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March 13, 2006


Here is the situation as we begin tonight's episode: I have no idea. I missed last week. All I know is that Edgar went to that big Krispy Kreme store in the sky.  Also Jack finally shot somebody in the thigh. Apparently she was an innocent woman, but sometimes Jack just gets to a point in his life where he has to shoot somebody in the thigh, and there she was. Also of course the Lethal Fatal Deadly Death Canisters of Doom are still loose in Southern California, where they have been seen shopping on Rodeo Drive as well as in the audience of the Jay Leno show.

That's all I know. I'm counting on you to keep this blog posted on tonight's developments. I'll be reading your comments from Ireland, where Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book Tuesday.  Of course if, God forbid, anything happens to Chloe tonight, we will cancel everything and go straight home.


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I wish I could play along with yous guys. I've got my garlicky sammiches and my nice, cold Sam Adams, but I'm too cheap for cable and too lazy for an antenna, so I'm watching episodes 14, 15, and 16 of Monty Python's Flying Circus on dvd instead. Enjoying the "New Gas Cooker Sketch" now. :)

Also just purchased the e-book version of I'm with Stupid.

/end me trying not to be jealous

Sam wise is going to have to carry his own burden this time

he was too small to run CTU anyway

Jack's asking Samwise to come out of the closet...


Sean Austin as Sir No Longer Appearing In This Film.

Speaking of the Energizer Bunny, you would think that CTU would have some robots they could send in to hazmat situations! I guess that's next season.

Anyone wonder why they don't have any ah gasmasks at CTU?

"There's only one person who can stop this execution" -- Jack Bauer

Jack needs that Prison Break guy bad right now.

Tamara - 24 is on Fox. It's not a cable channel.

snork @ Antonio

Is Chase coming back, too?

then again, I'm having a better day than Tony

But not as painful as losing my Edgar!

Oh God. This is too sad.

Oh...this breaks my heart...redshirt is talking to his baby girl.

am i going to cry for the redshirt guy now? little kids always evoke tears

Ahhhhhhh!!! More Throat Lumpage ;_; *sniff*

One breath to rule them all.

*deep breath*

The Hobbitt is on the move.

awwwwww....Samwise is redeemed.

run run run

The door didn't seem too airtight to me...

*cue emotional music...*

I misjudged Hobbit. I thought he was the enemy. Well, technically he did cause all this, but still. He didn't mean to do it.

Sending a tubby hobbit to run upstairs while holding his breath over a fit security guard?

That is the nicest security guy I've ever seen, the ones I've met were jerks!!

Uh... doesn't venting all the nerve gas out of the building create a bit of a risk for the rest of the public?

arrr arrr arrr arr
*slaps hands backwards*

(sorry - best seal impersonation I could type)

Now to go film the Hobbit.

so bill is back in charge I guess

NOW can we turn Tony loose on Henderson? Please?

this is really the Hamlet of 24s

Bad day for the Hobbit family.

Let Tony interrogate him.

Wow. I'm feeling sorta emotional.

You can tell Lynn is the big shot actor. He did spastic covulsions for more realistically than nameless red shirt.

Hobbit and red shirt are gone. *sniff*

Kim is Hard Hearted!!

*snork* @ slyeyes

Wow! Kim understands HER curse...

Wow. Kim is being a royal pain. She should get shot in the thigh.

every time I'm around you something horrible happens..like the show gets boring

she's still young & stupid, she'll regret it

c'mon Lisa - ya knew redshirt was gonna die - havent ya ever watched Star Trek???

Wait...I get it...All I want is one day to spend with you...


So! How long till Kim gets kidnapped?

Is it just me or does this episode seem a little slow?

Kim, Kim, Kim. You're learning about your fate.

I'm sorry...Kim is stuck on Petulant, and I don't care what her motivations are. CTU and the Blog will be better off without her. And Jack won't even notice she's gone once another thigh comes along.

Coast-Yeah, I knew. But the phone call got me.

"So! How long till Kim gets kidnapped?"

well they still need to fill 10 minutes

She will probably step in front of one of CTU's outside vents on her way to the parking lot.

Nerve gas sure makes the hour goes faster, have y'all noticed?

So are Hot Girlfriend and Kid Cobain ever going to make it back into the script?

I wanna see Kim in the Ipex bra commercial...

you guys are really liking this thigh idea aren't you?

I also think it's time to let Tony have some action with Robocop.

Local News promo just said"and we'll tell ya how you could have a day just like Jack Bauer - all tonight on Fox 45 News at 10"??? WTD?

(Daisymae - I'm in the suburbs with no antenna)

HAha @ Raven. I got something like that too here in DC.

Pres. Manilow is guaranteeing more nerve gas!!! Awright!!!

Jeez, the president can guarantee that more gas will be released...sounds like HE'S in on the plot...

Martial Law--shoot every panicky citizen in the thigh!

sorry, i had to crack up when chloe said in that hardass voice of hers, "thanks for doing this," like he picked her up a pack of cigarettes on the way to the office.

It appears Dave was hired to do the ad for the new King Cab Nissan truck event. What happened to book strumpeting?

president wuss. bush would be invading russia right now

Antonio et al -- kinda figured it was universal network promo... lets make sure the Blog follows up

Prez Weenie is going to abdicate to First Cleavage.

OK, I missed the first half of this episode but, like doesn't everyone in L.A. know something's up? I mean, with the nerve gas in the mall and hospital, hasn't word gotten out?

HE is not the president: YOU are. (and I'm your cleavage-laden wife, and you VILL listen to me!)

Yes Martian Law. There are no laws on the Outlaw Red Planet!

Presidential melt down.

Surely they can end the hour better than have President Manilow crying piteously???!

President Manilow...I know Jack Bauer...and you are NO Jack Bauer...

girls with thongs are always terrorists

Thong Alert!

And what happened then?
Well in Whoville they say,
President Weasel's spine grew
Three sizes that day!

More Cleavage! BETTER CLEAVAGE! In an Ipex bra?!

judi-I know, it sounded real heartfelt.

"Have you got it yet?"

Got what? The clap?

I can attest to coastraven's comment: our local news station said that. They will tell us how we can have a day just like jack. I think i know what they are talking about, too.

Talk about strumpetting!!!

Hey HTML sex!

I would like to help her, too!

Okay, here come the consultants.

no more ctu!

The consultants are taking over.

Geez, isn't it kinda hard to run the agency when they keep changing management three times a day?

Punch him!!!!!!

now shes getting kidnapped!

i bet you that psychiatrist is A CRAZY ASS

Yeah, Tony! Thigh time!

If a person's nervous system has shut down.... is death far behind??

Yeah, wake him up so I can kill him..

We should flood the entries - it'd be KOOL if a blogger got to win the contest ( and it would REALLY pi$$ of the folks at Fox)

raven, antonio, i bet it is like this or something:


Well, see, we're gonna fold it into the dept. of Homeland Security, merge it with the National guard and FBI, and put Brownie in charge.

NICE "I'll let you know" HAHA!

Well, you'll feel better. That makes it okay.

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