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February 23, 2006


They're into the costumes.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick, who notes that this is Yahoo's most-emailed picture)


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Yeah, there was a lot of cheekage due to the rampant thongage as well.

Get me another beer.

Whoops. I think I just admitted to watching ice dancing.

Restive ramparts.

Wingbipeekaboo, indeed.

I'll take my change in dimes and nipples, please... uh, I mean, nickels.

Is it my eyes, my imagination, my wishful thinking, or is there a bit of pink showing on the "top" rampart?

...I get the feeling Mr Blog is really missing Mrs Blog today.

I mean, he posted the Beckham-thing before Judi even got a chance to, and now he's showing us nipples?


Looks like there's a nip in the air over in Torino...

Aw, c'mon, somebody had to say it.

mud: I noticed the cheekage, too. Haven't seen that much since Katarina Witt was on the ice. I think they changed the costume rules after her, butt apparently the rules don't apply to ice dancing.

Oh, pass the wine, pleeze.

Good thing the ice is cold, or that costume might have slipped all the way off.

A nip-tacular performance!

*snork* at Laibo. Yeah, it had to be said...

just a little peek of aureole, and all the guys go nuts...

What a slutskaya.

"and now he'll perform a lift with a double t*ts...i mean twist"

Not goin nuts... just wanted to be sure before I call the FCC.

I clicked on the related link that had this key quote at the story's end:
"We're good," Meuli said. "It was fantastic seeing the two Schoch brothers on the podium. It made me feel so hot today."

Is it just me, or would ice dancing be vastly improved if they let the crowd throw squids at the performers?

Then again, what activity wouldn't be improved by that?

*brushing teeth*
"Heads up, hon!"
*gets hit in head with squid*
"What da herr!?" (speech obscured by toothbrush)
"Boo-yah! I give you an 8!"

She has no right hand. She has a beige tentacle- appendage. They are doping the skaters with octopus DNA.

I would have expected this from Slutskaya...

*looks at photo again*
*snorks heartily @ Lileks!*

And they didn't even give them a medal for her efforts! Sure that display is worth something.

"They're into the costumes."

Well, they're just BAREly in...

Where's Janet Jackson when you need her?

NBC= Nothing But Cleavage

Lileks! We are honored, sir.


See, now HER breastesses are small and firm, so they stay in the cup. MY cups runneth over, so if a guy bent ME back like that, I'd suffocate....


"Nipples Barely Covered"?

"Nearly Bared Chest"?

"Normally Boring Contests are Not Being Censored"?

Wow. Nipplage *and* James Lileks both in the same day. Now I need a beer.

So, Dave, it appears that flashing a nipple will entice other famous authors to come 'round here. Good job!

PS: Over on the other thread, we're still waiting for a pic of Dave Beckham's, ahem, "manliness" at attention.

Ratings make people do the darndest things.

This just brings back memories of the Seinfled 'Nip' episode. And I'm giggling almost as much now as I was when I first saw it.

("Killer Queen")
She made straight judges quiver before her face was on the Net.
She showed off her medallions barely dressed like Marie Antoinette!
Building her ramparts
Showing they're not sham parts
But there's no time for me
To finish up my rhyme!

*snork* at everyone!

Hey Lileks, I read The Bleat every day - very cool, and so is The Quirk.
/end kissing up in hopes of a reply

And to Punkin Poo - me too, sweetie! :)

what other famous authors? anonymous?

Oh, I saw this. Judges only gave it one point.

Nah, this one is the most emailed (mild cardiac warning on link)

I am so sorry for my ignorance but who's Mr. Lileks? and we are we honored??

Ooh! My BOOBIE is right next to DAVE!!!!!

(see several posts up)


Oh, and Eleanor - how they hangin'?

julietine-He's a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. You'll get lots if you google him.

lisa: snork (for your earlier one, not the lileks directional)

www.lileks.com btw :)

Thank you judi!

Punkin poo - Yes.

Punkin Poo - please don't smother Dave.

and *snork* at Lisa for her 'one point.'

shhhh....girls. The guys are lurking, waiting for us to continue our discussion on our pendulous parts.

Lileks- They also seem to be growing women out of men. Or maybe they are splitting into two creatures. Ameobic ice skating. Showing a little flaggelete are we?

Annie-How 'bout we tease them by only discussing our perky parts. *hee hee*

It only got 4 out of 5 stars for a rating - I guess that means the ratio of viewers is 4 guys/lesbians to each hetero gal.

Ahh, my favorite subject, all is right with the world.

Hey its only fair, you were just discussing men's pendulous parts, or I guess it wasn't that pendulous.

Lisa - if that's the case, well, if you can't say anything nice....sigh.

Annie-Okay, how about voluptuous parts?

Voluptuous? Oh, yeah, well, sure! Of course!
But I left them at home today. I think they're somewhere in the garage.

One night Jay Leno was talking about Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, and he said that she "popped out." He then went on to comment that 20 something women "pop out," by the 40's they "fall out," and by the 60's they "drop out."

OK, I don't usually watch ice dancing, but this just the type of thing that might get me to start.

The other thing would be if they gave 'em all hockey sticks, and turned 'em all loose on the ice at the same time

costume designed by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

OK, how about this picture?

... um ... costumes?

Whut costumes?

Ladies, we're not waiting for DISCUSSION about your pendulous, perky or voluptuous ramparts, we're waiting for the PHOTOS! [foot tapping -- WELL?] Besides, who knows if those of you who CLAIM to be women of the female pursuasion really ARE, and those who claim to be guys of the male (not mail) sort really are. All of that is so easily faked on the 'net (then there's surgery...). Of course, we know that you can easily fake the photos too, but what the heck, rampart photos are rampart photos!

Hockey sticks? How about slathering them with Crisco?

I say we watch the ice skaters fight to the death...

Actually I am quite happy with Ice Skating. When I was younger I really enjoyed watching Gymnastics. Now I can watch Ice skating and dream of dating the girls...

Hanna - it's really hard to hold on to hockey sticks once you slather them with Crisco. And I'm not sure how this would be worth watching. Judging from your taste in entertainment, are you perhaps Canadian?

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