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February 15, 2006


This catalog comes in the mail.


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judi, are you sure it's the catalog that comes in the mail?

I never, ever, ever, EVER believe the warnings! GAH!!!

Hey, those boys don't have pencils!

OK, who is taking pictures of me without my express written consent?

And *SNORK* @ insom's general direction.

Cbol, I think you meant to also italicize "in the mail".

Ah ha, the new office suply catalog came in and Judi is shopping for pencils..

How did I not make it onto the mailing list for that catalog? The mailing list for aarp, yes of course. The mailing list for Narcissist monthly, you betcha. The weekly newsletter for Inept in the Kitchen has my name as well.
But the mailing list for half nekid men I don't get? WTD?
Life is sooo unfair.

Reasons 1 and 2?

so relieved to note that judi was the poster on this one, NOT dave. nice job you got there judi!

At first I thought it was posted by Dave. Here I was, picturing him in that little pink number...thanks a lot for spoiling my buzz, crossgirl!

Can you order from that catalog? What are the payment terms? Prices please....

Ok my fellow guy bloggers I have a question for you.

Let's say you subscribe to a certain magazine whose name rhymes with FLAYBOY. On the cover of said magizine was a picture of Jessica Alba and the caption said the sexiest star of the year. You happen to agree with this notion and open up said magazine that you only read for the articles and there is not one picture of her inside in the state of undress that you were praying for. In fact the only picture of her inside said magazine she might as well be dressed to go sking in -45 degree weather. Am I wrong in being a little disapointed or am I a male pig? Ladies before you judge me to harshly what if it was FLAYGIRL magazine and the same thing happened with him

Wow, can you say "Padded Butt Boxer Brief" five times fast?

Addicted to 24, you are a male pig but that is beside the point. This is false advertizing and they tricked you! Should be good for at least 5 million if you sue.

Just watch out for Dick Cheney while interviewing potential lawyers.

Am I the only one who thought that Addicted's link was going to lead to picture of Barry Manilow? So why did I click on it anyway?

Oh my. Are those spiders coming out of the sac and scampering across the banana?

Yay! Judi's Back! That makes up for havin' to look at a buncha dudes in skimpy underwear (I know, I could've just not clicked on the link, but for some reason I can't seem to stop myself)

BTW, there's no way the guy in the pink undies is straight (NTTAWWT) - just sayin'

I disagree...I'd say Dave has a better job, himself. Despite all the strumpeting. In fact, despite my very strong ego and high self-opinion, the one percent of my brain dedicated to "admire other people" secretly has Dave Barry on a list of two living people whom I envy, as far as having a writing gig and style. The other one being P.J. O'Rourke. All the others are dead.*

Words of the Sentient:

We should teach general ethics to both men and women, but sexual relationships themselves must not be policed. Sex, like the city streets, would be risk-free only in totalitarian regimes. -- Camille Paglia

* no, I didn't do it

If you point to the one you like best, it drops down to reveal other options. Just an observation.

Welcome back Judi!!

Thank you Somewhere 8^)

NGL . . . AYCMM!!

Sooner or later he's gonna get you, MKJ, sooner or later.....

addicted: well, *I*d be disappointed. i ADORE jessica alba.

Think I could get my boyfriend to wear the Tutti-fruitti cover up? *g*

They clearly have been researching Judi's taste in catalogues...

Addicted: You meant to link to Johnny Depp. And, yes Judi, truly, I'd take Alba *and* Depp.

I am not fussy.

I musta missed somethin' ... somebuddy sent Blessed St. Judi a pencil in the male?

Whut ... ever ...

Addicted - sometimes it's sexier NOT to take everything off....especially if we're talking about, for instance, a hearing aid or glass eye.

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