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February 26, 2006


Mr. Language Person,
When Ted Nugent sings, "My face is a Maserati, looking for a clean garage,"  is that a metaphor or a simile?
Randy Walker
Roanoke, VA

That would be a metaphor. A simile would be, "My face is a Maserati, and I need to change the oil."


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*zips out to watch Closing Ceremonies, which ended a day or 2 ago, but are just starting here on the forgotten Left Coast*

OK, perhaps I was thinking along the wrong lines, now that I've seen the light.

To off-topic topic: I got a kick from the clown-themed marching band version of YMCA. And at this moment, "Volare" is being sung, and I get the feeling we may be in store a rendering of "...like a big pizza pie".

*continuing to think up ways to dig himself out of the gimundic hole he dug*

I think the posse deserves roses:


(psst, Blue! How do you link to websites?)

Can someone please tell me how far into the program the closing ceremonies actually begin. The stadium is virtually empty at this point, and I don't want to just sit there LIKE a bump on a log (simile), when I could be sitting here in a den of warm fuzziness (metaphor?).

Does Ricky Martin sing Living La Vida Loca?

Simile, and the world similes with you . . .

Adonis, my co-tenant, I've got the opener, you bring the lighter.

To link: 1) Paste the URL for your desired link within the quotes below 2) change 'words on screen' to something descriptive, without quotes.

<A HREF="">words on screen</A>

Make sure there's a space between A and HREF.

Now, as your final act on this Earth, make us proud!

El - here on the East Coast they said the closing ceremonies started at 7pm, but they in fact didn't start until something like 9pm.

Thx Blue, that's what I thought. The TV program "called" Closing ceremonies started at 7, but so far it's just blah, blah, blah...

I have an HDTV in my living room but I'm more comfy at night watching TV in my bedroom, so , well , nothing.

I'm not sure when the closing ceremonies actually began. (Did the opening ceremonies ever end?) But the spark-spewing Fiat took center stage at 9:45 EST, or thereabouts. Must see TV.

El, I'm happy to call a personal truce on our opposing baseball allegiances. Even though my love of the Red Sox is like... it's like... oh, the hell with the simile, I just like 'em. But I miss Johnny. *sniff*

Blue, like this?

I hope it works before the cruise missle hits


Thanks, Blue, I've been trying to figure that out for, like, a month. (Simile? I think not.)

For El, in peace

Adonis, I think you may have dodged the bullet. :)

Ahem. That would be a metaphor.

Now that I have linking muscles, I will flex them

for the posse

and for Blue

Finally, thanks Blue.

adonis - cute!

Bumble has an even better link, though, if you want to go for the "poor, pitiful me" angle. You know the one I mean, Bumble!

For some reason the last link didn't work, probably because it opened WMP. Oh well, Blue just imagine your favorite song. There, I sent it to you via ESP-mail!

adonis, this is for next time.

see this

I'm trying this, though I'm usually directions challenged.

Holy Cow, it worked.

Now, my second question is...how do I remember it?


KDFgirl, that is soooo cool! Thx. I saved it. I'm so excited about the upcoming season.
And I'm sorry that you lost Johnny, but now he's with the
big kids where he belongs!
You can always come over to the light ya know. :)

adonis - you really think that ONE rose for the whole posse will do it for you - *snork*

A link does not a hero make.

Excellent, students! *Swells with pride.*

Now, please prepare for tomorrow's lesson: removing clothing using HTML.

El - maybe he's a sausage hero?

*Must be getting late*

Um, El... I really, really like being on your team. I do, I do, I do. But perhaps from now on we should avoid this topic.


Adonis - you need to work on your ESP-mail a bit. "I Write The Songs" is hardly my favorite.

and a *snork* at Blue

Sheesh, ya give a kid the cardboard box the appliance/toy came in, and s/he's happy for a week ... um ... I mean ... WTG, Adonis!/daisymae!

(I "remember" how by keeping a "cheat sheet" in a handy file ... since I don't link much, I hafta go back to it ... I copy it, then paste it here in the comments box, and then fill in the html stuff (also prolly copied/pasted) and ... sometimes it works ... the key for me tho, is the handy reference right here (in my hiding place) so I can do about two clicks, and it's right here for me ... merely sayin' ...)

Blue, is that Lyin' Eyes playing in the background?

I hear you and understand, KDFgirl. I'll do my best.

Sister Solidarity and all that. :)

*zips out*

Sorry Blue, I meant to send "Copacabana" since I know you like it so much.

El- Please forgive me! Please please please!

I promise I'll be good!

That would be way better, PB. Still getting poor reception on the Adonis Channel, though - now "I Am, I Said" is coming through.

          Whoa!!! Look over there!!!--------->

*Is pleased that the posse
seems to have wandered
as anticipated*

Thanks U.O. I'll prolly just copy the entire post from Blue.

The first time I did it I didn't even recognize the quotes in the directions.

(LOL at self)

Let's try this again Blue:


He recited these lyrics on his old E! show a few years back.


Rather Mandy

Oops, third time's a charm

pssst, El...

Would now be a good time to tell the guys that without their presence in our little playhouse (metaphor) we'd be bored silly, as if watching grass grow, eating paste or conjugating verbs? (simile x 3)

Nah. It's more fun when they think they're annoying us.

P.S. Blue, after the lesson in virtual clothing removal, I'd appreciate a Mac-based Italics for Dummies tutorial.

"Charm", he calls it. (What have I done?)

Ew, Adonis, the 11:37 link almost made me gag. Please use your powers for good, not evil!


All better now.

Yeah, Blue, what KDF said! How do you add italics and bold? Also the clothes thing.

Thanks KDF

Glad we all can play nice

Aw. So much love in the room! :D

I'm latté to the game as usual. So, to recap, a simile is like a metaphor but a metaphor makes a poor simile. Writing is a gerund unless you are writing it. I usually mix my malaprops but in this case, have I got everything right?

Bold: <B>words to be made bold</B>

Italics: <I>words to be made italic</I>

Bold & Italics: <B><I>words to be made bold & italic</I></B>

(Sorry, KDF - I'm not a Mac guy. If what I say here doesn't work on your Mac, I can't help you.)


That (whut Blue' posted) is whut works on my Mac ... should be the same, I'd think ...

Except, Macs can do ¡ ™ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ • º – ≠ œ ∑ ´ ® † ¥ ¨ ˆ ø π “ ‘ « å ß ∂ ƒ © ˙ ∆ ˚ ¬ … æ Ω ≈ ç √ ∫ ˜ µ ≤ ≥ ÷  ... and some other stuff, also ... merely sayin' ...

All this brings a smile to kibby's face.

U.O - Just FYI, I was not meaning to spark anything like a Mac vs. PC dialog, and my Mac ignorance is not a form of advocacy for PCs. I was weaned on computer stuff through my job, where PCs are the rule. Consequently, I have almost zero knowledge of Macs, although I do know how passionate Mac fans are about their gear and that the whole Windows concept is a ripoff of the Mac approach.

I can get all those symbols you mentioned to work on a PC (though probably not easily as I could using a Mac), but the one thing I still can't manage is to show strike-thru text. All my exploring for the technique has been unsuccessful, and some research tells me that I may be limited by the fact that current versions of Internet Explorer browser do not support that particular HTML tag set.

But if you know and would be willing to share such wisdom with someone from the enemy (PC) camp, I would be most appreciative.

If Kibby F5™ has the strike-thru secret for a PC and is of a mind to share, a good Bavarian breakfast would be placed on my tab......

Has anyone else noticed Dave's ability to post a simple "Mr. Language Person" letter and have us entertain ourselves for hours?

It's (not its) astounding!

*pulls up chair next to Blue Meanie, cup of coffee in hand, to wait for a strikeout lesson*

*loves Blue a cup of coffee*

I see I missed a fun-filled html lesson by going to bed last night. southerngirl, you gave up my get-out-of-jail-free card to a guy. This is a hanging offense.

But I'll stay the execution since you're a member of the posse. And a fun gal. Besides, I have a really hard test today in business law. I need all the good thoughts I can get. And Timothy (aka TCK) would be sending bad thoughts my way if I did you in.

I've been *snork*ing in my coffee for the last twenty minutes. Nice thread, gang; and an excellent way to start the day. (no full frontal nudity, either!)

Bumble...good luck on the exam. The Blog is With You (I hope that's a good thing).

OK...now I'll leave so someone can post some F.F.N. My work here is done.

Bumble! Best of luck! The Posse is with you and sending you most excellent biz law vibes...

Blue ' ... I wuzn't trineta spark NE debates either ... merely sayin' stuff, with a teensy bit of showin' off ...

Nope, I'm fairly sure there's strikethru here ... I just don't recall how to at the moment ...

One factoid r.e. PC v. Mac that has always impressed me (favorably, more or less, allowing for inflation and windage) is the extreme similarity by which one does tasks (that are nearly identical) on one or the other system ...

My Bride (Remember Her?) has some degree of distaste/mistrust of the Mac system, mostly 'cuz she spends all her computer time @ work (and home, for that matter, but werk is more prevalent) on PC-based equipment ... I keep telling her that running a Mac is almost the same -- except a little easier --

Nope, I've quit trineta be snide or snotty about the differences 'twixt 'em ... each has its own merits -- and foibles -- once in a while I'll do a "neener"-type dealy, but mostly I just try to get mine (which, right now, BTW, has a clinker -- merely sayin' ...) to work ...

Like a rose, a metaphore, by any other name, can be the target for Mr. Dave Barry.

And before I forget again, *snork* @ adonis for his Last Blog Will and Testament.

Lasr night (Around entry 88 of this topic!) Mrs. PirateBoy and I went to out local Big-Box hardware store. On the events board (Not bored), someone had wrote down all the classes for the month of "Febrary". Does that mean that the federal mandate for conervation of vowels has finally been enforced?

Even worse, will we bloggrs b rdcd 2 typng lik kds spk tdy?



*Blam* <- Sounds of my universe imploding

JimW -

Has anyone else noticed Dave's ability to post a simple "Mr. Language Person" letter and have us entertain ourselves for hours?

Isn't this our (all bloglits) most important shared character trait? Long live self-entertainment!

(thanks for allowing me to test my newfound italics making skills)

Ah, thanks S'Girl. That's that yummy chickory stuff, ain't it? Any beignets (sp?) to go with it?

*Rummages through good thoughts collection for Bumble. Hmmm, large set of very good (IYCMD) but completely unsuitable thoughts here. OK, well, er,......how about "Good luck, Bumble"*

You're welcome, Blue, and yep, chicory it is! And what is coffee w/out beignets!

Oh, good luck, Bumble, and thanks for the stay!

U.O - Dave 'n' Judi do the strikethru thing sometimes, and I have seen some done by a small number of bloglits. It may be that they use a browser that supports the strikethru tag (unlike Internet Explorer, if I'm correct), but I dunno.

*Growls at unfulfilled SNORK potential, and looks in S-Girl's direction for a soothing refill*



24's On Tonight!


(always amazed when it works)

Here ya go, Blue!

*zips in and hopes everyone is still around*

Observations on last night's posts after I left.

adonis - Anyone who would do that many links to get forgiveness, gets forgiveness! :) All is well so far today at 7:50a.m. PST. The only thing I felt bad about was after all the beautiful roses, teddy bears, etc. to see how ugly you are! *snork* I suggest you file this nearby for future use. :-)

I think people who brag about how great Mac is and how AWFUL PC's are, are pretentions and pseudo-snobs.!!
Can't we all just get along?

Good luck on your test Bumble!!! :)

You want beignes?

Thanks for all the good wishes. I just finished the test. I think I did OK. All should be good if the teacher doesn't decide to fail me for whispering "Good luck" to my neighbor as I left the room; he did say no talking, and he was giving me the evil eye when I left. Oh well.

Blue ' ...

The lack of strikethru on my Mac (using Safari) is whut put me onto the technique of using ... um ... er ... when I'm wonderin' if I shoulda actually said/wrote somethin' ... own personal foible ... merely sayin' ... yeah, however ... a strikethru would be OK/fun, once in a while ...

Bumble -

The teacher was givin' you the evil eye for (prolly) one of two reasons:

1. You made him/her look "easy" by finishing so quickly, and leaving the room earlier than others in the class ...

2. S/He is an anal retentive snot ... and when s/he said "no talking" that's whut s/he meant!!!! and woe to NEbuddy who crosses THAT line!!!

Bein' a teacher (which I formerly once wuz), I can take a guess that it's prolly the latter ... after all, you look suspicious, finishing so quickly ahead of the others, and it certainly looked as if you were "passing answers" as you left! By Gawd, I'll show HER!!! ... which, sorta equals the "anal rententive" mindset ... merely sayin' ...

BTW - "Good luck ..."

U (you don't mind if we're informal here, I hope) -

I had hoped to avoi....er, um.....haven't quite mastered...the technique you describe. Ackshully, I sense that you have ™ed that already and I do not wish to be slapped with a laws.....um, er.....to crowd yer act....merely just sayin' is all.

A good way to remember a simile is to use the prefix, simi-. Similar=like or as= simile. That's what I tell my English Lit. students.

metaphorical *snork* at Blue Meanie.

Metaphysical *snork* @ y'all ...

Blue ' ... nah, haven't bothered with ™ or ® or stuff like that ... I'd hafta check with FCDA/El-type persons, but I doubt that one can strictly limit the use of vernacular-styled language stuff ... at least to the point where one might find financial independence by filing a lawsuit, NEway ...

Go right (not rite-unless you're feelin' especially religiously oriented today) ahead ... um ... whut ever ...

The Quest is over!

... um ... Blue' ... ol' buddy ... I'll tradja a copy of that famous essay, if you'll teach me how to do that trick on my Mac ...

Ya know, I was just thinking that very thing, seein' as how you've already sent it. Check yer e-mail in a few minutes.

Yeah, I wuz sorta negotiatin' from a perty weak point of leverage, I thot of that, then decided I'd just rely on your courtesy and good manners ...

tnx muchly ...

I'll try a test post, where I promise pinky swear to use it only for the good of the blog ...

Hey, where are all those alarms and sparks coming from?!




Hey, secret strike-thru lessons on old threads! Me too, me too! Strike-thru for Macs for Dummies! Pretty P-L-E-A-S-E!?


If you could read my mind love,
what a tale my thoughts could tell
just like an old time movie
about a ghost in a wishing well...(I think)...

...I walk away,
like a movie star
Who gets burned in a three-way script...(and so on)...

(sounds better with music)...

Joe Walsh's Maserati goes 185, he lost his license and now he can't drive- it's in his garage-

Ted Nugent's face is a Maserati looking for a clean garage- I'm sure his Maser would feel wan-Ted in Joe's garage...might be quite a drag!

Perhaps Eric Clapton's face is a Ferrari looking for a clean garage....what a jam!

What a metaphorphosis!

Go now Luke and metaphors be with you!

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