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February 15, 2006


(Thanks to Jessica Martin)


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Remote controlled mate? This is a first!

First, first, first! Hee!

Okay, second. Sheesh -- I even had a heads-up from Judy. I'm a losah!

Hmmm... sounds like breaking up really will require some blood-shed, now.

Things like this really get under my skin.

...and let the implant-chips fall where they may...

Claire has a daughter?

OK, I can handle it. I'm a software engineer and any one who wants to access what's on my PCs is guaranteed a good night's sleep, even at 9AM.

Eeewwwwww!!! That's dis.....wait, this one's actually fairly normal by comparison to the rest of today's posts. Phew.

Makes sense - I microchipped the other pets, why not the boyfriend? Does it have a remote that can electronically 'remind' (think taser) him to take out the trash?

Snork@Annie. That would be on one of the more expensive models I'm sure.

And personally, I prefer to lose my keys the old fashioned way.

Oh! When you get really mad, you can just use your expensive but sharp fake fingernails and rip the chip right out of him! (Put it up on your trophy case along with the other guy's penis, etc...)

New T-shirt slogan: "Rip The Chip!"


I was thinking hook this up to a clapper and then you would have something.

*clap clap* Thanks for cooking dinner dear
*clap clap* Thanks for doing the dishes darlin'
*clap clap* Thanks for taking out the garbage hun
*clap clap* Oh yes again *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

Gives Breaking Up Is Hard To Do a whole new meaning!!!

His pick up line to her: "I have a big chip and I know how to use it."

This is just strange body parts day: implanted electronic chips, pencils in woohoos, worms in eyes...when does it end?

Isn't this supposed to be one of the signs of the apacolypse? Did I spell that right?

Will the boyfriend now have deep, meaningful conversations with the vacuum cleaner?

No the only sign of the apocalypse, is seeing the word apocalypse spelled correctly.

I'm not sure what the wimper is about...this is a cool idea.

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