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February 15, 2006


Because guys do not waste time with menial activities such as vacuuming when they could be doing something important.

(Via Gizmodo)


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I love this gadget! Ours drives the cats crazy.

How lonely are you when you end up talking to a vacum cleaner through a computer ?

"Why is this place such a frikken mess?"

"Network's down."

So, for once my computer will suck, and it'll be a GOOD thing?

Awesome! I want to build one!

What's a Roomba?

so this hardware doesn't have 'bugs' it has 'dust bunnies'?

Floor surfing from your PalmPilot!

This think our modified Orgazmatron is better.

*clap clap*

... suppose you could mount a camara on this? For ... feed back, yea, that's what it's called!

Roomba? Is that like Poomba, which I have on a good authority (ie: my 2 year old) is not someone you want involved in general clean up of a room.

I bet his wife gave him heck when she found out he built this instead of vacuuming like she told him to.

Note that the schematic for this thingy is the same schematic your biology teacher used to diagram the human digestive system.

It doesn't work. I just tried it and kept giving it signals to move around and nothing happened.

BTW, in unrelated news, the old guy next door was just hauled off to the morgue. EMS said he'd spun around on the floor 50-60 times, then his pacemaker exploded. Weird.

Oh, back to the Roomba controller, a question: I didn't have a 78L05 IC, so I used a 78L50 -- think that matters?

I'm cheap, I use "Robo-Maid" for my wood floors.

Essentially, it's one of those toy weasel-balls, inside a round cage that supports a swiffer-like dusting surface. They cost like fifteen bucks, instead of two hundred sixty.

But, just between you, me, and everyone else but my wife, I do want a roomba. But I also want a wireless computer display and input implanted directly into my brain so I can be on the 'net while I'm out acting like a normal person in public.

Words of the Sentient:

We are now a two-wheelbarrow family, that accounts for the delay. Don't brush it off. Are you a two sheelbarrow family? How many two-wheelbarrow families do you know? I mean to say: two-Caddilac families are common; there are at least twenty in our neighborhood, not counting Texans. But /we/ are the only two-wheelbarrow family I know of. -- Robert A. Heinlein

I've heard these little dudes perform good interim cleanups. Seriously.

Mad: As long as you have the proper 2200 mW capacitor. you're good.

Kaz - what was Heinlein grokking when he said that. For all his forward thinking, you'd think he'd come up with something less primitive than the almost useless wheelbarrow.

When my vacuum needs to check e-mail... The world has gone toooooo far!!

Stupe - One mega-point for your use of "grok" - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Stranger in a Strange Land. Thanks!

Stranger was one of those "meaningful" books for me - really made me think and re-evaluate the things I took for granted. I think I was about 16 when I read it. Still love it.

Waiting is.

I wonder if the same modification could made to this?

qetzal - *snork!*

Thanks, Stupe. I was actually surprised that gag was still available by the time I got here. ;^)

Stupe' (& all) --

Heinlein often was wont to belabor the subtle ... his reference to the common wheelbarrow (IMHO) was a form of editorial on our fascination with gadgetry ... he was not necessarily against it, as a labor-saving device, but he would not hesitate to remind us that when all else fails ("network's down" comes to mind, among other examples), manual labor will still enable us to get the job done ...

and ...

the simple wheelbarrow makes use of several of the basic tools that put homo sapiens on top of the evolutionary heap ... the lever, the wheel, the inclined plane ... as well as adapting them all to provide a modern concept of efficiency of labor ...

Sure, you can rent/own/lease a Bobcat™ or backhoe or dump truck ... but when the cost is too high, or the job too small to justify such expenditure or the machine breaks down ... you still have the wheelbarrow ... and a shovel with which to fill it ...

... merely sayin' ...

I actually get that magazine (Make) and it is one of the most entertaining things I have ever read. Whether you want to make a cat feeder out of a VCR, biodiesel fuel, or a solar-powered death ray, it is the magazine to read.

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