing strumpet?

This show makes me cry.

Betsy-Thank you! I'm exhausted.

Thank you, Shane, just thinkin' the same thing.

Owel...back to work. Fun times, y'all...fun times...especially since Adonis..er...RRT...didn't release the Canister of Italic Doom!

Well, see you next week, people!

shades of alias.... and she ain't nearly as cute as jennifer garner.

Well, that's everyone from season one. Except Kim, but--nah, the writers wouldn't be so good to us.

I'm starting to have a bad feeling about Chloe, now. It should be Audrey, but...nope, no bad feeling there.

341? Really?

Well, crap, just shoot me in the thigh.

Dave-Be happy you missed this one.


From a CNN story on the 24 video game:

It's no surprise that an Internet post making the cyber-rounds speculates that "Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas."

Is it just me or are the writers killing people off to make us forget about all the plot holes?

Or have I missed something(s)?

Dave must never miss 24 again. When he misses, people die. *breaks down crying for tony*

good point homeybeef

I thought Prez Weenie was going to lose it.

And, who is the new crew they're bringing in to run CTU...I didn't like the look of the guy in the backseat with the computer. Suspicious. "I'll just replace their people with my people." Sounds like CTU is going to be decimated.


7pm - Someone on a loud speaker is stating the completely obvious, which is don't leave the sealed rooms. You'd think the dead bodies would be the first clue.

7:01 - The gas masks are completely safe in the gas filled rooms. No danger of human contamination.

7:02 - Jack wants Chloe to go back to her job, but she's still upset about Edgar. The camera pans to Edgar who tries to get up, but someone off-stage pushes him back down.

7:03 - "Barry" to the rescue, to try and talk to Chloe. He starts singing "Mandy".

7:04 - A red shirt guard starts to dress down The Hobbit for not reporting that he got beaten up. The Red Shirt guard can sympathize about getting beaten up, but is mad.

7:05 - Jack talks to the Doctor, and Tony finds out that Buckaroo is there. Tony jumps the doctor, and grabs a gun from the guy guarding Buckaroo.

7:06 - Tony tells Buckaroo - "My Name is Tony Almeda. You killed my wife. Prepare to die."

7:08 - Jack talks Tony out of shooting Buckaroo, reminding him he really liked when Buckaroo was in Robocop.

7:09 - Jack asks about the truth serum, the guy who gave it to him said that more would kill him. Tony says he's OK with that. Edgar peeks up from behind a desk.

7:10 - Vice President Scary and President Manilow is on the phone with Madam Alexandra Haig, who declares herself "in charge here".

7:11 - VP Scary thinks it's possible to clear the streets of LA all people. I suspect he's planning on using the same system they used to get rid of the cars.

7:12 - A terrorist flunky asks IEST (Inpecible English Speaking Terrorist) what he wants to do next, and IEST says "I'm going to Disney World!" When they remind him they're in California, he decides to release all the rest of the gas instead.


7:17 - Jack interrupts "Barry", who tells Jack to back off of Chloe... And Jack starts to strangle him for going after Kim. Barry promises not to sing again.

7:18 - Warning message on the monitors say that the seals are breaking down! Chloe thinks it's acid mixed with the gas, but if they look near the floor, they'd see Edgar has scooted up to the window and is trying to break back in, as if nothing happened.

7:19 - Cheney Looking Guy (CLG) is on the phone trying to convince VP Scary that he's not interested in "usurping his position", and that, no, he's not interested in going to see Broke Back Mountain either. Mrs. Cleavage Manilow is surprised VP Scary is making policy....after all, that's HER job. CLG tells Cleavage she needs to do something about it. She starts to have a nervous breakdown. CLG says that he meant that she should talk to President Manilow, not have a breakdown.

7:21 - Bill gets on the speaker system to let the other people in the other locked rooms that unless they're very very careful, Edgar will break into one of their rooms to try and rejoin the cast. And also that the gas is in danger of getting through the seals. They're going to have to help themselves. Edgar hears "help themselves" and starts rifling through the lunches people brought.

7:22 - Jack wants Chloe to access the ventilation system, and she refuses because there's gas out there and stuff. Jack tells her to use her computer instead. She says there's a computer in another part of CTU that can help vent the gas, and by an amazing coincidence, they have a way to get there through a false panel in the wall right behind her! Everyone turns to the camera and gives the "Do you believe that?" look.

7:24 - Jack takes a deep breath, and goes in!


7:28 - Jack's crawling around the insides of CTU, comes out somewhere and tapes the floor off, blocking Edgar who was right behind him.

7:30 - He's going into the contaminated area, and prys open a wall panel, only to see that someone has been messing with the computers. It looks like someone installed Mac drivers on a Windows machine.

7:31 - Kim snaps at Chloe, and "Barry" says to "breathe". Chloe says "What's with your 'breathing'? Is that your solution for everything?" I'm not sure what I can add to that.

7:32 - Jack gets to take a breath! Two minutes!

7:32 - They can't get to the computer. They figure that The Hobbit is in Holding Room 4, and they want him to go to the computer to start the vents going. And, uh, whoops.... there's no place to go after that, so he'll, um....die.

7:33 - The Red Shirt guard realizes that they'll BOTH die, and Jack tells him to look at the shirt color he's got on, and think Star Trek. Edgar can be heard in the background.... "Don't do it! It's a bad career move! You'll be out of the show!". Red Shirt doesn't understand until Edgar says "Think Tasha Yar!".

7:34 - The Hobbit tells Red Shirt that they have to go to Mount Doom. Red Shirt doesn't like this one bit.


7:39 - Kim apologies to Chloe. Chloe is having a bad day. Edgar yells "So am I!"

7:41 - Red Shirt's on the phone with his daughter to say his final goodbye. :-(

7:42 - The Hobbit opens the door, starts running for the computer and restores the program. It's going to take 15 minutes He made it back to the room.

7:43 - Jack thanks them both. Red Shirt thinks he's OK.....but he dies. The Hobbit starts to shake and dies too.

7:46 - Buckaroo still isn't talking. Jack wants Chloe to work on Buckaroo's disk. Kim tells Jack that she doesn't want to be around him. Kim says she noticed that people die when Jack's around them. She runs to "Barry". Audrey asks Jack if he's OK, and he says "No". Edgar yells "I'm not OK either!"


7:51 - Manilow thinks that VP Scary's idea is just great and sees to problem with telling the eleventy-bazillion people in LA that they can't go outside, or try and leave, or anything like that. Nope, he's thought it through, and he sees to problem. He's sure everyone will cooperate. Mrs. Manilow tells him that VP Scary is pulling his strings. Manilow starts to tear up, and HE starts singing "Mandy".

7:52 - Terrorist gets a phone call, and IEST calls a female terrorist, who hangs up on him because she still needs to get info. Oh, and she's wearing a negligee and is with some guy in an apartment. Typical terrorists.

7:53 - Bill gets a phone call from Madam Haig in Homeland Security, who says she's in charge. Bill looks pretty upset because first The Dead Hobbit wanted to take over his job, and now SHE does. Bill says he'll need about 20 in comm, 35 in tactical, and one Edgar. She tells Bill he'll be there in a minute.

7:54 - Madam Haig wants to take down CTU, and send everyone home! They're reformating computers! Chloe's gonna be mad about that! Offscreen, Edgar yelling "SEE! SEE! I TOLD YOU!"

7:57 - Jack tells "Barry" to get Kim out of the city, NOT turn back, and not to sing. Edgar tries to mix in with the crowd as everyone is leaving the rooms they were in, and a giant hook from stage left grabs him, but he doesn't move. Then a second hook grabs him and he gets pulled off stage.

7:58 - Tony says Buckaroo looks dead and stuff. Jack tries to tell him not to kill Buckaroo, and that he'd regret it.

7:58 - Tony knocks out the other agent, and Tony pulls a hypo to stab Buckaroo, but he can't do it. BUCKAROO RETURNS TO LIFE AS ROBOCOP AND STABS TONY WITH THE HYPO!

7:59 - Jack finds Tony and tries to call for help. Tony says that Michelle is gone, and dies in Jack's arms.

Are they going to kill EVERYONE?

*channeling the irritating Jar Jar Bing* Yousa thinkin' people gonna die?

The best line of the night:

Chloe to the psych guy: " What is it with you and breathing? Is that your solution to everything?"

I love her.

*a silent moment for Tony*

Poor Tony. You made me forget Edgar.


Oh good some one died this time. I was starting to worry.


Oh....and tropichunt.com guy(tm), we were thinking along the same lines on that Princess Bride line... I didn't read that until after I posted (I'm typing like a madman during the show). If I saw that, I would have used another line. Sorry about that!

Well done, Steve. Take a bow!

Steve, WONDERFUL recap!

And thanks for the Tasha Yar reference.

Knew all along MacGill was going to redeem himself for being such an a**hole.

It's the "24" formula - Mason and Chappell did the same thing on day 2 & day 3.

*holds up cigarette lighter for Steve*

Observation: Tubby Hobbit holds his breath, runs up a flight of stairs disables computer, runs back down flight of stairs and STILL holds his breath longer than fit security guard.

I'm wearing black next week. I can't take it any more...all Season One dudes gone (ignoring Kim). **sob** After all that work patching him up, they killed off Hamlet with a needle? Gah. And does everyone want to take over Buchanan's job every hour of the day? I'm driven to soliloquizing. Help.

Steve...I especially like "Madame Haig"

Secret service guy Aaron Pierce has been around since day 1 as well. Now he's apparently just a free agent and guards whoever he feels like. He was Palmer's main dude, but with Logan he jumps into limo's with the first Cleavage if he feels like it.

Steve-Thanks for the hilarious recap. I feel better now.

So who thinks that Robo - guy is possibly tougher than even Jack himself???????? (I know sacrilegious).

This guy doesn't spill his beans under any amount of pain and torture. Also lets Jack plug his wife and doesn't crack. He then revives and turns on Tony takes a gun and runs away.

excellent work!

Hey, he TRAINED Jack. He's at least Jack's equal. And don't forget, he's half metal. Heartless, those metal people. Unlike my, sob, Tony.

'good night sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!' RIP Tony. :*(

Dave - MUCH COOLER THAN THE BLARNEY STONE (you don't know where that thing's been) - take the Ring of Kerry until you see a sign on the left (their left) that says "Scenic Route." Take this one-lane goat path about 4 miles up the side of a mountain until it dead-ends at a gate. Put the 10p admission in the metal box and enter. This is the Staigue fort of my direct ancestor, King Milesius, who invaded the southwest tip of Ireland in 472 B.C. He came over from Iberia, now known as Spain, or as my grandmother used to call it - "where dem Puerto Ricans is from." The fort overlooks the ocean, handy for looking over whatever you've overrun. You can see the skelligs, which are natural stone spires sticking out of the ocean hundreds of feet high. Legend has it that monks had to climb up and out on the skelligs to kiss a cross every time someone died on "24"...sort of an early drinking game that fell out of popularity...literally. (I found this fort by accident when I won a trip to Ireland years ago - I'd tell you more, but you'll have to read my book, and if you wanna read my book, you'll have to find me a publisher first...was that out loud?) Oh, and go to Dingle Bay, if only because it sounds like Dangly Bits.

So we lose Edgar, Samwise McGill and Tony within the space of one hour and a few seconds?

Now I'm sad. Also, I want Jack to shoot Robocop. Serveral times. In the head. No thigh shooting here. It's time for Jack to get serious.

I don't think Tony's dead. There was no "silent count" at the end like there was for Edgar and every other major character who has bitten the dust in the past.

it's not a good sign when some one asks Jack if he is ok and he says NO....

Steve: No worries on my part. You do a fantastic job. :) Great minds think alike.

What is this "silent count" everybody keeps talking about?

daisy, it's when the bleep-bloop-bleep-bloop doesn't play at the end, even though the clock's going.

I am just too distraught to comment...

*tries to hold up bic lighters for all who have passed on 24 and sets house on fire*

Gotta drop a SNORK! in here for Nancy Kerrigan.


Hey, I just had a thought while I was thinking...maybe Tony will be reunited with President Palmer in The Unit next week! Wouldn't that be kewl? Okay, back to soliloquizing...

Tamara: I just read your post about no antenna. I've only had cable for 6 months. It's a hoot to be able to watch Law & Order 24/7.

I just watched the entire first season of 24 this past weekend, AND I think season 3 is going to be on this next weekend. They run 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday. It's on WGN. Now, both WGN and Fox are available by broadcast (if you have an antenna). You can buy a cheap antenna at Radio Shack that you can just put up inside your house, you know. I had one when I lived in Miami.

I only got cable when I moved to my new house, attached the cable to my TV and was mesmerized by the 80 channels that I now had (versus 20 with the antenna). When the previous owner's cable service ran out or was cancelled, I was already hooked.

Just watched tonight's episode on tape...Is it just me, or did Jack pick up a new, larger and much-improved "JACK SACK?"

...And personally, after seeing how they've turned Kim into a cold-hearted, selfish little bitch this season - Kim now makes Nina Myers look all warm and fuzzy - I'm hoping they'll bring back the cougar next.

On the other hand, the cat's claws can't be any sharper than the ungrateful daughter's, so it might be a fair fight this time...

If you're in Dublin, go to Carroll's on the corner of O'Connell and the south Quays. It's the best tourist trap in the city. Also on O'Connell (south of the river) is a great statue of Molly Malone, the Tart with the Cart. She's quite fond of CrapCams.

Has anyone else noticed that the First Cleavage has changed her clothes, like, 30 times and the day isn't half over?

alan- She likes to play dress up. I guess its because she is a spy.

The day is half over and Tony is dead *cry* *cry* *cry* but if he's not, *happy* *happy* *happy*

I posted this on the earlier "24" thread, but thought it might bear repeating. Or not.

C. Thomas Howell (psychiatrist/ boyfriend), Ray Wise (Scary Vice President), Mark Sheppard (Yellow Tie Terrorist), and Gregory Itzen (President Manilow WeeniePants.)

All members of the cast of "24."

Also, all guest stars on the Pamela Anderson series "VIP." (Season one available on DVD tomorrow.)

Each, in their (not there) own time, the best bad show on television!

Coincidence? I think so!

(Sorry about the shameless plug. I have no actual monetary stake in the success of the DVD sales of "VIP." But I worked on the show and would like to see season one sell well enough to justifiy the release of seasons 2-4.)

I noticed that, AlanBoss...I guess you don't want to sit around in the same old clothes your husband tried to have you committed or killed in.

The Collegiate - is that the same statue that has the buckshot in the ramparts? From the uprising years ago? Talk about yer implants...."cockles & mussels, alive, alive-o..."

Ok, I'm as depressed as everyone about the Tony thing, but I still had to laugh at:

Chloe: What do you need Jack?

Jack: I need you!!

Tony's been shot in the neck before and he recently suffered an explosion to the face. You can't kill him; he's already a zombie.

I'm with Brian - Tony's not dead.
Clue #1: lack of Silent Clock.
Clue #2: He's still listed on imdb.com for the next few episodes.
Just sayin'... < hope, hope >

PS: why the heck wasn't Buckaroo strapped down on that gurney? oh, right: 'Whatever.'



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