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February 19, 2006


Law enforcement officials are no longer allowed to build trust with perps; no doubt a crime wave is forthcoming.

(Thanks to Eric Ewanko)


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that will certainly make it harder (pun? nah) to recruit undercover vice cops in good old Sposylvania.

Spotsylvania? isn't that where Rocky and Bullwinkle live?

Huh? Did someone leave the cell door unlocked? I think David might need to call the exterminator.

How was your day at work, dear?

Oh, you know, same old same old.

"The sheriff also explained that the contact was unavoidable due to the fact that the undercover deputies were named John."

Hap said - "That's why I came out early on and asked the sheriff to cease using these tactics."
ummmm - when talking prostitution with the AP, its a good idea to avoid the words "came" and "early" in the same sentence. Or even "came out" isnt a good idea

It's only suspended for now. The second he opens that division back up, they're going to have a LOT of applications. Happy ending indeed...

OK, cops are waaaay underpaid for what they do - what's wrong with havin' a few on-the-job perks?

*snork* at sly !

TCK - you were doing so well on the Tom Cruise thread - *sigh*

I'm thinkin' the alderman or councilman or whutever was merely jealous that he din't get a political perk to "assist with the investigation" ... merely wonderin' ...

Of course ya gotta consider that this does not say anything about similar activities in Lesser Spotsylvania, or Middle-Sized Spotsylvania ... p'haps another "investegation" is in order ...

Any volunteers?

Anyone? Bueller?

this story can't have a happy ending...

(that San Francisco song)

If you're going to Spotsylvania
Be sure to wear a wire in your clothes
No 'acts' to grind in Spotsylvania
Earlier times, there's a lot of lovin' there!

All new sorts of strictures
Say it in words, draw a picture
But build up your trusting
Before you do your busting

For those who go to Spotsylvania
From other lands, to earn an honest wage
There's a phrase in Spotsylvania
'Are you a cop?' may keep you out of jail!

Just so y'all don't think I'm crazy, some guy named David had posted a 600 word essay about centipedes and spaghetti ahead of my last post. Actually it was only six words, but repeated a hundred times. I guess the blog police exterminated him.

bbescula - dont even TRY to convince us you are not crazy. You are here, therefore you are. Face it, admit is, embrace it, love it, but dont deny it.

As for the Centipede post - I saw it too, so we are either the same brand of loony, on the same drugs, or spend too much time here.

This was sent in by Eric E"wanko"?
I'll bet he used to be on the one of the deputies on this special undercover squad.

Where do they put the handcuffs? *just wunderin'*

CR, you're right. I just meant ... wait, THE CENTIPEDES ARE ON THE WALL! I need some spaghetti. Or something like that. Anyway, thanks for watching my back.

geez El - I already had my nice thought for the day - didja think I might have 2, both before noon? you wouldn't want me to like blow a gasket or somethin' wouldja? well wouldja?

Well, given a choice between pee patrol and, um, 'probing' allegations of crime at a massage parlor, I have no doubts as to which case they'd prefer......

And where is the Spotsylvania County snake? (Have I read Dave's books maybe a little too much?)

many hearty laughs n snorks @ the post n comments.
but, ewww. makes me wonder if they boast a good health clinic for the "spotsylvania vd". geezly.

Heh heh... Hap 'came out early on' heh... Is there a Brokeback Mountain in VA?

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