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February 20, 2006


Nothin' like a big ol' plate o' beans 'n' bird's head.

(Via Sploid)


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OK, so the buyer got beaned in more ways than one. What's the big deal?


*snork* @ insom AND Mad SB

'limited recall?' How do they know which cans have the bird's heads?

A bird in the can is worth two in the Bush(es baked beans).

But did the "alleged head" have bird flu??

Refried Birds Head

Try adding THAT to your tacos!

A bird in the beans is worth two in the Bushes, I always say.

Quick! Rush this to the lab and run a Bird Head Authenticity screen on it

Flipping the Bushes the bird ain't worth beans.

It would HAVE to be a quail's head, wouldn't it? Watch out for the birdshot! That'll break a tooth in a heartbeat!

Quite a can of worms they're opening here, but maybe that's what attracted the bird.

Memo To La Preferida Lab Messinger Service Urgent -- Heads up. Make sure that this delivery arrives sometime towards the end of next week -- and no sooner. Signed, Al Queda, Manager, Illinois Department of Public Health

*wonders if this is the same deal as the finger in the Wendy's chili*

Jeezely -- big opportunity missed here!

If it "looks like a bird's beak ..." they should've sold it on eBay!

Key Quote from the unabridged article:
She's just like, ‘What do I do?' and I said, ‘I don't freaking know,'” Springmire said.
So then she's all "OMGWTFBBQ, DO something!" and I'm just like, "You know, lady, this is going to just take some time." Gaah.

Dick Cheney has just issued the following statement in response to charges that he is involved in this incident: "No comment. BLAM! Ooops. Sorry Mr. Gonzales."

OK, so like, where's the rest of the bird? feet? innards?

Man talk about a terrible Birds Eye view.
What happens if people like the birds in there chili.

"Free beanie birdie inside!"

or "Open the can with the prize inside and you win (millions by suing us for distress and emotional trauma)!!!"

The town in which this product was processed is changing its name to "UNeaton."

I'll have to tell granny to whip me up some of them beans 'n' bird's head. Sounds like it would probably go well with the mustard greens and possum innards.

*outside the LaPreferida plant, workers sadly change sign to " '0' days without a bird head incident".*

*snork* at insom

(no, really)

What are they complaining about? It's just a little extra protein.

yes Mew, but the problem is that they just wanted plain old regular beans - not beaked beans.

'beaked beans' har.

how come this cool stuff never happens to me? i never win anything.

she won the blue-footed-boobie-prize.

just gettin' warmed up, folks. be patient.

They grow ostrich in Eaton...just west of SR 3 at the light, north side of the road. I don't think an ostrich head would fit in a can of beans...of course, it would depend on the size of the can. (And how many beans were in the can.)

"It's highly unusual for a bird to get in there."

What, so are some things more usual? Like rats?

“There are still many unanswered questions, buxt we have decided to err on the side of safety,” ...and include random x's wherever we feel necessary.

can't believe no one else has said this yet --

Beak. It's what's for dinner. ™

* cue Aaron Copland's Rodeo suite*

is it like haggis, but on a much smaller scale???

No one got hurt? What about the bird?

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