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February 23, 2006


Bessie has been found! And the members of the WLTX News Team ("On Your Side") are so excited they appear to be groping each other.


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Wondering what the news team members are REALLY thinking......

Judging by the picture that is a drop ceiling. I'm not freaked by snakes, seeing 2 yards of serpent dangling over my bed at night just might give me a tremor or two.

On a side note, Bessie's owner insists that she knows nothing about the "snake cam" strapped to Bessie's head.

That guy on the right certainly appears to be groping the python, if you get my drift.

You don't? How about "spanking the bessie?"

No? Something involving the concept of "trouser snake?"

I'll stop now.

I get the feeling that when the camera is not around things get really steamy around that news room.

What's a pumbler?

So Bessie has been "found by a pumbler" huh? just what exactly does a pumbler do? And what was he doing in the apartment complex?

Snakes are cool. Now, if the WLTX News Team were crawling around my ceiling - THEN I would freak out!

A TV news personality in a flannel shirt? That's definitely against the TV news code. There's a whole course on that at Columbia Journalism School.

sheesh guys, a pumbler is someone who catches snakes with a big red pipe.

*snork* at crossgirl!

Good thing the 'pumbler' was on the job. (that just doesn't sound right)

Thanx crossgirl... next question - Whats a snake doing with a big red pipe, and how often would one come across one of those?

raven, i believe the answer to your first question would be smoking, of course.

i can't think of anything smartass to answer your 2nd with, so i'll just go with never, ever, ever.

OK, so now we need to know exactly what the snake was smokin' in that big red pipe, and, more importantly, whether she's willin' to share...

and how often would you run across a snake smokin' a big red pipe? well, I would say that depends entirely upon what you've been smokin', and how much

The snake is resting right now.

Resting Snakes WBAGNFA limp RB.

I personally am not too appreicative of a "resting" snake, but maybe that's just me.

I'm sure that every 16 year old boy would *snork* (or something - heh, heh) at the image of snakes in red pipes.

FEDDUCK - Nice *swoon* in the comments, there.

Oops, that FEDDUCK comment should have been on the beck page.

Enuf of this foolishness. It's time for a simple, straightforward and honest answer.

Pumbler: n. One who pumbles.

U.O - would you be so kind as to SNORK yourself on my behalf. (I'm driving tonight.)

I just realized. Rexburg is where my brother is going to college. He is studying paleontolgy. I guess he could also learn Pumbling.
Flannel is considered totally alright in Idaho. Now if it was a cow...

As Designated Snorker for any/all who need the assistance:

*Snork* @ U.O ...

( ... as per request, only ... never would I use this amazing power granted to me, for any purpose but for the betterment of mankind ... )

I live in Columbia, SC, the home of WLTX. You should see these people do the news. But not for very long.

What about the ad to the left? Turnipseed and Associates?

Wait, make that my other left.

Still, I wonder what their slogan is?

Wait, make that my other left.

Still, I wonder what their slogan is?

Looks good to me.

MOOSIK II? Or do we need a new name?

Works for me.

But I have to admit not being much on YAYs or cows.

Ashleigh said Yay! yesterday and did not understand why it made me laugh.

The funny thing is, I say "YAY! for____" in RL too. My sea star says "YAY! for___" to me (only to me) because I say it to her, and everyone else. ;)

Somehow, I already knew that. I would have been very disappointed otherwise.

Gotta go postal now.

*Adjusts to the new surroundings*
Hmmm - a little close to the present chronologically... snake in the ceiling... pumbler extracting sed snake... a groping news team is good... comes preloaded with pervy comments from moi... and look! my pants are already on the couch!

Sarah, you are so funny. I have it bookmarked as YAY MOOSIKS! Good idea to move, ASK.

Random, Non-Pervy Comment Alert

I. Love. Trader Joe's. Best dang groceries anywhere.

I got home a little while ago. Was starving. Cranky hungry. Lightheaded hungry. So I foraged. Recovered Trader Joe's Chipotle Pepper Hummus from the back of the fridge. Clumsily removed lid with shaky hands (told ya -- hungry.) Inhaled with carrots and crackers as a lunch appetizer, because I couldn't wait out the 4 minutes required to wait for my soup to be ready.

Mmmm, chipotle peppers.

I love food. Just thought I'd share.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joes!!!!!!!!!!!! But there aren't any in UT :( I stock up on non-perishables from there, but I miss their fresh/frozen stuff :(
The thing is, they'd do FABULOUSLY in Provo, I think at least a third of the students at BYU are from CA and grew up with it there, and bunches of others lived near them in other states, they have inexpensive food, it's really good, and they have a lot of almost/already prepared foods that are tasty and healthy. How could they not do good business? They might not sell much wine, but I think they could make up for it in frozen gyoza.

*Drives by the new neighborhood, sees friendly faces (and The ASK), notices all sorts of YAYage happening*

*Decides to go get stuff, i.e., couches, hammocks, blenders, pastries, parfaits, drinking gear, from other thread, should take about an hour*

Great, a drive-by Bluing. What kinda place is this? Can't we move to a gated community?

Only if the gate is molded into a cursive "YAY" shape. I think that would be quite lovely.

no ASK - snakes are bad enuff... lets not get gators involved!

YAY! I found y'all!

Do NOT talk to me about Trader Joe's. I got those little black bugs in my cupboard from a package of their spaghetti and the pest control guy had to come over and spray TWICE and I had to throw all the food away, even the canned goods, because one of them was under the "pull off" thingy.
/end Trader Joe's rant

I'm sure that was a fluke thing, not a normal TJ's occurance, El. Don't shun them for one mistake! (so it was a really big one, uh, nevermind, I got nothing)

The pest control guy said it was because they don't put preservatives in any of their stuff and I didn't use it right away, and to that I say POO! A lot of food got thrown out.:(

El, that's disgusting! I assume you told the TJ's people? They have pretty great customer service and I would think they'd fall all over themselves trying to make it up to you.

I still love them. Haven't found any critters in my Pad Thai, or whole-grain pita chips, or canned chili.

El, I bet one of those mean Red Sox fans did it.

pssst, I swear, it wasn't me

Then it wasn't really their fault at all! They were just being the "granola shop" they are.


YEAH. Some people call that protein.

*hides behind Sarah*

*snork* protein sounds like what my uncle says about worms in apples, "It's just a little extra protein, who couldn't use more protein?"

*uses superhuman strength to refrain from making "more protein" comments*
*turns blue - No he turns red - NO he turns plaid!!!*


(for Sarah J)

having dial-up, this move is gonna make my weekend.

*flops into hammock*

*realizes Blue hasn't returned with the hammocks*

*sheepishly picks herself off of the floor*

Coast, plaid is a very becoming color for you.

and excellent restraint, btw. ;)

NO. Ya know, it never even occurred to me to tell them, and I'm usually pretty up to the minute on that kind of thing.

BUT, now that you mention it, KDF, I think I remember a guy wearing a Med Pox baseball cap fiddling around with the pasta right before I picked up my package.



1. My neck is all sorts of badness.
2. They have scheduled me to have surgery Wendesday morning, so you will have to do without my company for a few days.
3. Which is too bad for you, since I'm told I'm a lot of fun under the influence of morphine.
4. There is no four.
5. I will be all right.


*waits expectantly for dramatic groping*

Hey, you fiddle with my package, and I'll fiddle around with yours.


...Though for now, I'm off to the pub for lunch with a friend. I'll be back later, though.


*Gropes dramatically, but to no avail...*


*dramatically gropes sharon*


to: the Posse

re: t-shirt order

We have the extra small shirts with the reinforced ramparts - but we need to know which slogan you decided on. Was it "I ASKed, and boy did I receive" or was it "Do ASK - don't tell"?

*comes to*
*gropes sharon* {{{sharon}}} tightly!
*wonders if extra protein would help her neck*


*dramatically gropes, to avail*

I hope they fix that damn neck up better than new, Sharon. I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. If you need help harassing any rude or incompetent medical personnel, please let us know (except, of course, there will be none of either.)

{{{Sharon}}} again

And *snorks* at sg for the hammock leap and Coast for the protein comment.

G0d, you people kill me.

*snork* @ Coast!

couldn't resist, could ya? ;)


looks like a real grope-fest goin' on here

but sharon - i think you need to demand a hospital room with internet access, so that you can share that morphine

that, and a stoned out sharon has just got to be fun, yes?

Hey, it works for CR.

*Enters with hammocks, couches, prote.....um, drinks, parfaits, gropings.....*

Step right up folks, no fighting, plenty of room right next to me.

*wanders over to the parfait hammock*

Ya know, Blue, an occasional shower might help with that.


Anyone got FOOMage?

Hey! Who beauxgarted that one?!

I brought the shower, too! C'mon in, almost everyone.

here Blue, you can have some of mine.

Thanks, S-G. I like how neighborly this neighborhood is getting. Now, if you had a little parfait, too......

Yer gonna need this.

Here's the schematics.

*psst Meanie... you have to use "\" not "/" or blog monster thinks it's HTML, and eats your parfait


*smokes CRs parfait hammock*

Sorry dude. I'll pay ya back. Promise.

*falls over*
Now that's some serious hammock.

Yeah, Coast, I figgered that out after it was too late. Blogmonster could do with some of that, though. It was getting a little tense.




*Turns on cold water for S-Girl. It's steamy and the water wasn't even on!*

Wolves don't mind water, either, I believe.

*looks down*
*realizes his hammock is gone*
*falls on top of wolfie*
hmmmm - you can "smoke my hammock" NEtime wolfie!!

Downside: sharon sa has to have surgery, boooooooo...

Upside: sharon sa gets morphine, not enough of an upside for a yaaaaaaaaay.

*waits for sharon to come back from lunch so she can hug her, but not too tight*

almost everyone?

seems kinda rude - just sayin'

Apparently I didn't not get my stuff because of a baby being born but because of a scummy maintenance person who said he was there and I wasn't, which is the opposite of what happened. Landlord said he was going to have to scol someone (the maintenance guy's his brother-in-law, so he won't fire him) and PERSONALLY make sure I can get my stuff out!! YAY! for getting my things sometime in the near future!! I miss my blowdrier!

TC - Its just that Blue's still got that "wee bit" of an envy problem (iykwim)

Well, some gator, who had his fill yesterday, was tryin' to lock me outta here.


well i wouldn't want to make anyone feel inadequate or anything

Blue, I was offerin' you parfait from my own private stash. well actually I took it from TC's stash under my bed, but I didn't think he'd mind.

and turn off the cold water!!

psssst, Toto wants to take a shower with Blue, pass it on!

There's nothing inadequate to feel.

S-G, stay close and all will be warm(er).

What if it wasn't you who was being excluded, Thaddeus? What if it was me, as part of the "Don't Offend SaraH J" thing? I wouldn't be offended by not being included in a group shower.

Wolves don't mind water, either, I believe.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 02:56 PM on May 19, 2006

wolfie.. water..wet.. yeah. Not gonna touch that one.

*touches CR while he's still on top of her*

*posts and runs away very far very fast*

Nothing? Man, that's even worse than what I had heard.

OK, i wasn't gonna go there - good thing ASK did it instead

*snork* @ ASK!

and Sarah - you are undoubtedly correct, as you frequently are


to: the Posse

re: t-shirt order

We have the extra small shirts with the reinforced ramparts - but we need to know which slogan you decided on. Was it "I ASKed, and boy did I receive" or was it "Do ASK - don't tell"?

besides, i don't mind bein' excluded either, if bein'included requires feelin' blue's, um, whatever

Sarah J - it wasn't you or TC. But you are both welcome over here on the couch.

I'd rather avoid the Big Comfy Couch, if that's alright. Luna scares me.

That's why I got a picture without her in it. That clock thing is really disturbing.

OK, who's luna? should i be scared too?

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