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February 24, 2006


...it'll never last.

(Thanks to M. Rosenberg)


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Top Africa Headlines Now (on the side of the page)
"Shell told to pay Nigeria $1.5bn"

The moral - Screw a goat and pay 50 bucks... screw a country and pay 1.5 Billion.

ahem - and I modestly reafuse to comment on my third consecutive meaningful... well you know *blush*

But I will say *snork* @ TRWC

Nor will I comment on my spelling capabilities.

Eh, she could do better than him.

Sometimes, CoastRaven, you really get my goat.

OK, is anyone else thinkin' this is horribly unfair to the goat?

>> "let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife," Mr Alifi told the newspaper.

Not true. He had sex with the goat; he didn't have the goat do his laundry.

Nate - nor did the goat make him breakfast in the morning, drive his children to soccer games, or nag him for being out late with the boys.

Well...maybe the nagging part...if it was a nanny goat.

TCK - I am.

*snork* @ Annie

I wnat to make a funny comment, but this speaks for itself really. I mean, I had to check the date to make sure April hadn't arrived already this is so ridiculous. Excuse me while I e-mail that link to everyone who has ever given me their e-mail address. And some who haven't.

I applaud this solution. Maybe next time he'll pick a more attractive animal.

getting married was as easy as falling off a goat!


They'll need a nanny goat when they have kids.

TCK - how often have you felt that way? ;)

That is a really cruel twist of feta for the goat..

I still think the goat could do better.

just this once Annie - other times, well, I figure the goat pretty much had it comin'

Maybe they should make HIM become the wife of a goat.

It's usually about here where somebody comments that he or she sees nothing funny about this article.

I see nothing funny about this article.

1. Nate, I just laughed so hard, I have tears in my eyes.

2. Dave, I love you just the way you are.

So in Sudan, evidently this is OK, as long at you pay a dowry. Hmmm.... (scratches Sudan off my list of places to go on vacation)

Although, divorce would be economical. Imagine the following conversation:

Man: How was your meal?
Guest: Fine, thank you.
Man: You know, that was my wife.
Guest: What!
Man: Had some of the best years of my life with her.
Guest: What!
Man: But after a while, we just grew apart.
Guest: What!

But maybe that's just my warped sense of humor.

I see nothing funny about this article of clothing.

Annie - I have an eerie feeling that you just won (not one) Dave ten bucks. I picture him sitting back drinking a beer and saying "Hey Walter watch this. I bet you ten bucks I can get them to say anything I want them to" then he posted his note. Dont ask how Walter made ten bucks to cover the bet!

CoastRaven - maybe everyone gave Walter a dollar. ;) You are most likely right about the bet. But since Dave's probably putting on a birthday party for a 5-year-old without maternal assistance, I figured I'd humor (not hummus) him. Just as long as Sophie gets the pony named "Joy" that she wanted.

Such a baa-aa-aa-ad boy.

It's hard to type a goat impression...

Somehow this reminds me of Britney and the goat she married.

Holy mother of Elvis..someone call PETA

Is the goat the first or second wife? Can you imagine being second wife to a goat. That would really put some dahla in my ghee if you know what I mean.

Aren't their kids beautiful?

take 2

a hiaku:

super bowl party
call the deaf and dumb couple
they're a load of laughs


I swear Officer
I just don't know what happened
It wasn't a fart

one more:

shrapnel imbedded
yet they survived the big boom
darwin was cheated

hey... this is probably still legal in the state of washington. (i'm referring, of course, to a link i referenced yesterday. here it is again, in case ya missed/over-looked/chose to ignore it):


there's a little break in the article, but don't let that stop you from.... er... scrolling down to read it all. then be afraid. be very afraid. for there are people out there who will not only marry an animal... but have sex with it, as well. (shudder)

Uh, Mud...? Wrong thread, I'm thinkin'...


You know. When I heard that they where making a movie about Cowboys and sheep I figured this would happen...

I don't know Mr. C - this one kinda applies:

I swear Officer
I just don't know what happened
It wasn't a fart

wellll - maybe not

Thank you puppy toes I now love living in Seattle. Maybe my boss will stop being an... Never mind.

Ah yes, the Sudan, where men are men and goats are nervous.

Takes the attention off sheep-herders. Nice work.

huge snork @ hanna!

I bet this guy was totally embare-assed. If he had internet access, he would be even more humiliated. I mean, both BBC and the esteemed DBBlog covered his 'indesrection.' I bet dirty talk for goaters will change though.

"Hey baby, I've got a PROPOSAL for ya."

Ya, know, I don't understand the problem.
It's not like they were second cousins or something.

That's just plain sick.

Actually it's more than plain sick, it's extra special fancy sick, with goat cheese on top.

So, was his pickup line somethin' like ... Me Billy, you Nanny ... ???

Wham, bam, thank you, lamb.

This practice is very common in some parts of the world. That's how how the term "laying one's sins on escape goat" originated.

@ Annie WBH

Hmmm....it left out a couple of words. Let's see if this posts.

Annie: I think it left out the *snicker*

(let's see if it leaves it out of this post)

Well, they're married now. That should insure that the sex will stop.

Once you go goat you never go back.

Alanboss - *snork!*, but true.

*snork* @ insolentwench

(psst.. igloo sighting, y'all!!)

AWBH *snorked* @ me! My day is made!:-)

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