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March 13, 2006


Here is the situation as we begin tonight's episode: I have no idea. I missed last week. All I know is that Edgar went to that big Krispy Kreme store in the sky.  Also Jack finally shot somebody in the thigh. Apparently she was an innocent woman, but sometimes Jack just gets to a point in his life where he has to shoot somebody in the thigh, and there she was. Also of course the Lethal Fatal Deadly Death Canisters of Doom are still loose in Southern California, where they have been seen shopping on Rodeo Drive as well as in the audience of the Jay Leno show.

That's all I know. I'm counting on you to keep this blog posted on tonight's developments. I'll be reading your comments from Ireland, where Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book Tuesday.  Of course if, God forbid, anything happens to Chloe tonight, we will cancel everything and go straight home.


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There's a new target? and when this stuff is gone, you know, it's gone, I mean like, no more show...

VP swallows. O_o

Wow. 13 minutes in and 100 posts!

sly-When things are going downhill they allways bring in the consultants! Sheesh!

Drinking saltwater causes choking and puking...never fun...

Hello. My name is Tony Almeda. You killed my lover. Prepare to die.

KDF, there were 50 before the show started.

The commercial for Inside Man looks like it was ripped from inspired by 24.


I speak as a scuba intructor.

Just relax chloe, the reason you are experiencing anxiety is because we are all going to die.


Oh, he did NOT just say that to Jack!

yes choke him!!

Hey, the daughter's lipstick is gone. Just noticing little things...

Understatement of the year: "Jack, we have a problem."

Stab him in the thigh, Jack!
Shoot him in the thigh, Jack!
Tell HIM to take a DEEP breath, Jack!

There's not enough air in here - psychguy I'm gonna adjust your air intake.

OMG- they're a ticking time bomb!

Alright..who last changed those seals? People? and where's Curtis? I mean, it's been 28 mins..

Damn, they should have used Super Glue. Next time.

Usurp him, Mike!

Cleavage alert!!!

Damn, a turtleneck...

my mom just asked why I was laughing as this does not look like a comedy.

The bad news is we have 15 minutes to live.

The good news is it will be too late for ANOTHER team to take over CTU.

Jack says: "Alright, take this gum and chew as fast as you can."

Yes, use the cleavage!

Martha, you have to show the VP your canisters!

Time for a full-cleavage perimeter!

Mike: You have influence that outstrips any Constitu...er...you have CLEAVAGE that..um...outSTRIPS....er...um...

No way to know CTU is vulnerable???? Wasn't it bombed a couple seasons ago?

Daisymae, even with the headstart you all are setting the gold standard!

"I can hold my breath." HAhahahahaha. That's got to be the line of the night.

I wish i had paid better attention in Math

Jack's goin' in.

JackSack2™ has been sighted!

??? less than 20 minutes? Didn't they have 15 minutes just 5 minutes ago?

I must be drinking the wine too fast.

"I'll hold my breath! " He won't inhale.

Wait, what's going on now? Where is he crawling to??

Well...I sure hope Jack can really hold his breath.

daisy who can't

Don't worry, the atomic fallout from a couple of years back has made me immune to nerve gas.

Are there NO helicopters in LA that could fly vital equipment to CTU quickly? No firestations with breathing equipment? Sorry to inject reality into things.

OH sh!t - I just got back to the house and now I gotta hold my breath thru the commercial break?!@?

I hate the breaking laptop commercial. Makes me cry...

nerve gas can't hurt Jack Bauer

Yeah...don't inhale..Clinton would find this task a piece of cake...

Jack can leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, hold his breathe indefinitely...the only thing missing is the red/white/blue costume and the cape.

tropichunt - thank you for restoring my faith!!!

My first time thru the blog I didnt see ONE Princess Bride Ref, and I was about to be PISSED!

Coast: As you wish....

(I hope you're female...)

I think he's breathing...?

There is no way, Jack is holding his breath with a flashlight in his mouth!

If they're going to end this with the VP being the evil guy who plotted ALL this just to become the Prez, I'm going to shoot someone in the thigh, that's all I'm sayin'.

Exactly how does the hoodie help?

Ahhh Duct tape. Good ol duct tape.

good ol' duct tape. fixes everything

Question: why do you need to wear a hood when you're holding your breath?


I KNEW it! What does CTU turn to when the chips are down? Duct tape!

what's the good going to do?

Duct tape, why didn't they think of that before. Jack throw them some tape.

Okay, now he's holding his breath.

The protective hood! How'd I forget that Jack had one!

Slyeyes - Skin exposure. Plus, it looks cool.

Why doesn't he tape his mouth and nose shut, that way no accidental breathing?

Finally we know what the Department of Homeland Security wanted us to do with the plastic tarps and duct tape. Make an airlock!

I'm holding my breath along with Jack. For fun.

Shouldn't he put the duct tape over his mouth and nose?

And wouldn't the gas affect his eyes also?

1 mississippi, 2 mississippi

Isn't Jack going to have a problem with the nerve gas that got into the room when he opened the door and when he comes back in?



Yay!! Chloe's back!! :P

krap - now he's disguised as the Unibomber from the world poker tour.

YAY, Chloe!!

Wow, Jack is the man. I couldn't hold out that long....

I just thought of another use for that duct tape...put it over the doc and daughter's mouths!

Where are the consultants?

UPGRADED my a$$!!

Damn code violations! Who put in that illegal bars in the ventilation shaft?! Call TeamMetro!

So...is Lynn or the red shirt gonna save the day? And die...

There's bad news for Hobbit Boy.

Uh-oh, Hobbit's gonna go.

redshirt is about to die!!

Die with me...for the ring.

call your wife dude, its game over

I think Harry is gonna cause a problem.

....for those of you who can't swim, thank you for flying TWA...

"Don't go all Gollum on me Harry!"

Samwise is about to be brave!

This is why Hobbit was still listed as a "guest star."

oh krap - why did the hobbit hide with the redshirt?

I'm sorry, Mr. Frodo...there's no other way...we must go through the room filled with Gollum's gas...

Lynn will quit the program and then the program will quit him.

Argh! It's that commercial from the Oscars! They're NOT OVER YET! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

The fat one knows....

OK, are there more commercials this week, or is the action just faster and it just SEEMS there are more?

centox got into the restaurant!

Weird commercial..

Why don't they all go behind the wall?

Sean Austin as Sir No Longer Appearing In This Film.

Behind what wall?

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