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March 13, 2006


Here is the situation as we begin tonight's episode: I have no idea. I missed last week. All I know is that Edgar went to that big Krispy Kreme store in the sky.  Also Jack finally shot somebody in the thigh. Apparently she was an innocent woman, but sometimes Jack just gets to a point in his life where he has to shoot somebody in the thigh, and there she was. Also of course the Lethal Fatal Deadly Death Canisters of Doom are still loose in Southern California, where they have been seen shopping on Rodeo Drive as well as in the audience of the Jay Leno show.

That's all I know. I'm counting on you to keep this blog posted on tonight's developments. I'll be reading your comments from Ireland, where Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book Tuesday.  Of course if, God forbid, anything happens to Chloe tonight, we will cancel everything and go straight home.


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Great comments, everyone! Special shout-out to Setve for his always entertaining summary.

Tony dead? Nah. I don't believe it. But if that's truth serum in the very large hypo, he'll be hard pressed to lie for a very long time!

wow, i did call it about Tony, not that I'm happy about it. But I did notice the lack of silent clock. I sure hope he's not dead.

If they're going to end this with the VP being the evil guy who plotted ALL this just to become the Prez, I'm going to shoot someone in the thigh, that's all I'm sayin'.

Posted by: Glow | 09:27 PM on March 13, 2006

Glow (and by the way, I loved your commentary): my wife has been saying the same thing since VP Scary first appeared last week. After all, he IS "Bob" from Twin Peaks so you know he's evil.

Not sure if anyone else blogged this, but if the Hobbit could get as far as the computer and back without breathing, why didn't he (and everyone else)go outside?

Good thing they're turning it over to Homeland Security, 'cause that's been working so well for the US recently.

And if holding your breath makes you immune to nerve gas then why don't they all hold their breath and run the heck out of CTU?

My clue that Tony IS dead: Jack Bauer cried.

Jack doesn't cry unless it's really, really, really bad. I would classify Tony dying as being really, really, really bad.

Tony is officially dead. It's on the www.fox.com/24/ website
this sucks. it really really really sucks.

BCald--Yes! That's what I was thinking as Lynn made his heroic walk to the computer...if you can make it back to the holding room, why not just run to the nearest exit? Maybe all the doors were locked b/c of the emergency situation?

Haha BCald - GMTA, except you're 14 minutes faster!

But imdb also lists David Palmer through the same episodes as Tony, so that doesn't count either.

The only case for Tony not dying is:

1) We really don't want him to.
2) No silent clock. (Having one for Edgar but not Tony would just be cruel.)

But Tony has little or no will to live, Jack is crying, the site says he's dead, and the writers are on a killing spree.

This season's just gone from depressing to boring and back to depressing. None of that fun old school excitement from past seasons.

Except for when Jack shot that woman in the thigh.

Well, now that 24 is getting very close to jumping the shark, let it be noted that The Sopranos has returned to TV.

What I thought was weird about last night's episode was that it seemed like all the things that would be predictable on any other show happened last night...Lynn ends up being the hero, Tony scuffles with Henderson and dies in the process, etc. This is all stuff that I had mentally considered, and then thought to myself: no, it won't happen that way--it's too obvious, and this is "24." So, I'm wondering: were the writers lazy, or were they fooling us by giving us the most logical series of events?

Also: would somebody give me a brief rundown on why we love Tony so much? Not having seen the previous seasons, I don't have an attachment to him. I could see why Edgar was an endearing character, and I'd hate to see Chloe go, but I just haven't seen much of a personality in Tony, so far.

I can't believe it -- first Edgar then Tony. And they're not bringing in any likeable characters to replace all these people that they've been killing off this season. God, I hated see the spoiled bratty daughter pop up again. I think Chloe should have used her like a canary to check if the seals were holding. Here Kim take a breath, system flushed clear yet? Oops, guess not.


Tony was a major character in the previous seasons. A lot of people liked him. Plus, he looked good in darker colors.

Tony's dead guys.
I was holding out, but then I found this...

Glow (and by the way, I loved your commentary): my wife has been saying the same thing since VP Scary first appeared last week. After all, he IS "Bob" from Twin Peaks so you know he's evil.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 11:41 AM on March 14, 2006

Thanks! As for Bob...well, we were talking about his victim being Laura PALMER last week. Coincidence, yathink? So if you see Bob mumbling to himself and walking on fire, we KNOW then that he did all this canisters-juggling just to be Prez. The fake accents were meant to throw us off, that it's really an AMERICAN accent that's the bad dude! See? Connect the dots....

Oh, btw, I have decided to ignore all evidence that Tony is dead. He is so NOT dead. He's just showing off to Jack that he can hold his breath way longer.

Obviously Tony was going to die sooner or later. What upsets me the most about this is how lame it was. He was the second most important character on the show, so it would seem much more appropriate that he exit the stage in badass fashion. He should have said to Jack, "Hey, Jack. I just learned about this building with 800 bad guys in it, let's go check it out." Then they storm the place and kill half of them, but Tony gets trapped. He gets shot 100 times but still manages to kill 200 more bad guys in the process. Then Jack comes out of nowhere and kills the rest of them, and Tony can then die in Jack's arms.

That would be much more appropriate. But even if it wasn't that extreme, he needed to go with at least a little more dignity and style than THIS.

On another note: has anyone else noticed how President Weenieboy's wife hasn't actually made a difference yet? No one listened to her about the David Palmer call until it didn't matter anymore, the Walt situation was covered up against her will, her decision to ride with the Suvarov's didn't change Manilow's mind (and she was saved due to other means), and now it looks like martial law is going to be implemented even though she disagrees. So is she ever going to matter or can we just ignore her?

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