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February 24, 2006


...especially if you run a meat-processing plant.

(Thanks to Melissa Fountain)


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Were these the same guys who just won PowerBall?

Oh - and just for a change of pace *snork* @ Blue Meanie

I thought all English food contained dog feces. Or does it just taste that way?

I think they're required by law to state what type of dog, as well as the calorie/nutritional content.

Ok, so if they put dog crap in the "premium" ham, what kinda crap do ya suppose they put in the plain old regular ham?

Alright, who on this blog used to work at the meat plant???

When I saw this headline I was certain it had some connection to the microwaved detached weenie from earlier today. I don't know whether to be dissapointed or relieved.

They fired him!!!

You just can't have fun at work anymore - sheesh!

Lisa - it couldn't have been someone from here. If it were, the label would have said "Walrus Penis Bone" and/or "Booger".

There is a local convenience store, we'll call it Circle K because that's it's name, has a hot dog called a Cheeseburger Dog. Essentially, it's supposed to be ground beef rolled into a tube. But it looks like dog crap. Can't help but wonder, now...

Schadeboy-I'm still suspicious.

see, makes some of that kosher stuff make sense, eh?
and might i add: EWW.

My bologna has a first name, it's P-h-i-d-o.
My bologna has a second name, it's P-o-o-o-o.
I love to eat it every day,
And if you ask me why I'll say,
'Cause I'm NUTS!!!

I kind of wish for the days before the truth in labling laws - I didn't know what was in there to begin with and now I really don't want to know.

Was this ham plant in Elsa Germany by any chance?

OK...at first I thought this story was about a disgruntled employee who got revenge by adulterating the product. But it turns out he was fired AFTER the "prank."

So...when he listed "dog shit" as an ingredient, it was a reflection of his POSITIVE feelings about the job???

Betsy -- You're right. I misread the story. Makes it even scarier. (I corrected the headline.)

You know how when you're a little kid, and you get something right that your parents got wrong; and it makes you feel all weird and anxious, because they're the grownups and have all the answers, and if that's not true then you're whole life has been built on a lie???

Well, that's how I feel now. Dave, I wasn't correcting you'r'anything. Just sayin'...

*blushes and leaves to check out valium stash*

*passes 2 of her xanax to Betsy*

pssst Betsy, I'm afraid now too - let's hug.


2 stoned chicks hugging - things are startin' to get interestin' around here

El...Thanks, sweetie...I'm just a little shaky still.
TCK...you're a prevert. NTTAWWT.


trust me Betsy, that's not news to anyone here (but at least you said NTTAWWT)

Snorks all around (to Dave, too) in spite of Blue's criticism of indiscriminate snorking on another thread.

(look around...trying to figure out what smells so good...Aha! Dinner.)

Why, pig manure, TCK. Elementary.

According to my experience, this is not so off the mark.
I once worked in a pizza place. On slow nights we'd play football in the yard with the employees of the Pork Pie factory across the way.

One day I went inside to see how these wonderful English delicacies were made. Low vats of grey, unrecognisable porridgey slop were bubbling away. At one end was a grinder and various parts of pig, rusk and other dodgy stuff were put in the grinder and then into the boiling vat.

As i was standing there, one of the pork-pie 'chefs' unzipped his jeans and proceeded to relieve himself into the boiling vat. Noticing my obviously curious and shocked demeanour the guy next to me offered his reassurance.

"Don't worry. If we need dump, we do it in the grinder"

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