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February 16, 2006


Finally, one of them does something about it.

(Thanks to annie where-but-here)


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My P.E. teachers would have been a lot more popular if they'd done this. First?

Wow. Rates have really risen since my day.

yup, Bumble. but let me be the first to say COGRATS on the post, Annie!!


Well, afterall Sept. thru Dec. are the coldest months in Florida!

(Congrats Annie WBH)

I would gladly have paid even $5 a day to skip the horrors of high school gym! I spent so much time standing in deep right field during baseball season that I think I had my own area code. My P.E. teacher had two words of advice for me: "Skip Gym". I would rather hear the magic words "hall pass" over the dreaded phrase of "time to hit the showers".

And they accuse this teacher of wrong doings? I say this:forcing students to take high school P.E. is a crime!

(Can anyone tell I'm just a litte bitter about P.E. in schools?)

That makes up for the time I made my Driver's Ed teacher pay me $1 a day not to tell everyone that he was banging the principal's wife. Truth came out eventually, as he was caught banging one of the girls in the class ahead of me.

PBoy...you mean you were standing in line behind him to bang her? This all sounds MOST unwholesome!

PS...AnnieWBH...yes, congratulations: you made it! and with a post that didn't involve penii or snakes!

Pirateboy-My Jr. High had an Olympic-size swimming pool. We could have drowned! This teacher was just saving lives. ;-)

HAHA I live right next to Pensacola and I dont blame this teacher one bit. The county is the poorest county in the state of Florida. More power to the teacher.

I wish my P.E. teacher had done that. I remember in junior high (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) in the showers, one of the girls who always wore uptight prudish clothing was getting undressed and we saw a hickey on her midriff!!!
Her reputation was ruined for life!
With the girls anyway.
It was a big *giggle* in the 7th grade. :)

Congrats to AnnieWBH!

um, thanks for all the congrats and everything, but I have a confession to make...
...I paid judi $1 to post this.

Eleanor, can we try and keep the posting a little less naughty k, the word midreff gets me all hot and bothered :)


A --- hem ...

I was once a P.E. teacher.

Merely sayin' ...

Wealthy and retired early, then, U.O?

Blue' -

Well ... sorta ... I usually tell folks I wuz makin' too much money, farmin' and teachin' ... I was werkin' 15 months of the year ... nine teaching and six farming ... so, when farmin' still looked good, I took the option ...

Wealthy? Not exactly. Farmin' went into the crapper, and I spent most of it on silly things like raising kids, food, clothing and shelter ...

BTW ... apparently I did a few things right ... I seem to recall more than one kid saying in their "senior profile" in the school paper that PE was one of their favorite classes ... (none of them ever said "English" tho ... which is whut else I tried to tutor them into learning) ... in fact, one senior even named me as his "favorite singer" ... from the times when we had square dancing in PE, and I was the caller ...

Yeah, he wuz perty weird ...

*machine gun SNORK* and Congrats to AWBH!!! I just wish I was sober enuff 2 give ya the trifecta all in one post!

I would have GLADLY paid $1 a day to get out of junior high P.E. class! As it was, I skipped class every chance I got. I actually had a sports injury my freshman year, which meant that I was excused from P.E. class, and despite the fact that the injury was pretty serious, I was THRILLED to have it because it meant I didn't have to attend P.E. anymore! The problem then, as I expect it is now, is that P.E. teachers tend to be very masculine (even, and ESPECIALLY, the women) so their idea of fun activities includes football, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc. If they would have brought "girl" sports into P.E. class, like Jazzercise and tennis and gymnastics and hiking, I would have been far more willing to attend. (I realize there will probably be many reply posts saying that they know of female P.E. teachers who are not overly-masculine, but let me just say that you are completely wrong! These are women who are attracted to a job where you have to wear a whistle, carry a stopwatch, and pretend to be excited about field hockey! High heels and make-up just ain't these women's cup of tea!)

I truly did offer judi $1 to post this story. Hopefully she's raising money to purchase her very own oosik.
Amanda - I love a shoe sale as much as the next woman, but I also play a pretty mean game of field hockey. Our PE teacher wasn't manly at all. She was, however, ancient and forgetful, often instructing us to do certain exercises, then wandering away to lunch or a nap while we nearly passed out from over-exertion. "Go, you chicken fat, go!"

Y'know, the girls could have just saved their money and used the good old standard "It's that time of the month" excuse. And I actually never minded P.E. in junior high. It was high school when it sucked. It was particularly crappy my freshman year when I had the running nazi for my P.E. teacher. He was this really tall skinny guy with a bad tupee (is there really a good tupee?) who wore Daisy Duke-esque shorts no matter what time of year it was. *cringes*

Re: the "It's that time of the month excuse". One day in high school, our PE teacher had us sit in the bleachers at the beginning of class, got out her record book and looked at us all sternly. Then she said, "According to my records for the last several months, some of you are in danger of bleeding to death. Get over it!"

Lol. The one time I used it, it was actually legit. It was the time of the year when we were doing swimming, so I actually had a real reason to sit out. Not the whole time, of course. Besides, I've always enjoyed swimming. It was a nice break from the things I sucked at such as running, football, baseball, basketball, and pretty much anything else more athletic than getting in a pool. Heh.

wow. those kids were brilliant. i woulda paid the gym teacher... they should have given the kids a reward.

Psst! Eleanor's got dinosaurs roaming in her showers.


Annie -- you remember "Chicken Fat" ... wowser ... the kids in my elementary classes actually seemed to enjoy the (brief!) session of PT, before the fun stuff ...

Didja ever do "Shipwreck"? Lummi sticks? Tinikling? -- Sorta mixed reviews on those ... kids perty much seemed to like 'em ...

I always enjoyed gym class because I was a breakout soccer prodigy and used the time to work on my game. But I never enjoyed it so much as the time that my mom's fiancee, Chester, got roped into coaching his company's all girl's soccer team, and realized that he was in waaaay over his head. So he concocted this crazy scheme to dress me up as a girl to be a ringer for the team. I managed to whip them into shape pretty well, but hilarity ensued when I fell head-over-heels for the daughter of Chester's boss, and in a stunning climax...

Wait. That's the plot to Ladybugs with Rodney Dangerfield.
Oh, that's right. I sucked at sports. I spent several thousand hours in deep left field plotting to overthrow the world. Sorry, I always get those two confused.

chicken fat! i used that with my preschoolers ;) they loved it.

amanda: seriously? you wanna go there? GIRL sports?!?! i'm considering a citizen's arrest.

Oh, wow, I didn't know they even did the chicken fat thing at other schools. THAT brings back memories.

And makes me realize how gladly I would have paid a dollar not to do it.

I could be LTTG here, what with living on the Left Coast and all, but I didn't see Amanda's post until just now, and I'm outraged by the stereotyping.

psst judi, if you need help with the citizen's arrest thingy, call me.

Wow. I hated the Kennedy Administration for Chicken Fat. Now you can buy the video -
chicken fat
...check out the name of the studio that produced it...

*zips in from czeching Annie's site*

Look at this: Want it delivered Monday, February 20? Order it in the next 4 hours and 41 minutes, and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. See details.

If I did this, I could get it on my b-day. What a treat!!

"Push-ups! Every daaaayy!!"
Ugh....no more 1/2 price v-day chocolate for me...I gotta drive home soon....

i've got a 45 of chicken fat ;) (geezer bus alert, but also kinda into vinyl)

I useta have a 45 of Chicken Fat, but I left it @ the last skul where I taught elementary PE ...

Trivia alert: Without googling or peeking @ your copy, tell us all who sang the "Chicken Fat" exercise song ...

Touch down, every morning ...
Ten times, every day ...

I had a High School English teacher who would change the date of an exam or quiz if everyone coughed up a dollar. We soon figured out that he wasn't even ready for the test when he made the extortion request and quit paying to put it off.

Robert Preston, and to this day I despise him for it.
I'll be ok, really. It's one thing for preschoolers to have fun with it. It's another thing entirely when you're in junior high, forced to wear hideous gym uniforms, and do jumping jacks to this 'happy pap.' I'd much rather play basketball, but it was easier for our gym teacher to put this record on, kick back and watch us wallow in embarassment.

Oh, man ... (well, woman, in Annie's case) ... Chicken Fat has a label restricion ... DO NOT APPLY to anyone over the age of 10 ... Fourth Graders are the limit ... your (lazy) PE teacher was in violation of the Physical Education Childrens' Keeping Everything Recreational laws of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Being Loved as Best PE Teacher Union ...

I think I can actually recall some of my classes WANTING to do Chicken Fat before we started the "fun stuff" of the current lesson plan ...

Sorry you had such doofuses for teachers, Annie ...

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