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March 13, 2006


Here is the situation as we begin tonight's episode: I have no idea. I missed last week. All I know is that Edgar went to that big Krispy Kreme store in the sky.  Also Jack finally shot somebody in the thigh. Apparently she was an innocent woman, but sometimes Jack just gets to a point in his life where he has to shoot somebody in the thigh, and there she was. Also of course the Lethal Fatal Deadly Death Canisters of Doom are still loose in Southern California, where they have been seen shopping on Rodeo Drive as well as in the audience of the Jay Leno show.

That's all I know. I'm counting on you to keep this blog posted on tonight's developments. I'll be reading your comments from Ireland, where Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book Tuesday.  Of course if, God forbid, anything happens to Chloe tonight, we will cancel everything and go straight home.


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bleeding people and helicopters everywhere. what's going on?


"we have to get him to chicago" OMG he's coming HERE??!!!

Who's his brother? Who's HE???

Oh! I seem to be watching the wrong show. Huh.

How about that.

Never mind.

Y'know, I don't want to generalize about Fox TV Action Adventu-Bleedo-Dramas, but they seem to be in many ways interchangeable.
*trying to grab a little fence here*

DAVE! I'm smiling! I'll be blogging even though I'm supposed to be working!

*Notice the stress-induced exclamatory sentences. And also, happiness to see you. That is you, right?*

Power blogging HERE WE COME!!

I would recommend that you and Ridley visit the Blarney Stone but I think we can all agree that you, at least, are already above your quota. Happy Strumpeting!


Buckaroo and Vice President Scary should get together. They'd be a bundle of laughs.

in case you forgot

Look, matey, I know a dead Edgar when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now

No, no he's not dead, he's, he's restin'! Remarkable agent, the CTU 4XXX Plus, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage!

Apologies to Monty Python...

As per my promise to KDF, I have the following


I will now post a notice that during the powerblog, I will release italics sometime between 9:15 and 9:20, and again somewhere between 9:40 and 9:45. Don't say you haven't been warned.


"24" Synopsis to date.

Compiled from my notes on the subject and extensive knowledge of the plot. Complete with sub-basement schematics and keycards for all.

OMG...Clear the mall! If you breathe italics, the little slanty points get caught on your lungs, and you suffer pulmonary, uh, punctuation.

Has RRT's thigh squarely in his sight...takes aim...

Ooo! Something SHINY!!!

RRT: you know who you are, but so do i. so unless you want your IP address blocked, i would suggest you don't do the italic thing, because i'm just not gonna deal with it.

don't say you haven't been warned.


aww crap

what about bold? would that be okay?

judi, just shoot RRT in the thigh.

NONONO! I'll stop, I promise!

Your promise to ME? a-boy, I don't wish to be associated with your italiterrorism. Next, you lose your "a" altogether and you'll have to start posting as "donis." Don't say we haven't warned you.

And what Judi said.

And if it hasn't already been said, the Dead Edgars would be a great name for a band.


RRT just folded like a cheap suit when judi spoke. And she didn't even have to raise her voice.



Judi...well done. You're an inspiration to us all. No caps, no bold, no crap, just cold. You go, girl:)

Dave: you didn't mention the First Cleavage in your summary of last week. Last I saw her she was holding hands with Head secret service guy.

Two cannisters down (the mall & CTU) 18 to go...

100 terrorists down (everywhere) untold #s to go...

One President Wussly down...(oh, he just keeps popping back up...wait, that's Mike propping him up...he dropped him for a minute out of shock when he saw the First Cleavage holding hands with Head secret service guy).

Edgar down...but who knows, maybe he'll pop back up.

Lynn (also known as Samwise the Brave) going down...(not much hope here).

(seconds ticking)

The fat hobbit is going to the mountain of doom tonight

Kids these days.

Edgar down...but who knows, maybe he'll pop back up. Not if gravity is still workin'.

Quick recap from last week:

Buckaroo, thinking that he killed Jack, somehow took the only long route through LA, because Jack beat him back to his own house. Jack, not being able to get Buckaroo to admit anything, shoot Mrs. Buckaroo in the leg.

Meanwhile, The Hobbit, who previously lost his badge, tries to get it back. Unfortunately, one of the terrorists waltzed right into CTU, set up a gas canister, and killed a whole bunch of people, including Edgar. Everyone is in mourning over his death. Especially, those folks having to clean up CTU.

Knowing Jack, he has a plan to solve the problem.

Summary for this week coming after the show!


I love the dead edgars too!! Great band name.

judi: Are you trying to steal my 'Jack Bauer of the Blog' title from me??!

Thanks, Steve.

Popcorn; check
Wine; check
Laptop; check.



Oh, I'm sitting on it. Crisis averted. Move along.

Game faces, everyone!

Due to graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised!



AND A SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY JACKSACK™! (and no other italics...)

"thousands of lives are at stake" and Dave is in Ireland strumpetting? Wooot!

Nooo... eDgar's death again

Do they always tell us the names at the beginning of the show? Or is that a lame attempt to stop us from calling them by their code names?

Noooooo! Not Dough Boy dying again!

Oh, why did we have to watch Edgar die AGAIN??

Ahhhh! They killed him AGAIN!!! ;_;

Why are they making that announcement? Anyone alive KNOWS that. The dead people....well, sucks to be them.

HA! Who's the guy announcing to? Go to the safe zone! And open the door!

Did you notice when Jack saw other people he told them to move along, but when he saw Edgar he said "Oh my god"? Main characters only care about main characters.

The hobbit is still alive :(

I'm pissed they hid his big body behind his big desk, though. Couldn't he die in FRONT of Chloe? Smooching the glass door? More dramatic....

Tony is beating robcop to death right now!

30 minutes away? Couldn't they use something a little quicker..say like a chopper?

I forgot, who is Henderson?

Chemical response plan? What chemical response plan?

Ha! the area with gasmasks is contaminated. Who built this damn place???

Way to preposition your emergency gas attack equipment CTU (rolls eyes)

judi had bigger shinier ones than anyone except maybe Jack.
She is the all powerful and mighty and yet fair and compasionate blog goddess.
/end suckup

How long do you suppose we have to watch a dead Edgar on the floor before they can clear the place of the bodies? 3 episodes? 4?
nm. 6 at least if Chloe can't get it together.

psycho guy needs to get capped in the thigh

Cloe is an INFP

You know, the Chemical Response Plan...Duck and cover.

A clinical psychologist..we're all in trouble!

Oops "Chloe"

Oh, thank heaven they are sealed in that room with a psychiatrist! Otherwise, they would have been screwed.

Hah! Sit in this chair and collect your breath...

Classic! Nerve gas all around...take a DEEEEP breath....

I'm impressed. Kim's boyfriend is lending a helping hand.

"Collect your breathe" ?!? Way to not remind her Edgar just suffocated to death in front of her.

Check out the live blog on my website... no need to wait for comment approval!!!

I...I...I just didn't want anyone to know I used to be a Hobbit..

The redshirt is giving the Hobbitt a hard time. Ah, Tony's alive!

Jack must be happy. He has his selections of a plethora of thighs to shoot.

Oh oh...Tony's got that "I'm going to kill Robocop" look going on

WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!?!?!? Tony's a bad guy? I'm so confused.

Tony's going berserker!


OK, now I'm up to speed.

Soul Patch has got a gun....
Soul Patch has got a gun....
Robocop is no more fun....

Wow...Jack is powerful...he can stop people...WITH HIS VOICE!

Jack the clinical psychologist too.

Jack is against shooting someone? Some of the gas must be leaking in and affecting his mind.

Tony..just shoot him in the thigh, maybe that will tide you over

Just shoot him in the thigh, Tony!

Let Tony interogate him.

Who's this Jack wannabe?

Maybe soul patch could just shoot him in the thigh to sort of get Jack's juices going.

Try skinning one of his hands! That'll make him sing!

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

There's Prez Wuss & VP (don't know what to call him)

Bet the terrorists or a gas (Thigh shot)

Prez Weenie is willing go with the first one who steps up.

"How soon can you do that?"
"During this episode..."


Yet ANOTHER team going in to CTU to take over? They might as well install a revolving door.

Damn, Homeland Security is more organized than FEMA...wait...um...FEMA is partg of Homeland Security...which means...um....

"swallow salt water"...who IS this guy?

President Weenie..have you a flair for the melodramatic or what??!!!

Salt water? Huh?

Uh oh, martial law time!

CTU's been HTMLed. We can now talk in any accent we want. We are freeeeee!

Hail Cesaer!

VP = salt water guy

Where's First Cleavage? Maybe her contract calls for her to only appear after the first commercial.

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