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February 17, 2006


So see if you can get this site (thanks to Claire "Spare Time" Martin) to work. I tried tapping in (My Baby Does the) Hanky Panky by Tommy James and the Shondells, and it responded with the following songs (I am not making any of these songs up): Can't Stop (Red Hot Chili Peppers); How High the Moon (Les Paul and Mary Ford); Walk This Way (Aerosmith); Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money); Pour Elise (Beethoven); Norwegian Wood (The Beatles); It Had To Be You (Harry Connick Jr.); 1985 (Bowling for Soup); Danny Boy; and Super Mario (Nintendo).


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When I clicked about the third or fourth time ... after it gave "Pour Elise" for Beethoven's V Symphony ... the google page had a listing that (I thot) indicated that "Pour Elise" is a parody of "Für Elise" ... merely sayin', and possibly mistaken ...

and ...

speaking of people who've got rhythm ... ya know whut the call people who use the rhythm method of birth control?

U.O - Parents.

Dead man's party came right up, but Interstate love Song, I cannot get right

Dave, you obviously have no musical aptitude. When I tapped "Hanky Panky," it came up with:
Always On The Run Lenny Kravitz
Loser 3 Doors Down
'39 Queen
American Pie
Potential Futures Duels
Soupy George 7 Seconds Of Love
Hotel California The Eagles
Killing In The Name Of Ratm
Star Trek The Next Generation Courage / Roddenberry / Goldsmith
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
...all of which are sung to the tune of "Hanky Panky."

Okay, this thing is just ridiculously entertaining. The song I tapped in actually came up first, and unbeknownst to me, Kelly Clarkson's hit song "Since U Been Gone" has a suspiciously similar beat to Barry Manilow's "Mandy." "Mandy" was 8th on the list of songs that came up (the one I tapped, the Kelly Clarkson song, came up first). Isn't it funny how everything loops back around to Barry Manilow?

Bowling for Soup is great. Although, I personally would be more in favor of taking the turkey that's been the freezer in the break room at my job for the past year and going turkey bowling. Who's with me?!

nicole - NO thats not even remotely close to funny! In fact - it's damned scarey. Please stop. ;)

judi - Arctic Monkeys! Yay! Them's are groovy.

TRWC - Some of the best sites out there are flash. HTML just can't compete. And you can like flash and still prefer email in plain text. (re: flash is evil | 12:40 PM on February 17, 2006) And "bane of the internet?" Talk about airing one's ignorance. Sheesh.

Well, I tried a couple songs, and it flunked them all. So I tried Happy Birthday, and it got it right! It also said it was the Star Spangled Banner, and after a quick run-through I realized that they are the same. So I'm thinking, since the SSB is so difficult for most people to sing, we should just sing the words to the tune of Happy Birthday. Whaddaya think?

It was wrong with the first song, "Heart and Soul" that I thought was pretty obvious, it suggested that I was trying for "Wonderwall", "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", and "Happy Together" among others.
On my second try it nailed "Final Countdown", which I thought would be more difficult to figure out.

It nailed "Every Breath You Take" on the first try and also suggested its bizarro world equivalent "Oklahoma".

Fun. I tapped "The Ain't No T*ts on the Radio" by Scissor Sisters, and I tapped along to the song while I listened to it on my ipod.

These are the songs it showed:
Why Avril Lavigne
Con Te Partiro Andrea Bocelli
1985 Bowling For Soup
He Shouldn'ta Hadn'ta Oughtan'ta Swang On Me Henry Mancini
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Love Cats The Cure
Accidentally In Love Counting Crows
Fallin Alicia Keys
The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny Lemon Demon

I'll never listen to Andrea Bocelli the sameway again.

We tried "Black" by Pearl Jam ("Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay ..."), and the following were suggested:

Rock'n'roll Star Oasis (at least no HipHop)

Basket Case Green Day (well...)

Epitaph King Crimson (???)

Ghetto Gospel Tupac Shakur (OMG)

Skid Row Little Shop Of Horros (horror!)

Fatal Tragedy Dream Theater (they must be dreaming)

Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Dionne Warwick (no and we don't wanna know)

Thank You For The Music Abba (you are welcome)

Super Mario Bros. Overworld (Mario is everywhere)

Super Mario Nintendo (Mario is REALLY everywhere)

Easy ones like "Jingle Bells" and "Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooou" he finds though.
Yabba dabba doooooooo.

it guessed 'Amazing Grace' right off, and now I'm going to mention for the nth time you can sing the words to 'Amazing Grace' to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme.

And also according to this site, the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"

I tapped Everlong by the Foo Fighters, this is what I got in response:

Macgyver Theme Song Randy Edelman

Gubben Noak ?

The Llama Song ??

Call Me Mellow Tears For Fears

No Brakes The Bravery

Spongebob Squarepants

Everlong Foo Fighters


Tempted Squeeze

Animal Duels

Eek...The Llama song??? I should be glad that the song I picked was in the list somewhere...but below the llama song AND spongebob?? eek again.

So this time I tapped 'Eleanor Rigby' and got 'Eleanor Rigby' as the first choice...and...choice 12...'How Much Is That Doggy In the Window.'

I tapped "My Love" by Paul McCartney and it came up the following list which I swear I am not making up:

One Thing Finger Eleven

Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd

Only One Yellowcard

Happy Birthday Altered Images

No Brakes The Bravery

I Can't Get No Satisfaction Rolling Stones

I Wanna F*ck A Dog In The Ass Blink 182

99 Red Balloons Nena

Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana

The seem to have a lot of Dream Theater loaded, but I can't seem to get any of their specific songs to register.. at least they have good taste.

"Norwegian Wood" was..."Norwegian wood" (*embarrassed grin*...just had to try for myself), but I don't get how it could be the same tap rhythm as "We Are the Champions."

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Dionne Warwick (no and we don't wanna know)"

*sniff* No one wants to visit me. *wipes away her tears*

Pour Elise may in fact be a parody, but in response to "Mais Beethoven n'est pas français," consider that the song was published throughout the world and that any publisher has the option to publish titles in English, French, German or Swahili for the sake of the audience. One famous classical tune is "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" but it's really "Prélude à L'Aprés-Midi d'une Faune." And I bet you've heard the English title more often than the French. I have a feeling that "Für Elise" is more well-known than "Pour Elise" but in certain regions, either one might be more common depending on the available sheet music. I think I've also seen "For Elise" but I could be making that up. But like you said, it could also be a parody. I just mean Beethoven may not have anything to do with the title: often publishers would just come up with something cute. For instance, Beethoven's piano sonatas have clever names like "Moonlight" or "Appassionata" but he didn't come up with that - the publishers did.

Oh, and also, on a mac you can just hit "option + u" to get an ümlaut; "option + e" for an accent aigu, "option + `" for an accent grève, and "option + c" for a çedille. Etc.

ps - it guessed "Gold Digger" but not "What if God was one of Us"

Also, I bet part of the reason for weird results is that it depends what section of the song you're tapping, and I bet that it doesn't do tempo but just the proportion of tapped notes to untapped spaces. Because all these results have completely different tempi.


Changed opinion. Turkey bowling in San Jose definitely convinced us. *sending big package of Kleenex*

>"Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Dionne Warwick >(no and we don't wanna know)"
>*sniff* No one wants to visit me. *wipes away her >tears*
>Posted by: nicole | 12:48 AM on February 19, 2006

Why am I a trio when there is only one of me?

Theresa V. - The Llama song:

(sorry I don't know how to html it all purty)
(sorry again to anti-flashers)

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