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February 04, 2006


But we know we don't care.

(Thanks to Sarah C.)


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Thanks for setting me straight nicole. Before joining myspace, I didn't know what "emo" meant. Now that I know, I am correctly admonished in the fact that I am not a 'real' member.

Thank God!

Lol. Embrace the cheesiness of the moody "emo" picture, Jacki. The power of Tom compels you. (Tom is the MySpace guru for those not in the know.)

Thought it was especially funny that the Flash ad showing next to this story when I viewed it was for cellulite removal, complete with before-and-after pix of thighs!

u people scare me.....any one here like bowie?i have some brill piccys,plus im hoping to join the nekkid sailor club.lol!!he supports it.i dunno why they called it that,as the thin white duke was far from a sailor

any one here like zoggy stardust?the thin white duke?alladdin sane?david bowie?lol..u have to choose one!!

um. what was this about? oh. shorts. right. i'll keep my comments brief. men who care about their underpants dont date women. that's it in a nutshell.

Bowie fan, Jin, yew have come to the Twilight Zone...

*tanga tanga tanga tanga, drewwwwww*

Yes. Lets hear it for queensbee, accurate and straight to the point which is (if I understand it correctly) my 12 Yuan spent on nutshells makes me sexy...er..have I..heh heh...is this right...?

in case no one looks back :) i updated the strumpet update.

Annie: "ridiculous outfits the women models wear - feathered thongs, spangled pasties, leather collars, etc." are we talking fashion show or strip club here?

Joe: I was going to ask 'who's doin' the scoopin', but then I saw Stupendous Man's post... I guess he is.

*zips in*

Thanks judi - will go check!

jin: We don't post porn or porn links here.
just sayin'....

Oooh. Points. Thanks, Jacki.

*runs off to sit in a corner and admire points Gollum-like*

The following quote is, of course, from the Blog's interview in Newsweek:

"...men have to recognize that women are insane."

I'm sending a link to those words to those Japanese sucker uppers from that previous post that got a lot of the comments here started. Remember, the Secret Word today is still tabmoW. Pass it on.

You simply need to know how to market things (thongs?)-
"Hey, guys, it's no secret that you name your boys down there, so why not personalize your undies to reflect your macho individuality?"
"Dave & Gordon" ="D&G"
"Passing Side 'n Suicide" = "P 'n S" (get it?)

*snork at AnnieWBH*

*not so much at SM*

Hey, El! I was just quoting our fearless leader;)

I don't care what the article says, those frenchies have got nothin' on Dave's knitted thongs...

SM - I was referring to "tabmoW", not to what our fearless leader said.

We like to be insane, because it makes the men insane, a win-win situation!!! :-)

Dang, dudes! El has broken our secret code! Go to plan three! And remember, the secret word is now aWmtbo.

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